Chapter 2104 - Heaven-defying Battle Power

Chapter 2104 - Heaven-defying Battle Power

Sensing the gaze of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, the Moon Immortal said coldly, “No need to worry, I’ll come to take care of you right away.”

“I know what you’re thinking. You want to take care of my four remaining clones, and then come take care of me, isn’t that right?”

“Unfortunately, I’m afraid that I cannot give you that chance. After all, I still need them to cut open that Transmogrification Gate,” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master said.

“It is not up to you to determine whether or not I have a chance. Instead, I am the one who shall seize that chance,” The Moon Immortal said. The Imperial Armament she held in her hand grew even sharper, and her attacks grew more and more ferocious.

After verifying that those clones were crucial to breaching the Transmogrification Gate, she became even more determined to eliminate those clones.

“Is that so?” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master smiled lightly. Then, his smile suddenly disappeared, and his gaze became ice-cold.


A loud explosion was heard. Immediately, the ground split open. The enormous body of the Dark Hall’s Hall master turned into a ray of black light as it soared into the sky. With an unbelievable speed, he charged toward the Moon Immortal.


Everything happened too quickly. Other than an ear-piercing explosion and surging energy ripples, no one in the Transmogrification Gate was able to see what had happened outside.

All they knew was that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had created a ferocious energy ripple after flying into the sky. That energy ripple instantly covered everything in their line of sight.

At that moment, the Elf King and the Heaven Reaching Immortal revealed even more unease in their eyes.

“Huu, huu, huu~~~”

Suddenly, violent wind started to blow. The wind seemed to want to disperse everything. The violent wind forcibly blew the black energy ripples away.

At that moment, the crowd in the Transmogrification Gate discovered that the outside that was originally pitch black had returned to normal.

Even though the surface was filled with desolation, as if from the aftermath of a disaster, a blue sky and white clouds appeared in the sky once again.





Four explosions sounded. The ground started to quake as four huge monsters fell to the surface. They were the Dark Hall’s Hall Master’s four clones.

Although the four clones had fallen to the ground, the crowd’s gazes were still focused on the sky. They were searching for the Dark Hall’s Hall Master and the Moon Immortal.

After searching the vast white clouds, the Elf King and the others all revealed expressions of shock.

There was no longer any huge monster in the sky. Instead, there were three silhouettes.

One among them was the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. Not only had he returned to the appearance of a human, he was also covered with his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings. With his body covered in lightning, his aura was no longer that of a rank one Half Martial Ancestor. Instead, it had decreased to that of a rank nine Martial Emperor.

Although his aura had grown weaker, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master did not panic. Instead, he had a complacent smile on his face. In his hands were his two Imperial Armaments. He was fiddling with them.

As for the other two silhouettes, they were Su Rou and Su Mei. To be exact, it was the Moon Immortal.

However, a bloody wound had appeared on both of their bodies. Blood was flowing from their wounds.

The Moon Immortal… had actually been injured!!!

“Oh no!”

At that moment, the Elf King and the Heaven Reaching Immortal were unable to contain themselves, and blurted out ‘oh no.’ What they did not wish to happen the most had finally happened.

“How could this be?” At that moment, many experts noticed that the Moon Immortal had been injured by the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. However, they were extremely confused.

After all, the Moon Immortal clearly possessed a much more powerful aura than the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. As such, how could he possibly have injured her?

“Your Majesty, what is going on here?” Confused, the crowd turned to the Elf King.

The battle had already surpassed their ability to understand. For many people, they were simply unable to make sense of what they were looking at. As such, they could only ask the Elf King for guidance.

“The Dark Hall’s Hall Master’s rank one Half Martial Ancestor’s aura is a disguise. His actual cultivation is not that of a rank one Half Martial Ancestor. It is merely his battle power that has reached the rank one Half Martial Ancestor level.”

“However, the current aura that he is emitting right now really does belong to him. Like Chu Feng, not only does he possess the means to increase his cultivation, he also possesses a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting five levels of cultivation.”

“Thus, while his cultivation is only that of a rank nine Martial Emperor now, and might appear to be inferior to the Moon Immortal, his battle power has already reached rank two Half Martial Ancestor level”.

“At this moment, even the Moon Immortal is no match for him,” The Elf King explained.

The Elf King had fought against the Dark Hall’s Hall Master many times. Thus, he knew about his abilities.

Thus, he knew that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was an existence on par with Chu Feng in all aspects. He was truly a genius from the Outer World.

“Heavens!” Hearing the explanation provided by the Elf King, the crowd’s complexions all turned ashen. In fact, some among them were so frightened that they fell onto their butts powerlessly. They were stunned by the news.

“How could this be?” At that moment, the gaze of the Moon Immortal in the sky was also flickering nonstop. She had naturally discovered the heaven-defying battle power that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master possessed. Merely, she was unable to accept it.

“Moon Immortal, what sort of expression is that?”

“Oh, I got it. You’re feeling extremely unreconciled because you, a grand rank one Half Martial Ancestor, was defeated by me, a mere Martial Emperor, right?” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master mocked.

“You refused to fight earlier because you were increasing your cultivation?” The Moon Immortal asked.

The Moon Immortal knew that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was not this powerful before. Else, he would not have been hiding from her the entire time.

His current cultivation must have been obtained not long ago. It was very likely that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had not fought alongside clones earlier because he had been increasing his cultivation.

“Did you think that I would be so foolish as to expose myself to you without absolute certainty of victory?” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master answered with a question of his own.

“You’re saying that you’d already obtained this cultivation before you came here?” The Moon Immortal asked with a frown.

“I am never someone that does something without certainty. Since I dared to show myself, it means that I have certainty of victory.”

After saying those words, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master started to attack again. He pointed forward with the Imperial Armament in his hand. Although he was only able to control Emperor-level martial power, his oppressive might caused the Moon Immortal’s expression to change.

The Moon Immortal waved her sleeves and formed a defensive wall before her with her Ancestral-level martial power.

Logically, as Emperor-level martial power and Ancestral-level martial power belonged to two completely different levels, it would absolutely be the Ancestral-level martial power that would come out on top should they collide with one another.

However, at that moment, the ferocious Emperor-level martial power collided directly with the wall formed with Ancestral-level martial power.


Rumbles sounded from the collision. For the first time ever, the Emperor-level martial power burst through the Ancestral-level martial power and toward the Moon Immortal.

Something that should have been impossible was happening. And this… was the so-called heaven-defying battle power.

“Damn it!”

Sensing that the situation was bad, the Moon Immortal’s body suddenly bloomed with a special light. Following that, the surrounding air started to tremble.


Suddenly, Su Rou and Su Mei who were being controlled by the Moon Immortal both disappeared into thin air.

“Don’t you think that you can escape just by entering the void. Before this grand world spiritist, you have nowhere to go.”

After a cold sneer, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master opened his arms. Immediately, giant vines began to form all around him.

Those vines were a meter thick, and several tens of thousands of meters long. As the vines spread in all directions with rapid speed, they formed an inescapable net in an instant.

“Mn?” After the vines sealed off the entire region, a surprised expression appeared on the previously confident face of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. Then, his lips lifted into a surprised smile, “Seems like I have underestimated you. You actually possess such a strong escape technique.”

“Dark Hall’s Hall Master, I know that you will, sooner or later, return to the Outer World. At that time, I will teach you a lesson,” The Moon Immortal’s voice sounded. However, that voice appeared to be from tens of thousands of miles away.

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