Chapter 2121 - Resurrection Secret Technique

Chapter 2121 - Resurrection Secret Technique

“Father,” Upon seeing Chu Yuan, a huge wave immediately surged in Chu Feng’s heart.

“Feng’er, are you alright?” Chu Yuan smiled as he looked to Chu Feng. His gaze was filled with concern.

“I’m fine,” Chu Feng shook his head repeatedly.

“Chu Yuan, for you to pamper Chu Feng like that, you will spoil him sooner or later,” Chu Nanshan said angrily.

“If I cannot protect even my own son, I am unqualified to be Chu Feng’s father,” Chu Yuan said unyieldingly.

“You…” Chu Nanshan gnashed his teeth in anger. However, as his strength was inferior to Chu Yuan’s, he ended up waving his sleeve and swaggering off angrily.

Although Chu Feng knew very well that this was a dream, his eyes still reddened. Especially after he heard what Chu Yuan said, the tears that were swirling at the corners of his eyes bubbled out like a flood.

Although this was only his dream, Chu Feng clearly remembered that this scene had actually happened before.

Although he was not Chu Yuan’s biological son, Chu Yuan had always pampered him like this.

“Feng’er, what are you crying about? Real men should not cry,” Seeing that Chu Feng was crying, Chu Yuan squatted in front of him and gently caressed Chu Feng’s tiny head.

“Father, I have let you down. I have let grandpa down, let the entire Chu Family down. I have caused the deaths of you all. It is I who killed you all,” Chu Feng’s tears and mucus were mixed together and covered his entire face.

The current Chu Feng was no longer the Chu Feng that had shocked the entire Holy Land of Martialism. He had returned to being the Chu Feng that was not even ten years old.

A child with a heart filled with self-blame.

Seeing Chu Feng acting like this, Chu Yuan felt extremely pained.

He said, “Feng’er, don’t say nonsense like that. The person that should be apologizing should be your father, me.”

“As your father, I was incompetent. That is why I ended up being killed.”

“As your father, I was incompetent. That is why I am unable to watch you grow up.”

“Feng’er, I hope that you will not blame father. After all, father is only an ordinary mortal.”

“You have done enough for the Chu Family. If it wasn’t for your protection, the Chu Family would’ve already been completely eliminated.”

“Thus, although you are not my biological son, you are still my pride. You are the pride of everyone from our Chu Family.”

“The path of martial cultivation is extremely hard. We are unable to provide any assistance to you. As such, you can only rely on yourself.”

“But, Feng’er, remember this. You are a man. Regardless of the time, you must remain strong.”

After saying those words, Chu Yuan’s body started to grow fuzzy. Everything surrounding Chu Feng began to become fuzzy.

“Father, don’t leave. Stay with Feng’er for a bit longer!”

“Father, don’t leave Feng’er by himself!!!”

Chu Feng tightly grabbed onto Chu Yuan’s clothes and started to shout.

He knew that… this dream of his was about to shatter. However, he did not wish for the dream to shatter. He did not wish to wake up yet.

However, even though Chu Feng was grabbing onto Chu Yuan’s clothes very tightly, Chu Yuan’s clothes still faded from Chu Feng’s grasp.

Soon, Chu Yuan disappeared. Then, everything before him disappeared, and Chu Feng’s surroundings turned pitch-black.

When light reemerged in Chu Feng’s line of sight, he discovered that he was no longer by the brook on the mountain behind the Chu Family mansion. Instead, he was in a cozy sleeping chamber in the Realm of Gods.

In the end, he had still woken from his dream.

Chu Feng wiped the corners of his eyes. There were truly tears there.

Although Chu Feng had not cried as miserably as he had in his dream, he remained influenced by his state of mind in his dream, and had ended up shedding tears.

“Master, what’s wrong?” Suddenly, the door to the room was opened. It was the blind old man.

“I’m fine,” Chu Feng shook his head.

“Master, you’re crying?” Although the blind old man was blind, he was able to see everything before him through special techniques.

Seeing the tear stains at the corners of Chu Feng’s eyes, the blind old man became extremely worried.

“I had a dream. I dreamed of my adoptive father,” Chu Feng said.

“......” Hearing those words, the blind old man’s expression changed. He seemed to have thought of something. He said, “Master, there is a secret technique that might be able to revive your family.”

Chu Feng was startled to hear those words. He revealed disbelief in his eyes. After all, the dead could not be revived. That was common knowledge.

However, the blind old man didn’t appear to be deceiving him. Thus, Chu Feng hurriedly asked, “There’s a way to revive my family? Is what you speak of real?”

“Master, a person possesses three spiritual and seven physical souls. One’s physical body is merely a vessel for one’s soul.”

[1. three spiritual and seven physical souls → Some Daoism thing…]

“For example, master, if your physical body is destroyed, you are able to instantly create another physical body. Before those with the same level of strength as you, you possess an undying and indestructible body.”

“However, it is actually not master’s physical body that is all powerful. Rather, it is master’s soul and cultivation that are powerful. That is why you are undying and indestructible to those that are weak.”

“Thus, to people, their soul… is the most crucial aspect in respect to their life and death.”

“Back then, the people that massacred your family were only a bunch of weak people. They all possessed very weak levels of cultivation. They were not much different from ordinary commoners.”

“People like them cannot be considered actual martial cultivators. They do not possess the power that martial cultivators possess.”

“Thus, although the members of your family were killed, they are not truly dead. It is merely their physical bodies that were destroyed, and their souls scattered. For souls like those… they will remain in existence for a hundred years.”

“This old man knows of a method. As long as it’s the deceased’s relative, and that relative possessed a certain level of cultivation and world spirit techniques, they would be able to search for the deceased’s soul.”

“As long as the scattered souls are found, and bodies are created for them, it is possible for them to be revived.”

“Master, you’ve fulfilled all of the requirements,” The blind old man explained.

“Blind Uncle, there is truly such a method?” Astonishment filled Chu Feng’s face. The reason for that was because what the blind old man said was very reasonable, and in accordance with the rules of the world. As a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, Chu Feng felt that it was feasible.

“This old servant would not dare to deceive master. This is the technique,” Seemingly already prepared, the blind old man took an ancient scroll from his bosom and handed it to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng opened the scroll and read it carefully. The more he read, the more astonished he became. His gaze began to reveal more and more joy.

“This is feasible, this is feasible!” At that moment, Chu Feng was wild with joy. He was excited like a child.

The reason for that was because his adoptive father and the people from the Chu Family were all extremely important to him.

Although they were not related to him by blood, Chu Feng viewed them as his close relatives, his true family.

Their deaths had become an eternal pain in Chu Feng’s heart. The reason for that was because Chu Feng had never thought that the dead could be revived.

However, he had now truly obtained a method to revive them. Furthermore, it was not random speculation, but rather a truly feasible method. As such, Chu Feng would naturally be overjoyed.

“Actually, it is also fortunate that the people that killed your family were only Profound Realm cultivators. If they were Heaven Realm cultivators, there would be no way to save your family members.”

“Furthermore, this technique is something that has never been attempted before. As such, this old servant is uncertain as to whether or not it will actually work,” The blind old man said.

“Regardless, this remains a strand of hope,” Chu Feng held tightly to the scroll, and looked to the blind old man, “Blind Uncle, regardless of whether it works or not, you have helped me enormously.”

As the blind old man had been carrying the scroll with him, Chu Feng was able to tell that the blind old man already knew of his heart’s knot.

Thus, even if Chu Feng had not had that dream, the blind old man would have still told him about that method sooner or later.

“Master, you must not say it like that. This old servant is truly honored to be able to help master out,” The blind old man said with a smile. He was extremely gratified to see how happy Chu Feng had become.

“Milord, this is bad, this is bad!” Right at that moment, someone ran in hastily. After arriving, that person knelt on the ground.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” The blind old man asked.

“Someone has opened the Stairway to Heaven,” That person replied.

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