Chapter 2099 - Incomplete Ancestral Armament

Chapter 2099 - Incomplete Ancestral Armament

“I am also not frightening you.”

After Chu Feng said those words, he suddenly tossed the Imperial Armament sword he held downward. “Snap,” the sword pierced into the Magma Emperor’s forehead.

Then, Chu Feng clasped his palms together and shouted with a low voice, “Assimilate.”


In an instant, the spirit formation that bound the Magma Emperor shone much brighter, illuminating the surrounding area like a bright sun.


Instantly, the Magma Emperor let out a painful scream of grief.

Miserable. Its current state was truly miserable. Chu Feng’s spirit formation was not a simple weaponry refinement formation. Rather, it was refining the Magma Emperor’s soul.

If Chu Feng wanted to successfully assimilate the Magma Emperor’s soul into the Imperial Armament sword, he would have to refine it, forge and transform it.

Else, if the Magma Emperor’s soul were to be allowed to assimilate into the Imperial Armament sword as a complete entity, it would definitely not obey Chu Feng, and might even use the strength of the weapon to attack Chu Feng. At that time, the gains would not make up for the losses.

However, this sort of refinement, forging and transformation process was extremely cruel. After all, the Magma Emperor’s soul was an actual living soul, and not something that Chu Feng had created.

If it were any other person, Chu Feng would definitely not have the heart to do such a thing. However, as it was the Magma Emperor, Chu Feng was capable of being ruthless.

On their way here, Chu Feng had inquired of the Four Great Divine Beasts about what had happened ten thousand years ago, and came to know about the various crimes that the Magma Emperor had committed.

Although that Magma Emperor possessed an amusing temperament and a childlike voice, it was most definitely vicious and merciless. In fact, it was simply ruthless and heartless.

The lives lost at its hands were too many to count. It would not even spare newborns. As long as it wished to kill them, it would kill anything before it. Wherever it went, it would either force the people to submit to it or leave behind a bloodbath.

Even though ten thousand years had passed, the crimes the Magma Emperor had committed were still unpardonable. Chu Feng did not plan to kill it. Instead, he planned to forge its soul as its punishment.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz~~~”

Soon, that Imperial Armament sword started to tremble. As it trembled, its boundless powers started to wreak havoc through its surroundings. Once again, that entire region was filled with frightening darkness.

This time around, it was not caused by the might of a martial expert. Rather, it was caused by a weapon.

That sort of situation persisted for ten entire days and nights. After ten days and nights passed, the sword stopped trembling, and the Magma Emperor stopped letting out anguished wails.

However, the aura emitted by the sword was now much more frightening than the aura it had emitted ten days ago. The power that was wreaking havoc through the surroundings was no longer Emperor-level martial power. Instead, it had become Ancestral-level martial power.

It was not only its aura that had changed. The appearance of the sword itself had also changed.

The entire sword had become blazing red in color. Magma-like veins were flowing through it and the sword was also emitting roasting hot flames. It was truly extremely domineering.

“Snap… snap… snap…”

“Rumble, rumble, rumble~~~”

Suddenly, the Magma Emperor’s body shattered and fell into the sea. Slowly, the shattered pieces began to sink.

Its shattered body pieces were like stones now. There was nothing special about it anymore now that the Magma Emperor had died. At least, its physical body had been completely destroyed.

However, the sword was still floating in midair above the surface of the water. The fiery aura emitted by the sword caused the surface of the water to boil and the once ice-cold seawater had already become boiling hot water.

“Incomplete Ancestral Armament. Chu Feng… you’ve succeeded. You’ve actually succeeded.”

“That is most definitely an Incomplete Ancestral Armament. That aura, it most definitely surpasses that of Imperial Armaments.”

The Four Great Divine Beasts spoke in succession. At that moment, they were bustling with life and filled with endless excitement.

After all, even for them, this was the first time that they were seeing an Incomplete Ancestral Armament. Furthermore… that was something that Chu Feng had personally refined.

Chu Feng had once again accomplished what even Qing Xuantian was unable to accomplish.

However, right at that moment, Chu Feng shouted, “Seniors, step back!”

After Chu Feng’s shout was heard, an invisible burst of power suddenly pushed the Four Great Divine Beasts aside.

While that power was very strong, it was also very gentle. That power managed to push the Four Great Divine Beasts a distance of hundreds of thousands of meters away.

It was Chu Feng. Chu Feng had used his power to push the Four Great Divine Beasts away.


Right at that moment, that Incomplete Ancestral Armament suddenly waved itself.

With that slash, a beam of flame was shot forth from the Incomplete Ancestral Armament. It was aimed at Chu Feng.


However, Chu Feng had already dodged to the side. Even though the attack from that Incomplete Ancestral Armament was extremely fast, it was unable to land on Chu Feng. Chu Feng had dodged it easily.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

However, that Incomplete Ancestral Armament did not just stop right there. Instead, it slashed toward Chu Feng repeatedly. At that moment, soaring flames filled with a powerful might covered the entire sky. Those beams of flames were also leaving enormous whirlpools in the seawater down below.

“Chu Feng, you think yourself clever, eh? Did you think that after refining this Emperor’s body and putting this Emperor’s soul into this weapon, you would be able to make this Emperor submit to you? You are truly overestimating yourself.”

“Even now, this Emperor is capable of killing you,” Suddenly, the Magma Emperor’s voice sounded from the Incomplete Imperial Armament.

“Crap! Chu Feng’s refinement failed. The Magma Emperor’s soul is still there. Furthermore, it is controlling that Incomplete Ancestral Armament.”

At that moment, the Four Great Divine Beasts’ different colored faces all turned somewhat pale. At that moment, they all started to panic. The reason for that was because that outcome was something that none of them had expected.

[1. How could a white tiger turn pale if it’s already white? Xima: Tigers have stripes that are black. Those black stripes turned white.]

However, right at that moment, Chu Feng stopped dodging the incoming flames. He stood in midair motionlessly, and allowed an enormous beam of flame to sweep through the air and toward his body.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing? Quickly, dodge it!!!”

Chu Feng's action caused the Four Great Divine Beasts’ complexions to turn green and they began to shout at Chu Feng hysterically.

The reason for that was because they were able to clearly sense the might contained in that beam of flame. It was a power that surpassed rank one Half Martial Ancestors. Even they would not be able to withstand it.

However, just when the Four Great Divine Beasts were panicking, Chu Feng extended his right hand and grabbed that beam of flame.


Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded, and flames began to flutter about in all directions, swallowing the entire surrounding region.

However, at that moment, the Four Great Divine Beasts were dumbstruck.

Through the screen of flames, they were able to see that Chu Feng had managed to block that beam of flame with his hand.

Even though violent flames covered him and were attacking him non-stop, the flames were unable to even burn Chu Feng’s clothes.

“I nearly forgot that Chu Feng’s actual cultivation is that of a rank seven Martial Emperor now. Using his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, his cultivation is that of a rank nine Martial Emperor. Even though he is still only able to exercise control over Emperor-level martial power and not Ancestral-level martial power, his battle power is already capable of contending against rank two Martial Ancestors.”

At that moment, hope finally emerged on the faces of the Four Great Divine Beasts.

Even though the Incomplete Ancestral Armament controlled by the Magma Emperor’s soul was very powerful, Chu Feng was not weak either.


Suddenly, an ear-piercing roar resounded through the region. Then, surging flames emitted from the sword nonstop.

Soon, the surging flames took a humanoid appearance. It was over a thousand meters tall. It had the appearance of the Magma Emperor.

“Brat, you want me to serve you? You are simply dreaming. Today, this Emperor shall use the body of your weapon to dismember you into ten thousand pieces and leave you with a miserable death.”

After taking on humanoid form, the Magma Emperor charged toward Chu Feng. It's killing intent was overflowing as it covered the entire region with flames.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng’s body shifted. With lightning speed, he charged directly toward the Magma Emperor.

The Magma Emperor extended its hand to grab Chu Feng. However, Chu Feng’s speed was truly too fast. Thus, it did not manage to grab Chu Feng.

At that moment, Chu Feng managed to approach the Magma Emperor. He raised his fist and shot an explosive punch at the Magma Emperor’s chest.


As the punch landed, blazing flames were knocked flying and the Magma Emperor’s enormous body began to sink into the seawater.

“Since you are unwilling to obediently submit to me, I’ll have to beat you into submission.”

Chu Feng’s eyes were flickering with lightning as he fixed them on the seawater. After he said those words, his body shifted again. With a lightning fast speed, he charged into the deep sea.

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