Chapter 2105 - Precisely Chu Feng

Chapter 2105 - Precisely Chu Feng

“Heh, the Outer World is my domain”.

“When you can’t even win against me here, how could you possibly win against me in the Outer World?” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master laughed mockingly.

As he was someone from the Outer World, he felt that he possessed a certain level of power in the Outer World. For the Moon Immortal to threaten him with the Outer World, he felt it to be truly ridiculous.

“The Outer World is enormous, and possesses countless experts.”

“This Immortal will let you know that your bits of reliance in the Outer World are merely a bunch of ants,” The Moon Immortal’s voice sounded again.

“You are truly ignorant,” At that moment, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was tightly clenching his fists. He was angry.

He believed that the Moon Immortal would definitely not be able to contend against him in the Outer World. In fact, none of the people currently in the Holy Land of Martialism would be able to contend against him.

However, the Moon Immortal had declared that she would take care of him in the Outer World. That caused him to feel extremely displeased, causing him to feel that he had been looked down upon.

“Moon Immortal, did you think that this Hall Master was abandoned by the Outer World? Did you think that this Hall Master possesses no one to rely on in the Outer World, and that’s why I’ve come here to flaunt my strength?”

“Let me tell you, you are mistaken. This Palace Master is a genius even in the Outer World. I merely arrived in this place by accident.”

“When you finally reach the Outer World, you will come to discover how much power I possess in the Outer World.”

Suddenly, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master shouted those words out angrily. From those words, it could be seen that he seemed to deeply detest being looked down upon. He was truly infuriated by the Moon Immortal.

However, there was no reaction from the Moon Immortal. It seemed that the Moon Immortal had already left.

“Humph, nothing more than a coward that only knows how to boast.”

“Immortal? Bullshit!”

“You are nothing more than someone who believes in their own lies.”

“You are someone who only dared to chase after me to kill me when I was weaker than you. Now that I’ve become stronger, you ran away faster than even dogs.”

“With merely that bit of capability, you dare to boast about fighting me in the Outer World? Truly ridiculous!” Seeing that the Moon Immortal had left, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master began to mock and ridicule her. He was doing so to alleviate the displeasure in his heart.

It was only after he insulted the Moon Immortal and felt better that he turned his gaze to the distance.

There was clearly nothing in the location that he was looking at However, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master’s gaze narrowed slightly.

“Transmogrification Gate. Truly miraculous. However, unfortunately… you will not be able to escape.”

Right after the Dark Hall’s Hall Master said those words, his four clones that were standing on the ground all soared into the sky. In the end, they landed in the distance.

“Boom~~~ Boom~~~ Boom~~~ Boom~~~”

The four of them landed in different locations. Like four mountains, they sat there as if guarding something.


Suddenly, the four clones let out ear-piercing snarls at the same time. Then, countless enormous and powerful black hands shot out to grab at the space that they had surrounded.


Soon, the empty space started to transform and the Transmogrification Gate appeared.

After the Transmogrification Gate appeared, countless more enormous hands emerged from the four clones. Those hands formed fists and began to bombard the Transmogrification Gate.

The Transmogrification Gate was known to be indestructible. However, those fists seemed to contain some sort of special power, as even the Transmogrification Gate was unable to withstand it. At that moment, the indestructible Transmogrification Gate was shaking violently.

In fact, even the insides of the Transmogrification Gate was violently shaking. It was as if the world within the Transmogrification Gate was about to collapse.

“Nooo, this place is going to be destroyed, we will all be killed!!!”

At that moment, the people inside the Transmogrification Gate all possessed dejected expressions.

Despair. Endless despair. That sort of despair was something they had felt before. The reason for that was because the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had been about to breach the Transmogrification Gate earlier.

Fortunately, the Moon Immortal had arrived at the right time. She was the one that had brought the crowd hope and allowed them to be reborn from despair.

However, even the Moon Immortal had been no match for the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. Thus, they knew… that there was no one that could stop the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

In that moment, there was only one thing they could do -- wait for death!!!

Upon thinking that they would die, even many of the adults started to cry bitterly.

As for the kids, they did not know much about the current situation. However, when they saw that the adults were crying, they too began to cry.

At that moment, chaos and panic filled the vast Transmogrification Gate.

As matters stood, the Elf King and the Heaven Reaching Immortal possessed no heart to concern themselves with the panicking crowd.

The reason for that was because they also knew what sort of situation they were in. Indeed, they were facing a great catastrophe. Even if they could calm everyone, they would still not be able to escape the fate of death that awaited them.

“Chu Feng, I know that you’re hiding in the Transmogrification Gate.”

“If my guess is correct, the Transmogrification Gate is most definitely filled with sounds of wailing. Regardless of whether it is you, that Elf King or that Heaven Reaching Immortal, none of you will be able to calm the crowd. The reason for that is because you all are also in despair.”

“Go ahead, continue with your despair. That is what this Hall Master wants. This is the consequence of going against this Hall Master.”

“It is precisely the goal of this Hall Master to make you all fall into despair,” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master was acting like a spectator as he looked at his four clones breaking that Transmogrification Gate that was said to be indestructible.

“Lord Hall Master, please stop, please stop, I don’t wish to die.”

“Please don’t do this, we have never gone against you. We are willing to submit to you. Please don’t kill us.”

At that moment, many people began to beg the Dark Hall’s Hall Master for forgiveness. Their begging was something that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master could not hear. Furthermore, even if he were to hear them, it would still be useless. However, when faced with death, they still ended up revealing their fatal weakness… cowardice!!!

“You bunch are absolutely disgraceful. All of you, shut up!”

“If I knew that you all were this lacking in dignity, I would have never offered shelter to you all!” Seeing how disgracefully the crowd was behaving, the Heaven Reaching Immortal flew into a rage and cursed out at them.

However, as matters stood, the Heaven Reaching Immortal was no longer imposing anymore. There was only a single person that the crowd feared -- the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

“Chu Feng, when that Transmogrification Gate is destroyed, I will let you know the true disparity between us,” Seeing that the Transmogrification Gate was soon to be breached, dense anticipation filled the Dark Hall’s Hall Master’s eyes.

It was naturally the hundreds of millions of lives hiding inside the Transmogrification Gate that he was looking forward to seeing. After all, they were cultivation resources that could help him increase his cultivation.

However, even more than the people, he was looking forward to the timid gaze and expression of despair that Chu Feng would have.

He was determined to make Chu Feng know that, although they both possessed the same Inherited Bloodline, there was an enormous disparity between them.

However, right at that moment, a voice sounded. “Dark Hall’s Hall Master, I trust that you have been well since we last met.”

When that voice was heard, everyone’s expressions turned sluggish. The reason for that was because they were all able to tell, that that voice sounded so very familiar.

Chu Feng, that was Chu Feng’s voice.

“Chu Feng has returned! It’s Chu Feng, he has returned!”

After verifying that it was Chu Feng, the crowd was immediately overjoyed. However, they were immediately disappointed.

While Chu Feng was very powerful, he would only be powerful when compared to them. When compared to the Elf King and the others, Chu Feng was still weaker than them.

And now, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had fought back even the Moon Immortal. Even if Chu Feng was to return, what could he possibly do? At the very most, he would only die together with them.

“Idiot! Why did you return at a time like this?! Quickly, run away!” Xian Miaomiao and some others started to shout hysterically. None of them wished for Chu Feng to throw his life away in vain.

Merely, as they were in the Transmogrification Gate, Chu Feng simply could not hear them.


Seeing that even Xian Miaomiao and the others were shouting for Chu Feng to escape, the rest of the people became even more certain that Chu Feng’s return was useless. As such, sighs began to fill the Transmogrification Gate.

“Chu Feng?!” Compared to the crowd within the Transmogrification Gate, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had an emotional expression.

He had thought that Chu Feng was hiding inside the Transmogrification Gate the entire time. However, Chu Feng’s voice had clearly sounded from outside.

Merely, even he was unable to determine where Chu Feng’s voice had sounded from. That made him realize that something was amiss.

“Chu Feng, where are you? Get the hell out here, this Hall Master is telling you to come out,” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master snarled furiously.

“Since you wish to see me so much, I shall grant you your desire.”


Right after Chu Feng’s voice sounded, dazzling golden light blossomed above the Transmogrification Gate. Then, four rays of light descend from the sky. Like four lightning bolts, they struck the four clones of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.





When the four lightning strikes landed, four explosions sounded, and the ground was shattered.

“What’s going on?!”

The scene that suddenly happened shocked the panicking crowd. When they looked outside, they were even more stunned.

At that moment, four huge monsters had appeared. Those four huge monsters had landed on the Dark Hall’s Hall Master’s four clones.

Being attacked by the four huge monsters, the four clones were letting out anguished wailings nonstop. They had lost all fighting ability.

“Heavens, those are?!!!!”

When the Elf King and the others saw the four huge monsters, their expressions changed enormously.

The reason for that was because the four huge monsters that were suppressing the four clones were:

The Azure Dragon.

The White Tiger.

The Vermilion Bird.

The Black Tortoise.

The Four Great Divine Beasts!!!

Most importantly, a man was standing on the Azure Dragon’s head.

Like the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, that man’s body was also covered with Thunder Armor. A pair of enormous Thunder Wings also extended from his back.

His arms were folded before his chest. Standing atop the Azure Dragon’s head, he gave off an extraordinary aura.

It was the domineering aura of an absolute ruler.

When the crowd saw the appearance of that man, they were all stunned, and their hearts started to tremble.

That man was none other than Chu Feng!!!

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