Chapter 2098 - Rank Seven Martial Emperor

Chapter 2098 - Rank Seven Martial Emperor


Suddenly, the Magma Emperor’s body lost its ability to continue to support itself, and crashed into the seawater.


Enormous waves of water soared into the air. However, the Magma Emperor’s body did not actually sink into the seafloor. It was not because the Magma Emperor had done something. Rather, a layer of majestic and powerful golden spirit power was in the water supporting the body of the Magma Emperor.

It was Chu Feng. That was a spirit formation Chu Feng had set up. He had supported the Magma Emperor with his world spirit techniques.

Not only that, Chu Feng had released his mouth that was biting the Magma Emperor. Furthermore, he had escaped from the Magma Emperor’s grasp.

Chu Feng stood in midair, and his hands were changing nonstop. He was rapidly forming complicated hand seals. His speed was so fast that only blurs of his hands could be seen.

Suddenly, Chu Feng stopped his movement. He pointed to the Magma Emperor below and shouted, “Seal!”


In an instant, countless golden bodies of light filled with spirit power flew out from Chu Feng’s fingers. They were like chains that grew larger and larger. Each one of them became over a dozen meters thick. Then, they tightly covered the Magma Emperor’s body.



After being shackled by the world spirit chains, cracks started to appear on the Magma Emperor’s indestructible body. It was like enormous stone starting to shatter.

“Bastard! What did you do to my body?! Exactly what did you do to me?!”

The Magma Emperor continued to snarl at Chu Feng. However, compared to before, its voice no longer possessed any intimidation, and had become many times weaker.

Even its fiendish gaze grew many times dimmer.

“Chu Feng, w-what is going on here?” At that moment, the Four Great Divine Beasts looked to Chu Feng with confused expressions.

They were truly curious as to how Chu Feng managed to force the Magma Emperor, an extremely ferocious existence in their memories, into such an state.

“Seniors, check out my current cultivation and you’ll know the answer,” Chu Feng said to the Four Great Divine Beasts.

“This… how could this be?!” Hearing what Chu Feng said, the Four Great Divine Beasts all revealed extremely wonderful expressions.

At that moment, while utilizing his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, Chu Feng’s cultivation was no longer that of a rank eight Martial Emperor.

Instead, he was a rank nine Martial Emperor!!!

In other words, after Chu Feng canceled his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, the methods that increases his cultivation, his actual cultivation would remain that of a rank seven Martial Emperor.

However, Chu Feng was clearly only a rank six Martial Emperor earlier. This meant that Chu Feng had reached a breakthrough.

The Four Great Divine Beasts were both astonished and excited. Unable to contain themselves, they asked, “Chu Feng, could it be… you’ve used that Magma Emperor’s body to reach a breakthrough?”

“Precisely. The Magma Emperor contained a very dense concentration of Natural Energies. To me, those Natural Energies were akin to cultivation treasures. As long as I am able to come in contact with the Magma Emperor’s body, I would be able to absorb those Natural Energies.”

“Furthermore, the Magma Emperor’s body is extremely special. Its body is completely different from ours. As long as I absorb and refine those Natural Energies, the Magma Emperor will lose control over its body. In fact, even its soul will be affected by it.”

“That is why I said to seniors that I will be able to handle the Magma Emperor by myself,” Chu Feng said with a smile on his face.

“So it was true!” After Chu Feng verified their guesses, the Four Great Divine Beasts revealed extremely excited expressions.

Thinking about it, how ferocious was the Magma Emperor? Back then, even when working together with Qing Xuantian, they were only able to seal the Magma Emperor and attempt to kill it by sealing it away for an extended period of time.

For that reason, the four of them had sacrificed their own physical bodies. If it wasn’t because of Qing Xuantian’s techniques, their souls would have been lost too. Without those techniques, they would not have been able to continue standing here.

Yet now, Chu Feng had actually managed to subdue the Magma Emperor by himself. Furthermore, when he subdued the Magma Emperor, Chu Feng’s cultivation was only that of a rank six Martial Emperor. This made it even more unimaginable.

“Could it be that this is what is meant by there being a weakness to everything?” Overwhelmed with excitement, the Azure Dragon burst into laughter. At that moment, there was a greater sense of admiration in the Azure Dragon’s gaze as it looked to Chu Feng. It truly understood what Chu Feng had schemed.

Chu Feng’s scheme was something that even the Azure Dragon felt astonished by.

“Bullshit! You’re spouting bullshit!!” Suddenly, the Magma Emperor snarled furiously. It evidently could not accept Chu Feng’s statement.

“Magma Emperor, you are indeed very powerful. However, regardless of how powerful you are, you remain only a Son of Magma. To me, Sons of Magma are only cultivation treasures. Thus… you are destined to be restrained by me.”

“However, rest assured, I have said before that I will give you an eternal nightmare. Thus, I will not kill you,” As Chu Feng spoke, he took out the Imperial Armament sword from his Cosmos Sack.

“Chu Feng, could it be that you want to….” Seeing that Imperial Armament sword, the Four Great Divine Beasts revealed even more wonderful expressions in their gazes. They had already realized what Chu Feng planned to do.

“Brat, what are you planning to do to this Emperor?” At that moment, the Magma Emperor had started to panic completely. Even though it was still pretending to be calm, its flickering gaze had betrayed it.

The Magma Emperor had always been extremely confident. However, when facing the current Chu Feng, it was filled with fear.

As matters stood, it was stunned to discover that the brat before it was simply someone that could not be judged with common sense. He was a brat that possessed powers that surpassed one’s imagination.

With merely a single bite, he had completely sucked all of the power in its body dry.

Then, with a mere spirit formation, he had bound its body. Even its soul was restricted.

And now, even though it was deemed to be an absolute genius in the Magma World, the Magma Emperor was nothing more than a sheep waiting to be slaughtered when before Chu Feng. As such, how could it not panic?

“I am going to make you the soul of this sword,” Chu Feng said as he raised that Imperial Armament.

At the moment the Magma Emperor had been revived, Chu Feng had truly felt fear. After all, the Magma Emperor’s ferociousness was akin to a legend.

However, after he carefully inspected the Magma Emperor, Chu Feng became secretly delighted. It was as he had said from the very beginning; the Magma Emperor’s entire body was filled with treasures.

Firstly, the Magma Emperor’s physical body was a cultivation treasure that Chu Feng could absorb and refine.

Next, the Magma Emperor’s soul, its spirit body, possessed the cultivation of a Half Martial Ancestor. As long as he instilled it's soul into the Imperial Armament Sword, he would have forged an Incomplete Ancestral Armament.

If, to the others, the Magma Emperor’s revival was a disaster.

Then, to Chu Feng, the Magma Emperor’s revival was a blessing, an enormous fortune.

“Brat, it is best that you kill this Emperor. Else, this Emperor will definitely make you wish you were dead should the opportunity present itself!!!” Suddenly, the extremely weak sounding Magma Emperor let out a snarl filled with anger. In fact, a killing intent that it had never revealed before was being emitted by it.

At that moment, the nerves of the Four Great Divine Beasts started to tighten. They thought that the Magma Emperor’s spirit body had managed to break through Chu Feng’s binding spirit formation.

However, Chu Feng was still as calm and collected as before. With the same sort of smile on his face, he said, “Let me return to you what you said to me earlier. Your deliberate provocation is useless against me.”

“Brat, remember this carefully. What this Emperor said is not to scare you. As long as this Emperor is still alive, I will definitely not spare you,” Cold and overflowing killing intent filled the Magma Emperor’s gaze. It was truly furious.

The reason for that was because it was not afraid of death. However, it was afraid of living in a petty and low manner.

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