Chapter 2123 - Chu Feng’s Friend

Chapter 2123 - Chu Feng’s Friend

“Judging from this situation, it seems that Ying Chong has been refined,” The blind old man said.

“That’s right. He’s been completely refined,” Chu Feng waved his sleeve, and a gentle breeze brushed past. The seemingly intact bones of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master immediately turned to dust.

It was not caused by Chu Feng’s power. Rather, it was because the bones of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master were truly too weak.

Seeing this scene, the expressions of the guards all changed. With the cultivation that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master possessed, even if he were to turn to bones, his bones should be indestructible. It would be impossible for his bones to be this weak. Those bones were simply much weaker than the bones of even ordinary people that had never embarked upon the path of martial cultivation.

The situation at hand verified what Chu Feng and the blind old man suspected - the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had been completely refined; he had been killed through being refined.

“Xue Ji, exactly what is it that you’re planning to do?” Chu Feng muttered.

He was more and more incapable of seeing through the thoughts of that Asura World Spirit that had originally belonged to him.

The sensation of being unable to see through Xue Ji was extremely unpleasant for Chu Feng. Most importantly, he was unable to ascertain whether Xue Ji… was a friend or a foe.

He suspected that she might be a friend because she had saved him. Furthermore, she had informed him of the demonic technique of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

He suspected that she might be a foe because she had done a lot of things unknown to him.

Most importantly, the killing intent that she had emitted back when she was still in his world spirit space had not seemed fake.

Suddenly, a guard hastily ran over. “Reporting to Master, reporting to Master.”

“Someone has intruded into our territory and has been captured by us,”

“Did the intruder see you all?” The blind old man asked.

“He did,” The guard replied.

“Then why bother asking? Kill him,” The Blind Old Man replied.

“But… that person declared himself to be Master’s friend. Furthermore, he said he has come to find Master,” The guard replied.

“My friend?” Chu Feng and the blind old man were startled to hear those words. They looked to one another, and both revealed confused expressions.

Especially Chu Feng; he felt astonished. The great majority of his friends were all hidden in the Transmogrification Gate. Why would someone come here to find him?

Furthermore, no one knew that he had come here. Even if someone had decided to find him, it should be impossible for them to directly come to this place.

Puzzled, Chu Feng said, “Bring me to see him.”

Being guided by the guard, they arrived at a palace. This was the same palace in which the blind old man had received Chu Feng earlier.

“You all actually brought an intruder to this place?!” The blind old man was slightly angry. After all, this place was also a forbidden area for their clansmen. Only existences of Chu Feng’s status would be allowed to be received in that place.

“Eh… I was foolish. I thought he was truly Master’s friend,” That guard hurriedly kneeled to the ground. Apology filled his face.

“There’s no harm to it. I’ll know from a single glance whether or not that person is my friend,” Chu Feng smiled. Then he said, “open the gate.”


Once those words were spoken, the guards standing to either side of the gate pushed open the gate to the palace.

After the gate to the palace was pushed open, Chu Feng finally saw the person that had declared himself to be his friend. It turned out that that person was indeed Chu Feng’s friend.

It was Wang Qiang.

At that moment, Wang Qiang was sitting on a chair in the palace hall. Without any restraint, he was eating the refreshments the blind old man had prepared for Chu Feng earlier.

He was truly unfettered and unrestrained. It was as if he was truly a guest in this place.

Even though the guards standing beside him were all glaring at him like tigers, seemingly planning to kill him at any moment, Wang Qiang still showed absolutely zero fear.

“Aiyayaya, C-Chu Feng, t-t-t-to see y-y-you still alive, I am t-t-truly overjoyed,” Wang Qiang was immensely happy to see Chu Feng. He wiped his mouth and ran over to Chu Feng.

“Wang Qiang, why would you be here?” Chu Feng asked in astonishment.

Before seeing Wang Qiang, Chu Feng had truly never thought that it would be Wang Qiang that came here. It was not that Chu Feng did not consider Wang Qiang his friend. Rather, he truly never imagined it to be Wang Qiang.

“I-I-I f-followed you h-here. S-seeing that you s-still didn’t c-c-come out a-after a long time p-p-passed, I t-thought something m-might’ve happened to you. T-t-thus, I came in to s-s-search for you.”

“N-n-never would I have ex-ex-expected that y-you’re a-a-actually doing pretty well here,” Wang Qiang patted Chu Feng’s shoulder and spoke with a loud laugh. His actions were truly thoughtless in appearance.

“Hey, b-brother,” Wang Qiang suddenly moved to Chu Feng’s ear and whispered sneakily, “y-y-you c-couldn’t possibly t-truly be their M-m-master, r-right? It s-seems to m-me that t-they are v-very s-scared of you.”

“It’s a long story. I’ll fill you in on the details later,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he looked to the blind old man and said, “Blind Uncle, this man is my friend. I believe you also know him. He has helped me before. Might it be possible… to make an exception and spare his life?”

“Master, your wish is my command. This old servant will do as you say,” The blind old man replied respectfully.

Then, the blind old man made a gesture toward the guards. The guards tacitly understood his intentions, and withdrew from the palace with the blind old man.

When the palace’s gate was closed, only Chu Feng and Wang Qiang remained.

“Oh my, my, b-b-boy, y-y-you’re actually r-r-really the master of this p-place? H-heavens, t-that blind old man is e-extremely powerful. E-even I c-cannot s-s-see through him.”

“N-n-never would I have ex-expected for the Re-Realm of Gods t-to have t-this many ex-ex-experts. No w-wonder all t-th-those that enter this place e-end up dying.”

“S-s-say, s-sin-since you have s-so many powerful s-subordinates, w-why didn’t you have them a-act sooner? W-why st-struggle with your own l-life on the line to f-fight against th-that D-dark Hall’s Hall Master?” Wang Qiang was extremely excited. At the same time, he was also very puzzled.

It seemed that he had only charged into this place because he was worried about Chu Feng.

“Wait a moment. You said that you followed me here, why were you following me?” Chu Feng asked.

“I d-don’t know. I w-was v-very bored,” Wang Qiang said with a mischievous laugh.

“You were protecting me from the shadows?” Chu Feng asked.

“Pah, w-why would I p-protect you? I’m n-not r-re-related to you.”

“I m-m-merely wanted t-to k-kill the Dark H-hall’s Hall M-master and h-h-have them d-deem me the o-overlord.”

“N-never d-did I ex-expect that you w-would return t-the m-moment I planned to stop him. B-because of my b-brotherly camaraderie, I d-d-decided to have you sh-show off your m-might first.”

“Ne-never would I have e-expected you to be so f-foolish to a-actually l-let the Dark Hall’s Hall M-master escape. I w-was cur-curious as to where that g-guy es-escaped to. F-furthermore, s-since you said t-that you could t-track him, I d-decided to f-follow you here,” Wang Qiang said.

“The beginning and the end of your words does not go along with one another. Didn’t you just say that you were not related to me? And now, you’re speaking about brotherly camaraderie? Who are you trying to deceive here?”

“You were hiding your strength the entire time, and following me in the dark. Exactly what are your intentions?” Chu Feng asked in a serious manner.

The way Chu Feng saw it, Wang Qiang possessed no interest in the so-called title of ‘genius.’ Else, with his strength, he could easily obtain it.

Instead, Wang Qiang was someone who would appear and disappear unpredictably. Furthermore, he possessed overwhelming strength that could not be looked down upon. Due to the many confusing things regarding him, Chu Feng was very curious about his identity.

Curiosity, it was pure curiosity. The reason was because regardless of what intentions Wang Qiang might have, Chu Feng felt that Wang Qiang did not possess an evil nature, that he was a worthy friend. However, the prerequisite for that was… that he must be honest.

“F-forget about it, f-forget a-about it, I-I’ll tell you, alright?”

“I, Wang Q-Qiang, have n-never t-thought f-favorably of anyone i-in my l-life. B-but, for s-s-some unknown reason, I th-think fa-favorably of you.”

“Although you fought a-against me, I k-kept feeling t-that you a-are someone w-worthy to b-befriend, that you a-are an h-honest man.”

“Thus, if y-you w-we-were to truly d-die, I m-might e-end up feeling t-that I was m-missing something. Th-thus, you m-must be p-protected by m-me.”

“I-I-I’m n-not being s-stubborn h-here,” Wang Qiang said with his large mouth slanted to the side. The shameless Wang Qiang was actually a bit embarrassed when saying those words.

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