Chapter 2100 - The Truth Of What Happened Back Then

Chapter 2100 - The Truth Of What Happened Back Then


After Chu Feng and the Magma Emperor fell into the sea, the sea started rolling with massive waves, and steam rose up from the sea.

The water in the sea was boiling and drying up. The speed with which the seawater was drying up was extremely fast. In merely a short moment, the bottomless sea water in that region had completely disappeared.

The water had been evaporated. It was completely evaporated by the frightening heat that the Magma Emperor was emitting.

At that moment, Chu Feng and the Magma Emperor once again reemerged.

However, regardless of how powerful the Magma Emperor was, it could only lie on the dried up seabed and allow itself to be punched by Chu Feng unceasingly.




One punch, two punches, ten punches, a hundred punches...

The speed of Chu Feng’s fist was not fast at all. One could see the entire movement of every one of his fist strikes. However, the Magma Emperor was unable to dodge them.

Furthermore, Chu Feng’s fists were extremely powerful. With each punch, the energy ripple from Chu Feng’s punch would cause the distant seawater to be pushed aside. With that, not a single drop of water from the surrounding sea was able to enter that area. Furthermore, the area in which there was no water grew larger and larger.

Even though they were clearly deep in the sea, it now looked like they were in a vast ravine in the middle of the sea. If ordinary people were to see this scene, they would definitely find it extremely difficult to accept, and feel that they were dreaming.

However, to the Four Great Divine Beasts, this was very normal. At Chu Feng’s level of cultivation, he could erase all living things inferior to him in a ten thousand miles perimeter with a single thought.

Furthermore, all of Chu Feng’s fist strikes contained boundless power. To be able to push back the vast seawater was merely a small token to his might.

However, that was not the main focus of the Four Great Divine Beasts. They were mainly focused on the Magma Emperor.

As Chu Feng’s ordinary and simple punches landed on the magma Emperor’s body, the Magma Emperor’s body began to dissipate. Its powerful aura also grew weaker and weaker.

At the same time, Chu Feng’s fists were interweaved with his world spirit power that continuously assailed the Magma Emperor’s body.

The reason for that was because the Magma Emperor’s body was no longer an ordinary body. Instead, it was an Incomplete Ancestral Armament. If Chu Feng wanted to subdue it, his world spirit power would be of great assistance.

“Bastard! You despicable human! You’re actually trying to forcibly control this Emperor! Don’t you think you can succeed!!!” Seeing that it was on the verge of collapse, the Magma Emperor let out a roar of irreconciliation.

“Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise, are the four of you planning to serve this brat too?!”

“This brat is vicious and merciless, despicable and shameless. If the four of you serve him, you are utterly foolish.”

“I will give you all a chance to break free from your foolishness. Join me and help me kill him! We will become the rulers of the Holy Land of Martialism together! We shall take care of those despicable bastards!” Surprisingly, the Magma Emperor, sensing that it was about to be subdued, actually began to plead for help from the Four Great Divine Beasts.

“Magma Emperor, has your head gone bad after being sealed away for ten thousand years?”

“You’re actually trying to request our help? How shameless could you be?”

The Four Great Divine Beasts mocked. They were enemies with the Magma Emperor, and had tried to kill each other in the past. Furthermore, for the sake of sealing away the Magma Emperor, they had nearly sacrificed themselves.

How could they possibly be willing to help the Magma Emperor to take care of Chu Feng now? To them, that request from the Magma Emperor was simply a ridiculous joke.

“The ones with their heads gone bad are you all! You four foolish things! You’ve already been abandoned by Qing Xuantian, yet you’re still attaching yourselves to the despicable humans! Are you all beings that will die the moment you leave humans?!” The magma Emperor snarled.

“What did you say?! Say it again?!” Hearing those words, the Four Great Divine Beasts’ expressions immediately changed. Unprecedented anger emerged in their eyes.

“Magma Emperor, what sort of nonsense are you spouting?” At that moment, Chu Feng stopped his attacks.

Even though he was declaring that the Magma Emperor was babbling nonsense, he had a feeling that the Magma Emperor should know about something. Else, there was no reason for it to say something like that.

“Heh, brat, seems like you’re interested, eh? If I tell you the filthy things that Qing Xuantian has done and expose his true identity, you’ll release me, what do you think about that?” Said the Magma Emperor.

“You do not have the power to haggle with me,” Chu Feng raised his fist and said coldly.

“Yoh, you’re playing this trick with this Emperor? Did you think that this Emperor would be scared of you?” The Magma Emperor laughed mockingly. It seemed that it was truly not afraid.

“Haha, forget about it. This Emperor is someone that takes pleasure in being benevolent, and is unwilling to see those four dunces being fooled for their entire lives. I might as well tell you all about the truth of what happened back then.”

“However, brat by the name of Chu Feng, listen carefully. This Emperor is going to say these things voluntarily. It is not because I am afraid of your threats,” The Magma Emperor declared.

Then, it said, “Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise, the four of you listen carefully. Back then, Qing Xuantian used various methods to separate you all from his body and turned you all into independent life-forms, but not for your sakes. Instead, it was for his own sake.”

“The reason for that is because he discovered a body constitution even more powerful than the Four Symbols Divine Body. If he wanted to gain complete control over that constitution, he had to remove you all from his body.”

“Thus, when the four of you were rejoicing in the fact that you possessed your own bodies and were able to live in this world with freedom, Qing Xuantian was even more overjoyed than you all. He was rejoicing at the fact that he had finally managed to cast the four of you burdens off of him, so that he could obtain an even more powerful Divine Body,” said the Magma Emperor.

“Nonsense! You’re simply spouting bullshit!” The White Tiger snarled.

“Magma Emperor, that lie if yours is too far-fetched, no?” The Azure Dragon said angrily.

“Lie? Haha, are you all still deceiving yourselves? Divine Bodies are granted by the heavens. One’s Divine Body and one’s master know each other extremely well. Only by having confidence in one another will one’s Divine Body be able to increase in strength with oneself.”

“As for you all, since you’ve left Qing Xuantian, exactly what could you accomplish now? Exactly what achievement could Qing Xuantian accomplish after losing you all?”

“Think about it yourselves. To separate you all from his body is something that would only have detriments, and absolutely no benefits to Qing Xuantian. Yet, why did he do that?”

“Was it so that he could give you all lives and freedom? So that you could fight alongside him? That is what you call bullshit. That is what you call lies. He was merely fooling you four idiots.”

“What Qing Xuantian sought was the path of martial cultivation. He wanted to become more powerful. Although the four of you are very powerful, you all are too weak when compared to the Divine Body that he desired,” The Magma Emperor said.

“A bunch of nonsense. We followed Qing Xuantian the entire time. We knew all that he had experienced. There was simply no special constitution or Divine Body that tempted him,” The White Tiger said.

“The four of you have followed him the entire time. However, you are not him. Is there a need for Qing Xuantian to tell you all that he had discovered? Was there a need for him to tell you all and consult with you all when he discovered a new constitution and gained the thought to discard you four?”

“If he were to truly tell the four of you, would you all have been willing to separate from his body? Would the four of you, the Four Symbols Divine Body, be willing to be replaced by another Divine Power?” The Magma Emperor asked.

“No, I don’t believe you, you’re lying,” The White Tiger snarled even louder as it began to lose control over its state of mind.

The Vermilion Bird, Azure Dragon and Black Tortoise’s expressions were also ugly. They were all affected by the Magma Emperor’s words.

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