Chapter 2122 - I’ve Guessed Wrong

Chapter 2122 - I’ve Guessed Wrong

“What?” Hearing those words, the expressions of both Chu Feng and the blind old man changed. Then, the blind old man’s body moved, and Chu Feng started to feel that his surrounding had turned fuzzy. When his line of sight returned to normal… not only had the two of them left the sleeping chambers, they were also before a vast plaza.

Above the plaza was a grand formation. Inside the formation was a ray of golden light that shot straight into the sky. It seemed that the light was going to pierce through the sky and the heavenly dome.

Within the golden light was a series of steps that seemed to be made of crystal. It was the Stairway to Heaven; it looked exactly the same as the Stairway to Heaven Chu Feng saw in the Misty Peak.

However, there was also difference between them. Many waves of energy were spreading below the Stairway to Heaven unceasingly. The energies were spreading toward the Stairway to Heaven.

This scene had not been present in the Misty Peak’s Immortalization Road.

“Who dares activate the Stairway to Heaven without permission? Do you have a death wish?” The blind old man shouted furiously. His serious gaze swept toward the surrounding guards.

A rank three Half Martial Ancestor level old man stood forward and said, “Milord, we do not know who did this.”

“Do not know? You are tasked with guarding this place, yet you actually dare to tell me that you do not know? What use is there in having you all here then?!” The blind old man grew even more furious.

“Hahaha…” Right at that moment, a burst of laughter sounded from the Stairway to Heaven. Then, a voice said, “Seems like the servants of the Chu Heavenly Clan are only at this level.”

“Xue Ji? It’s you?!!!” Hearing that voice, Chu Feng’s eyes instantly narrowed. He raised his head and looked toward the location where the voice had sounded from.

“It’s actually not one of our men?!” At that moment, the blind old man became even more furious.

The blind old man had thought that it was his clansmen that had not behaved themselves and ended up activating the Stairway to Heaven. However, he now discovered that he had guessed wrong.

“You dare use the Stairway to Heaven without permission? You are truly courting death!” At that moment, many people took out their Imperial Armaments and began to fly toward the Stairway to Heaven.

“All of you, stay your hand!” The blind old man hurriedly shouted, “The Stairway to Heaven has already been activated. If you all are to climb the stairs, you will enter the Outer World. At that time, none of you will be able to return.”

“But…” The crowd all stopped, but were filled with irreconciliation.

Right at that moment, that voice sounded again. “Chu Feng, let us meet again in the Outer World.”


After that voice sounded, a dazzling ray of light descended from the sky, enveloping the region below.

When that light faded away, Chu Feng discovered that the Stairway to Heaven had returned to normal.

“Damn it!”

The blind old man was gnashing his teeth furiously. He then raised his hand and shot a palm strike toward the depths of the sky.


The sky started to tremble. Violent energy ripples immediately covered the entire sky. As the energy ripples wreaked havoc in the sky, it was a truly frightening sight to behold.

The might of that attack was simply indescribable. Chu Feng did not know how powerful the strength of that attack was. However, he knew that if he were to approach the energy ripples, he would undoubtedly be killed.

That said, Chu Feng also knew that even an attack like that would not be able to injure Xue Ji. Xue Ji had already left. Likely… she had already entered the Outer World.

“What were you all doing?! Didn’t I order you all to properly guard this place?! How could you all not know when someone activated the Stairway to Heaven?!” The blind old man shouted at the guards.

“Milord, we…” All of the guards knelt onto the floor. However, they were at a loss as to how to respond. The reason for that was because they had not seen anyone approaching the Stairway to Heaven. When they discovered that something was amiss, the Stairway to Heaven had already been activated.

“We were useless. Milord, please punish us,” Feeling helpless, the guards could only ask for punishment.

“Blind Uncle, please don’t blame them. I am able to tell that they all held their posts with sincerity. It is just that Xue Ji’s techniques are too strange. Thus, it is normal that they would fail to discover her,” Chu Feng pleaded for the guards.

The reason for that was because he had also not discovered any traces of anyone on the Stairway to Heaven before Xue Ji spoke. The blind old man had also not discovered anyone.

However, Xue Ji had actually ascended the Stairway to heaven.

Thus, when even+ they failed to discover Xue Ji, how could these guards possibly be able to discover Xue Ji?

“Master, are you certain that that was Xue Ji?” The blind old man asked.

“There’s no mistaking that voice. It was definitely Xue Ji,” Chu Feng said.

“That girl actually possessed strength that even my perception failed to detect? Exactly how did she get in here?” The blind old man started to ponder.

“It might not necessarily be because she possessed strength that surpassed your own. It is very likely that it is because she possesses special tricks. After all, she is from the Asura Spirit World,” Chu Feng said.

The blind old man heaved a long sigh. He was still extremely unreconciled. Self-blame filled his face.

“May I know where the Dark Hall’s Hall Master is imprisoned? Is it possible for me to see him?” Chu Feng asked the crowd.

“He is imprisoned in the underground prison. I’ll lead the way for master right away,” A guard said.

“There’s no need for that,” The blind old man waved his sleeve. Immediately, wind covered both him and Chu Feng.

At the moment Chu Feng was caught up in the wind, he felt his surrounding growing fuzzy again.

When his line of sight returned to normal, Chu Feng was surprised to discover that he was in the underground prison.

After arriving at the underground prison, the blind old man slowed his pace. He began to guide Chu Feng toward the depths of the underground prison one step at a time.

There were a lot of guards in the underground prison. They were all very powerful, being either Half Martial Ancestors or peak Martial Emperors.

When they saw Chu Feng, they all hurriedly kneeled before him to greet him courteously.

When they were so quick to kneel to Chu Feng, naturally none of them dared to stop Chu Feng and the blind old man. After all, not only was the blind old man the leader of this place, they held Chu Feng as being their master.

“Blind Uncle, may I know exactly what level of cultivation you possess?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

The blind old man was truly too powerful. Originally, Chu Feng had thought that, as he had been able to defeat the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, his cultivation would be among the very best in the Holy Land of Martialism.

It was only after he arrived at this place that he discovered that his cultivation was actually not very powerful at all even in the Holy Land of Martialism. At the very least, a lot of the people here, these people that declared themselves to be the servants of the Chu Heavenly Clan, all possessed more powerful cultivations than him. As for this blind old man, he was simply unfathomable.

“Master, this old servant is a rank five Half Martial Ancestor,” said the blind old man.

“Blind Uncle is truly amazing,” The answer given by the blind old man was more or less what Chu Feng had anticipated.

“I was originally a rank four Half Martial Ancestor. It was only because Lord Xuanyuan’s assistance during the last time he was here that this old servant was able to reach a breakthrough.”

“Else… with this old servant’s comprehension ability, I’m afraid that I would never have been able to obtain my current level of cultivation in my lifetime,” After saying those words, the blind old man smiled happily.

From the blind old man’s reaction, Chu Feng was able to tell that he felt not only great reverence toward Chu Feng’s father Chu Xuanyuan, he also felt a great amount of gratefulness.

Even though the blind old man was wholeheartedly devoted to being a servant of the Chu Heavenly Clan his entire life, he also possessed his own pursuits toward the path of martial cultivation.

“If my father was willing to help me, how great would that be,” Chu Feng said jokingly.

“Lord Xuanyuan most definitely possesses his own intentions for putting master through all these trials.”

“However, master possesses outstanding talent that the slow people in the Holy Land of Martialism simply cannot compare to.”

“Your battlefield is in the Outer World. Furthermore, with master’s talent, you will definitely be a dragon among men even in the Outer World. Very few people would be able to fight against you,” The blind old man said.

“I was merely joking. I naturally know that my father is doing all this for my sake,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

After finding out about the concern his father had for him from the blind old man, Chu Feng had become increasingly desirous of meeting his father.

Although Chu Feng should be proceeding toward the Outer World now, he first had to return to the Eastern Sea Region and the Nine Provinces Continent before leaving.

Firstly, he must use that secret technique to revive his family.

Secondly, he must enter the Heavenly Road and meet his biological father, Chu Xuanyuan.

As the two men chatted, they arrived before the prison cell that held the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

“This… what happened here?”

Merely, when the prison cell was opened, other than Chu Feng and the blind old man, the expressions of the rest of the people all changed enormously.

After all, only the clothing of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master and a pile of bones were in the prison cell.

“Who did this?” An old man who seemed to be the person in charge of the prison shouted at the crowd furiously. He thought that it was the guards that had killed the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

“This subordinate wouldn’t dare,” The guards all kneeled to the ground.

“Don’t blame them. It was most definitely not done by them,” Chu Feng waved his hand. However, his gaze was fixed onto that pile of bones the entire time.

“Never would I have expected this to be the case,” Chu Feng’s eyes narrowed. A trace of a surprised expression appeared in his gaze.

“Master, could it be that you’ve thought of this?” The blind old man asked.

“I had originally thought that Xue Ji had followed the Dark Hall’s Hall Master here, and that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master might’ve followed her into the Outer World.”

“However, it is very clear that I have guessed wrong. Xue Ji entered the Outer World by herself. Furthermore, she killed the Dark Hall’s Hall Master before leaving,” Chu Feng said.

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