Chapter 2102 - Moon Immortal Vs. Hall Master

Chapter 2102 - Moon Immortal Vs. Hall Master

If what the Magma Emperor said was the truth, then, as the Four Great Divine Beasts were born so long ago, they should be near the end of their lifespans too.

That was precisely what Chu Feng wanted to determine with his Heaven’s Eyes.

However… after Chu Feng examined them with his Heaven’s Eyes, he did not discover any abnormalities; he did not discover any issues with the bodies of the Four Great Divine Beasts.

Thus, Chu Feng was bewildered; he didn’t know whether what the Magma Emperor had declared was the truth or not. Thus, he was unable to ascertain whether Qing Xuantian had deceived the Four Great Divine Beasts, nor could he be certain that it was Qing Xuantian that had released the Magma Emperor.

The truth was unable to be determined.

“Chu Feng.”

“Although your actual cultivation is that of a rank seven Martial Emperor, the current you is capable of fighting against rank two Half Martial Ancestors.”

“On top of that… with that Magma Emperor Sword, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master is definitely not going to be a match for you.”

“Thus, it is time for you to return to the Holy Land of Martialism to settle everything,” The Four Great Divine Beasts said to Chu Feng.

They were very happy, and had forgotten about what the Magma Emperor had declared. They had managed to completely break free from their depressed state of mind.

Although the delight that they revealed originated from their hearts, Chu Feng felt that they were deliberately hiding their sadness from earlier.

Actually, Chu Feng was capable of understanding it. As they were a Divine Body, they also knew that Qing Xuantian should be inseparable from them. Yet, Qing Xuantian had decided to separate from them.

Furthermore, even though it would be very difficult for the Four Great Divine Beasts to live after losing their physical bodies to seal the Magma Emperor, Qing Xuantian was totally capable of bringing them away with him after turning them into Secret Skills.

After all, he was capable of creating bodies for them before. Thus, he would most definitely be able to recreate bodies for the Four Great Divine Beasts. There was no reason for him to seal them into various locations.

In short, if Qing Xuantian had truly wanted to bring the Four Great Divine Beasts away with him, he would have been totally capable of doing so. However, he had left them behind. This meant that there must have been a reason for him to do so.

The Four Great Divine Beasts were no fools. Thus, they had naturally also managed to guess why Qing Xuantian wanted to abandon them.

Merely… Qing Xuantian was the person that they trusted the most. As such, they did not wish to raise doubts about Qing Xuantian.

The reason for that was because they would still be willing to serve Qing Xuantian should they be able to return to his side. To them, Qing Xuantian was their true master.

Thus, this matter was rather complicated.

Seeing that the Four Great Divine Beasts did not mention the matter, Chu Feng did not bother to ask about it either. Instead, with a smile on his face, he said, “In that case, I will return to the Holy Land of Martialism with seniors.”

After the matter was decided, Chu Feng entered the spatial crack together with the Four Great Divine Beasts to return to the Holy Land of Martialism.

At the beginning, Chu Feng was worried for the Four Great Divine Beasts’ enormous bodies. After all, they were simply too big. In the spatial crack, they would have to avoid the dangers to survive. If one’s body was too big, it would not be beneficial toward one’s travel through a spatial crack.

However, after reaching the spatial crack, the Four Great Divine Beasts’ bodies all began to shrink in size. They Shrunk to a size similar to Chu Feng’s.

After they were able to easily control their bodies to dodge the dangers, the frightening spatial crack was simply nothing to fear for them. After all, with the strength of the Four Great Divine Beasts, it was extremely easy for them to dodge the lightning and violent winds in the spatial crack.

As for Chu Feng… he was able to pass through the spatial crack when he was a rank four Martial Emperor. And now, he was a rank seven Martial Emperor. Passing through the spatial crack had naturally become even easier for him.

Although the frightening spatial crack was no longer a problem for Chu Feng, there were still many worries in Chu Feng’s heart.

For example, he was worried about where Zi Ling was, and whether or not she was safe.

For example, he was worried about whether the Moon Immortal was capable of defeating the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, and whether or not she would be captured and refined should she not be able to defeat the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

If the Moon Immortal were to die, it would naturally be a pity. However, if the Moon Immortal were to die, Su Rou and Su Mei would also end up dying. That was something Chu Feng would not be able to accept.

However, what Chu Feng was most worried about was that, while he had gained the strength to confront the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, everything would be of no use should he fail to find the Transmogrification Gate.

After all, the Transmogrification Gate was always on the move, and Chu Feng had given the key to the Transmogrification Gate to the Compass Immortal.

Even though Chu Feng had left an imprint on the Transmogrification Gate before leaving, he had discovered when he left that the further away he was from the Transmogrification Gate, the weaker his perception of the imprint would be. When Chu Feng arrived at the spatial crack and met the Compass Immortal, he was simply unable to sense the imprint at all.

Thus, the only way for Chu Feng to find the Transmogrification Gate was to quickly return to the place where the Transmogrification Gate had been before he left, and search for the Transmogrification Gate there.

Merely… he did not know how fast the Transmogrification Gate would move. Thus, he was uncertain whether he would be able to sense the Transmogrification Gate’s location from the place where he had left that day.


Somewhere in the Holy Land of Martialism. The earth was shattering, and mountains were subsiding. Many energy ripples were sweeping across the land, causing dust and thick smoke to rise.

Filling the sky were thick and solid lightning bolts, surging violent winds and black clouds that covered an area of tens of thousands of miles.

That place no longer looked like a world of humans. Instead, it looked more like a purgatory. That place… was a battlefield.

A battlefield between Half Martial Ancestors.

“Dark Hall’s Hall Master, you’ve taken so many innocent lives. Today, I will absolutely make you pay for your crimes.”

Su Rou and Su Mei stood in the sky and were staring down below with their sharp gazes.

As their clothes fluttered in the wind, their surroundings became very frightening. However, the two beauties were completely unphased by their frightening surroundings. At that moment, they were like celestial fairies within purgatory.

To be exact, they were not Su Rou and Su Mei. Rather, they were the Moon Immortal.

The Moon Immortal’s aura was deep and resounding. She was a true rank one Half Martial Ancestor and Boundless Ancestral-level martial power covered her.

“Moon Immortal, you should first determine the situation before speaking such boasting words. The current you is unable to even save yourself. Yet, you actually still dare to threaten me?”

An ice-cold voice sounded. Suddenly, the black clouds down below started to disperse. As the earth reappeared, six huge monsters appeared together.

It was the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. Merely, this time around, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had turned into six huge monsters.

To be exact, only one of them was the actual body. It was the one that had spoken earlier. As for the other five, they were merely clones. However, they also emitted the aura of rank one Half Martial Ancestors.

“It is only your battle power that has managed to reach the Half Martial Ancestor level. You have yet to become an actual Half Martial Ancestor. Even if you’ve used your demonic technique to disguise your aura to that of a Half Martial Ancestor, you remain only a Martial Emperor, and are still incapable of controlling Ancestral-level martial power. Thus, you can stop trying to deceive yourself.”

“To Half Martial Ancestors, Martial Emperors will collapse at the first blow. You want to rely on your numbers to defeat me? You are simply daydreaming,” The Moon Immortal mocked.

“Is that so? In that case, let me experience exactly how powerful you, an actual Half Martial Ancestor, are.”

Suddenly, coldness flashed through the Dark Hall’s Hall master’s sinister eyes. Then, his five clones all soared into the sky and began to unleash attacks at the Moon Immortal.


The Moon Immortal was not afraid in the slightest. She snorted coldly, then waved her sleeves. Boundless Ancestral-level martial power surged forth, forming ferocious giant beasts that confronted the five clones of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

Fiery blazes filled the sky and the region was covered in destruction once again.

The five clones of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master were all enormous in size. Furthermore, they all emitted the aura of rank one Half Martial Ancestors. However, they did not possess Ancestral-level martial power. Instead, they were using Emperor-level martial power.

As for the Moon Immortal, even though she was faced with many enemies by herself, she remained an actual rank one Half Martial Ancestor. Regardless of how powerful Emperor-level martial power might be, it would still be no match for Ancestral-level martial power. Thus, not only was the Moon Immortal not at a disadvantage, she was even slightly holding the upper hand in the battle.


However, even though his clones were clearly at a disadvantage, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master not only did not show any concern, he even laughed strangely. Then, he closed his eyes, as if he were sleeping.

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