Chapter 2106 - Absolute Suppression

Chapter 2106 - Absolute Suppression

“Chu Feng! Everyone, look, it’s Chu Feng!”

“Chu Feng has returned to save us! Lord Chu Feng has returned to save us!”

After seeing that it was Chu Feng, the people in the Transmogrification Gate burst into an uproar.

Their low spirits were completely swept away. Their faces were no longer covered with despair. Instead, they were now wild with joy.

Even though many people were unable to determine Chu Feng’s cultivation, they were able to sense that the aura that Chu Feng was emitting right now seemed to not be inferior to that of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master at all.

“Those… those four Divine Beasts, aren’t they Qing Xuantian’s guardian beasts?”

After seeing the Four Great Divine Beasts, astonishment filled the Heaven Reaching Immortal’s face. Not only had he been alive in Qing Xuantian’s era, he had also personally seen Qing Xuantian before. Thus, he knew very well that the four Divine Beasts before him were undoubtedly Qing Xuantian’s guardian beasts.

“What? Those four powerful existences are actually Lord Qing Xuantian’s guardian beasts?”

“Why would Lord Qing Xuantian’s guardian beasts appear together with Lord Chu Feng?”

Because the Heaven Reaching Immortal said those words with a very loud voice, practically all of the people in the Transmogrification Gate heard it.

After hearing that piece of news, the crowd were all filled with astonishment.

After all, Qing Xuantian was the most powerful expert since the Ancient Era. He was the strongest of the Five Emperors, the Five Overlords.

There were simply too many legends regarding Qing Xuantian. His various accomplishments were well-known throughout the entire Holy Land of Martialism. To practically everyone, the name ‘Qing Xuantian’ possessed a special significance.

“It is not only those four Divine Beasts, little friend Chu Feng’s current aura is not at all inferior to that of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. It would seem that his true cultivation is the same as the Dark Hall’s Hall Master; he has become a rank seven Martial Emperor.”

“Little friend Chu Feng should have obtained Qing Xuantian’s inheritance,” The Elf King was wild with joy and filled with excitement.

“Lord Chu Feng is actually Lord Qing Xuantian’s successor?!”

“Heavens! It’s no wonder Lord Chu Feng is that powerful. It would seem that we will be saved today! We will be saved today!!!”

The crowd was even more astonished upon hearing what the Elf King said. Originally, they were confused as to why Chu Feng would appear together with Qing Xuantian’s four legendary guardian beasts.

However, the Elf King’s words provided the crowd with a reasonable explanation. It turned out that Chu Feng was actually Qing Xuantian’s successor. Although there were people that had made this guess in their minds before, it was now verified.

“Chu Feng, your cultivation actually increased so much?” At that moment, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was extremely surprised. He swept his eyes over the Four Great Divine Beasts. Then, he said, “Those four fellows, they seem to resemble Qing Xuantian’s four guardian beasts.”

“I understand. You obtained Qing Xuantian’s inheritance. That’s why your cultivation has increased,” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master said.

Chu Feng did not bother to pay attention to what the Dark Hall’s Hall Master said. Instead, he directly declared, “Dark Hall’s Hall Master, for the sake of your own selfish desires, you have taken countless innocent lives. Are you prepared to receive your death?”

“My, are you implying that you plan to kill me?”

“Hahahaha, what a joke. You are even more ridiculous than that Moon Immortal.”

“Did you really think that just because you possess the same cultivation, the same Inherited Bloodline and the same heaven-defying battle power as me, you’ll be able to contend against me?”

“Chu Feng, I have said it already. Today, I will let you know how enormous the disparity between us is.”

As the Dark Hall’s Hall Master spoke, he put away the two Imperial Armament he was holding in his hands.

Disdain. His actions were absolutely an act of disdain toward Chu Feng. It was as if he was declaring to everyone that there was simply no need for him to use Imperial Armaments when fighting against Chu Feng.

“Heh…” Faced with the contempt shown to him by the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, Chu Feng only laughed lightly and smiled. He was smiling like he was looking at a clown.

“Continue to smile. You will soon be unable to smile.”


The Dark Hall’s Hall Master began to attack. Surging martial power with might capable of toppling mountains and overturning seas began to assault Chu Feng from all directions.

Although that attack appeared to be invisible and formless, it was actually a kind of martial skill, a formless martial skill.

Ordinary people were simply unable to see the attack within that martial skill. They were only capable of hearing the rumbles that sounded from all directions.


However, how could such an attack possibly baffle Chu Feng? Chu Feng snorted coldly and smiled. His body trembled, and the surrounding martial power was controlled by him. Like an invisible army of ferocious beasts, that martial power surged outward to attack.


The two streams of martial power collided with one another. Immediately, heaven and earth started to shake. It was as if the end of the world had arrived.

However, both Chu Feng and the Dark Hall’s Hall Master remained standing where they were. Their expressions remained the same. They were both completely unflustered.

“Interesting. However, I’ll make you enter a state of absolute inferiority later,” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master said. Then, his body shifted, and he began to fly toward Chu Feng.

“Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise.”

“Seniors, I’ll be leaving those four clones to you all.”

After Chu Feng said those words, he soared into the sky and collided with the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

“No problem.”

The Four Great Divine Beasts used their various body parts, such as the Azure Dragon with its tail or the White Tiger with its claw, to ferociously attack the huge monsters they had pinned down.

The clones of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had already lost their fighting capability after being attacked so suddenly. As such, how could they possibly withstand the ferocious attacks that the Four Great Divine Beasts were assaulting them with?

Soon, they were all destroyed. They were all killed; completely eliminated.

“Amazing! As expected of the legendary guardian beasts!!!”

Seeing the Four Great Divine Beasts effortlessly killing the four clones of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, the crowd began to cheer excitedly.

After all, those four clones were existences that had threatened their safety before. Now that the greatest danger to them had been eliminated, they would naturally be extremely happy.

Right at that moment, the Heaven Reaching Immortal shouted, “Quiet!” Then, with a very serious expression, he said to the crowd, “This battle has only just begun.”

Hearing those words, the crowd uniformly turned their gazes to the sky.

Black clouds densely covered the sky. Lightning flashed and thunder rolled in succession as violent energy ripples swept through the surroundings like diffusing light.

That was… the battlefield between Chu Feng and the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

The confrontation between the two men grew more and more intense. The energy ripples created by their martial skills seemed to be planning to rip apart the entire vast sky.

The battle was extremely fierce. For many people, they were simply unable to tell which one of the fighters was Chu Feng, and which was the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. They could only understand what was happening from the explanations provided by the Elf King and the Heaven Reaching Immortal.

After finding out about the situation of the battle, everyone started to frown. The reason for that was because… it was Chu Feng that was being suppressed by the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

The two men had both grasped extremely powerful martial skills. However, Chu Feng would always be suppressed in every confrontation.

“This battle is not hopeful.”

At that moment, the Heaven Reaching Immortal was frowning extremely deeply. Although there was an enormous difference in strength between him and Chu Feng and the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, he was able to determine the situation of the battle as an observer. Seeing that Chu Feng was being suppressed ever since the actual battle began, he felt extremely uneasy.

Even though the four clones capable of breaching the Transmogrification Gate had been killed, as long as the Dark Hall’s Hall Master won, they, the people in the Transmogrification Gate, would sooner or later be killed by him.

However, at the moment when the Heaven Reaching Immortal had a worried frown on his face, he was surprised to discover that the Elf King standing beside him was smiling. Not only was he not worried, he seemed to be very happy too.

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