Chapter 2125 - The Title Of Overlord

Chapter 2125 - The Title Of Overlord

After Chu Feng sat down, he pointed to the chair beside him and said, “Come, have a seat. Let me tell you about my story.”

“C-coming,” Wang Qiang sat down excitedly. He grabbed a large plate of refreshments with one hand, and with his other hand, began to put them into his mouth nonstop. His eyes were fixed on Chu Feng. He was happily waiting for Chu Feng to tell his story.

Chu Feng then began to inform Wang Qiang about the things that had happened here. He included the matters regarding the Chu Heavenly Clan, the death of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master and Xue Ji’s escape to the Outer World.

The reason why Chu Feng did not conceal anything from Wang Qiang was because he considered Wang Qiang to be his friend. He told Wang Qiang the truth because he trusted Wang Qiang.

Moreover, Wang Qiang had already told his own secret to Chu Feng. As such, it should only be natural that Chu Feng was honest with Wang Qiang.

Furthermore, Wang Qiang possessed outstanding talent, and was most definitely not a frog in a well. As such, Chu Feng wanted to invite Wang Qiang to enter the Outer World together with him. Like that… he would not be alone.

After hearing Chu Feng’s invitation, Wang Qiang asked excitedly, “G-Go t-to the O-O-Outer World t-together? A-Are there a lot of beauties i-in the Outer W-World?”

“I don’t know if there are a lot of beauties in the Outer World. However, the Outer World most definitely possesses an innumerable amount of experts. If you wish to obtain even greater progress on the path of Martial Cultivation, the Outer World is a place that you must go to,” Chu Feng said.

“A-Actually, I-I’ve l-long since grown t-t-tired of this place. S-Since that t-t-t-trash Dark Hall’s H-H-Hall Master is dead, l-let’s go then. W-Why the wait? L-Let’s go to the Outer W-World right now,” Wang Qiang said excitedly. It could be seen that he was filled with anticipation for the unknown Outer World.

“Not yet, there are still some things that must be taken care of here,” Chu Feng said.

“W-What are t-those?” Wang Qiang asked.

“The resurrection of my family,” Chu Feng said.

“F-Family? Isn’t y-your family in t-t-the Outer W-World? F-Fuck, you’ve c-completely c-c-confused me,” A puzzled expression covered Wang Qiang’s face.

“My story is very long. If you wish to know more about me, I can slowly tell you about it. However, it must be done while we travel,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

Then, Chu Feng found the blind old man and informed him that he planned to leave the Realm of Gods. After all, Chu Feng was impatient to revive his family members.

“Master, it is good for you to leave now.”

“The reason for that is because the Eastern Sea Region’s Heavenly Road should be opening soon. This is the perfect timing for me to accompany master to see Lord Xuanyuan.”

“However, Master, you must not take that vicious spatial crack again. Instead, you should take the safe one,” The blind old man said.

“There’s another spatial crack that leads to the Eastern Sea Region?” Chu Feng was surprised.

“There is,” The blind old man nodded.

Thus, Chu Feng and Wang Qiang left the Realm of Gods.

Although the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had been killed, with Chu Feng and Wang Qiang’s cultivations, there was practically no one in the Holy Land of Martialism capable of causing harm to them...

...but, for the sake of speeding up the journey for Chu Feng and Wang Qiang, the blind old man decided to leave together with them. After all, he also wished to pay his respects to Chu Feng’s father and see how Zi Ling was doing.

However, due to his status, the blind old man would not reveal himself. Like before, he would hide himself.

Chu Feng first arrived at the Transmogrification Gate. He had to announce to the crowd that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had been killed.

Of course, Chu Feng could not tell them the truth as to what had happened. After all, there were too many people here; he could not allow all of them to know about the Realm of Gods, as well as the Chu Heavenly Clan.

The crowd were all overjoyed and emotional to see Chu Feng’s return.

As for Chu Feng, he casually told them a story about how he had killed the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. Hearing that story, the crowd were even more excited and overjoyed.

After all, the story, the process of how it had happened, was not important. What was important was the fact that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had been killed. That was what the crowd wished for.

After verifying that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had been killed, the Transmogrification Gate was opened. After all, without the threat of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, both humans and monstrous beasts were able to return to their respective powers.

Everyone was going to go home.

Smiling figures filled the entire region. Regardless of whether they were humans or monstrous beasts, everyone’s faces were covered with smiles of joy and excitement. Chu Feng was also feeling very happy.

He was happy that he had helped those people survive. He did not feel himself to be extraordinary because he had saved them.

Rather, by saving them and allowing them to return home, allowing the various powers from the various races to be able to continue to exist, this caused Chu Feng to feel that he had helped the people here.

Even though the world of martial cultivation was still cruel and killings would never stop...

Even though the humans and monstrous beasts here had experienced tribulations together and were all smiling right now...

They might, one day, for their own personal interests, slaughter one another. And that… was something that Chu Feng was destined to be unable to prevent.

But, that didn’t matter. It was impossible for a single person to save everyone in the world to begin with.

At the very least… Chu Feng had managed to save a portion of the innocent people.

It was already sufficient that he had saved these people.

“Emperor Chu!!!”

“Emperor Chu!!!”

“Emperor Chu!!!”

“Emperor Chu!!!”




After the hundreds of millions of people all walked out of the Transmogrification Gate, they did not immediately leave. Instead, they gathered on the ground in an orderly fashion and looked to Chu Feng, who stood in the sky, with gazes filled with gratefulness and adoration.

Regardless of whether they were men or women, young or old, humans or monstrous beasts, they were all cheering with raised arms.

“What is this?” Confused, Chu Feng looked to the Elf King beside him.

“Haha, I know. Let me explain it to you,” Before the Elf King could speak, Xian Miaomiao interrupted, “It’s like this. The Dark Hall’s Hall Master has been killed by you, and the Magma Emperor has been subdued by you. Thus, the people here wholeheartedly believe that you are the fully-deserving ruler of this era.”

“Thus, after you left, the people unanimously decided to deem you an Emperor, as this era’s sole overlord.”

“After a series of intense discussions, they decided to address you as Emperor Chu.”

“Furthermore, your status in the hearts of the crowd already surpasses that of Emperor Qing. Everyone feels that you are the strongest Emperor, the strongest overlord, since the Ancient Era.”

“However, that’s not the important point. Most importantly, it is I who suggested the name ‘Emperor Chu.’ How is it? Do you like it?” Xian Miaomiao asked as she patted her chest proudly.

“Emperor Chu?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng involuntarily looked to Wang Qiang beside him. After all, Wang Qiang possessed strength that surpassed his own.

“B-b-by o-overlord, it m-means s-someone that has managed to obtain the w-will of the p-people. Chu Feng, you h-have evidently a-a-a-accomplished it,” Wang Qiang said to Chu Feng.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng revealed a surprised expression. He had thought Wang Qiang to be a simple-minded and thoughtless individual. Never did he expect Wang Qiang to say something like that.

The intention behind Wang Qiang’s words were very clear. Although Chu Feng’s strength was inferior to his, Chu Feng had gained the will of the people, and truly saved the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the Holy Land of Martialism.

As for Wang Qiang, no matter how powerful he was, he had not done anything to help the people of the Holy Land of Martialism. The people that knew of him and his strength were even fewer. Compared to Chu Feng, he was simply insignificant.

Even if he were to stand forth and declare himself to be the strongest in the Holy Land of Martialism, he would likely be met with a rain of curses from the crowd.

Even if he were to fight against Chu Feng on the spot and defeat him, it was likely that no one would acknowledge him still.

After all, it was Chu Feng who had stood forth bravely for them in their time of need. It was also Chu Feng who had fought for the hundreds of millions of people here.

In this world, there were many people who possessed strength. However, not all of them were willing to use their own strength to assist people unrelated to them.

Thus, to the people of the Holy Land of Martialism, only Chu Feng was qualified to be this era’s overlord.

In other words, what Wang Qiang meant by those words he said was that he also felt that Chu Feng should take up the title of the overlord.

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