Chapter 2101 - Magma Emperor Sword

Chapter 2101 - Magma Emperor Sword

“Even if you all refuse to believe me, it remains the truth. Qing Xuantian is a through and through despicable and vile individual. He is a hypocrite that has done all sorts of evil behind people’s backs.”

“Our world and this world is separated by a boundary energy. Under normal circumstances, it would simply have been impossible for me to come to this world. Do you all know how I managed to get here? It was precisely Qing Xuantian that helped me get here.”

“You all must be wondering why Qing Xuantian would help me come to this world, right? Actually, the reason is very simple. It’s because the Divine Body that he wanted was sealed in our world. And I, I was able to help him obtain it.”

“I handed over the sealed Divine Body to Qing Xuantian, and he helped me get into the Holy Land of Martialism so that I could become its ruler. That was the condition of the exchange between Qing Xuantian and I.”

“However, never would I have imagined that Qing Xuantian was such a despicable man. He actually decided to go back on our agreement, and started to attack me after obtaining the special constitution from me. He is truly despicable to the extreme.”

“Yet, you all still deem him to be a hero. Pah! He is nothing more than a hypocrite!!!” The Magma Emperor shouted furiously.

At that moment, Chu Feng noticed that the Four Great Divine Beasts had all grown silent upon hearing what the Magma Emperor said.

Their beast faces were growing more and more ugly. Complicated and distressed expressions filled their gazes. In fact, even their enormous bodies were trembling. They had truly believed what the Magma Emperor said.

“A bunch of nonsense. Senior Qing Xuantian is not someone that you can slander.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng smashed his fist into the Magma Emperor. Then, continuous fists began to land onto the Magma Emperor’s body.

“Damned brat, you’re planning to eliminate this Emperor after hearing what you wanted to hear, is that it?”

“Sure enough, you are the same as that Qing Xuantian. You humans are the most despicable creatures.”

“To make you all slaves is an act of charity to you all. You should all be killed. All you humans should be erased from this world.”

“Hey! Four Symbols Divine Body, why are you all still standing there? Quickly, come and help me; help me eliminate this brat. Could it be that you all are still not tired of being taken advantage of by Qing Xuantian, and want this brat to take advantage of you too?” The Magma Emperor snarled repeatedly.

However, the Four Great Divine Beasts refused to answer it. They were completely silent. It was as if they had experienced an enormous shock.

“Fools. You all are truly foolish. Go and die. With how foolish you all are, only death awaits you.”

“You all will not be able to live for much longer. You were originally a Divine Body, and not actual lives. You all are merely a part of Qing Xuantian that he abandoned. How could you possibly be able to live for long?”

“You all think that you’ve become Divine Beasts? A bunch of bullshit! You all are inferior to monstrous beasts, ferocious beasts and even the lowliest animals.”

“You all will not be able to live for much longer. If you refuse to work with me, I will not tell you all the method to extend your lifespans. Soon, you all will die,” Seeing that the Four Great Divine Beasts were ignoring it, the Magma Emperor started to insult them.

“Shut your mouth,” Chu Feng’s fists grew more and more heavy. His punches bombarded the Magma Emperor’s body of flame into disintegration.

Finally, the Magma Emperor’s enormous body was finally completely destroyed. The dispersed flames returned to that Incomplete Ancestral Armament sword.

Chu Feng grabbed at that Incomplete Ancestral Armament sword.


Upon holding the sword, the sky started to change color, and an explosion sounded.


Following that, a pillar of flame shot toward the sky from the sword Chu Feng held. It pierced through the clouds and straight into the endless skies.

Soon, the clouds were evaporated. Even the vast and boundless sky was burned blazing red.

“This is…” At that moment, the Four Great Divine Beasts that were feeling very depressed were also attracted by that scene. They opened their mouths and said, “Forced submission.”

That’s right. Chu Feng was forcibly making that Incomplete Ancestral Armament submit to him. When a weapon was unwilling to submit, a cultivator could, if he or she possessed sufficient strength, use their power to force the weapon to surrender to them.

It was an invisible battle, a battle that bystanders could not see. However, Chu Feng was actually using his powers to teach the Magma Emperor within the Incomplete Ancestral Armament. He was forcing it into submission.


Suddenly, loud explosions sounded from the skies nonstop. Turning toward the sky, the Four Great Divine Beasts discovered that the flames that were shot into the sky were flowing back down with extremely rapid speed.

Finally, the flames gathered in one place and turned into a pillar of flame again. The pillar of flame struck down from the heavenly dome and poured into the Incomplete Ancestral Armament Chu Feng held in his hand.

Afterwards, the sky suddenly became tranquil. Even the Four Great Divine Beasts held their breaths.

The reason for that was because that extremely ferocious Incomplete Ancestral Armament, although still emitting the Magma Emperor’s fiery flames, did not possess any trace of hostility toward Chu Feng.


After a while, loud rumbling sounds began to be heard in that tranquil region. The rumbling noise grew louder and louder.

It was the sound of water!!!

It was the waves. Whilst the seawater in the area had been evaporated, the seawater in the surrounding region had not. At that moment, they were crashing toward that empty region with a might seemingly capable of toppling mountains and overturning seas.


Suddenly, Chu Feng brandished the Incomplete Ancestral Armament he held in his hand. His body subsequently began to rotate.


In the blink of an eye, a blade ray covered in flames was shot into the surroundings like a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses.

That blade ray was so powerful that it evaporated the massive incoming waves and beat back the following waves.

“Chu Feng, it’s a success? You’ve actually managed to subdue that Incomplete Ancestral Armament?” The Four Great Divine Beasts landed beside Chu Feng. They were still all looking at the Incomplete Ancestral Armament with gazes filled with disbelief. At that moment, it was as if they had forgotten all the unpleasantness from earlier.

“Mn. However, it remains that this Incomplete Ancestral Armament is controlled by the Magma Emperor. As such, I am only able to forcibly subdue it and make it recognize me as its master, but cannot make it enter absolute submission,” Chu Feng said.

“In that case, not only did you manage to subdue that Incomplete Ancestral Armament, you also managed to subdue the Magma Emperor?” Hearing those words, the Four Great Divine Beasts revealed even more marvelous gazes.

“No, it cannot be considered submitted. It is unwilling to serve me. It is merely being suppressed by my power,” Chu Feng said.

“How could it not be considered to be the case? It is going to be used by you. Thus, it is yours now,” The White Tiger said excitedly, “Chu Feng, you should name that Incomplete Ancestral Armament.”

“I’ve already thought of a name. It’ll be called the Magma Emperor Sword,” Chu Feng looked to the Four Great Divine Beasts and said, “Seniors, what do you all think about the name?”

“Magma Emperor Sword?!”

The Four Great Divine Beasts were all startled to hear that name. After all, the Magma Emperor possessed a special significance to them.

However, when they saw the Magma Emperor Sword that was emitting fiery flames acting so obediently in Chu Feng’s hands, they smiled at ease and replied in unison, “That is a great name.”

“It’s decided then,” Chu Feng put the Magma Emperor Sword away.

“Chu Feng, I had originally thought that I knew you extremely well. However, never did I expect that I still do not know you well enough. Boy, you have truly astonished us,” The Azure Dragon said. The other three Divine Beasts also nodded their heads.

“Seniors, if you all are to praise me like this, I will grow conceited,” At that moment, Chu Feng was also very happy and smiling brightly.

However, he was secretly using his Heaven’s Eyes to carefully examine the Four Great Divine Beasts’ bodies.

Chu Feng did not consider the words spoken by the Magma Emperor earlier to be complete nonsense. Actually… Chu Feng trusted the Magma Emperor’s words slightly.

Actually, the reason why Chu Feng had allowed the Magma Emperor to finish saying those things was precisely because he wanted to know about those things.

The reason for that was because he was also very curious as to why Qing Xuantian had decided to separate the Four Great Divine Beasts from his body.

After all, Divine Powers were powers that countless people yearned for in their dreams. If one could gain great control over one’s Divine Power, it would become an extremely strong assisting power.

Over the years, Chu Feng had seen many Divine Bodies. However, he felt that Qing Xuantian’s Four Symbols Divine Body was the strongest he had ever seen.

The reason for that was because the Divine Bodies of other people were generally only a single sort of power. However, the Four Symbols Divine Body should possess four different powers; being respectively strength, speed, defense and healing. Those four powers could simply be said to be perfect.

There shouldn’t be a reason for Qing Xuantian to renounce such a powerful Divine Power.

Unless… what the Magma Emperor said was the truth.

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