Chapter 2091 - Gate of Cultivation

Chapter 2091 - Gate of Cultivation

“Although it was only a joke, we all felt it to be a very feasible theory,” the Vermilion Bird added.

“Never would I have imagined that Imperial Armament to possess such an origin. It’s no wonder it stands out from the masses like that, and actually took the initiative to attack me,” After hearing about the origin of that Imperial Armament, Chu Feng began to cherish the fused sword before him even more.

“Qing Xuantian only managed to subdue that Imperial Armament when he became a rank five Martial Emperor. You, on the other hand, have managed to subdue it at a cultivation of rank four Martial Emperor. Boy, that clearly demonstrates how extraordinary you are,” The White Tiger praised. He seemed to think very highly of Chu Feng.

After all, he was the first of the Four Great Supreme Secret Skills that Chu Feng became acquainted with. In other words, he had met Chu Feng at his weakest. Over the years, Chu Feng’s growth in strength was all clearly seen by him.

“Chu Feng is, after all, someone from the Outer World. It is normal that his talent would surpass Qing Xuantian’s. However, for him to be able to fuse the Nameless Broken Sword with the Fiend Gate into a new Imperial Armament truly has me taken aback. That is something that Qing Xuantian had prepared for for a long time, yet still failed to accomplish,” The Azure Dragon also praised.

Following that, the Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise also nodded. The gazes with which they looked to Chu Feng now were all different from the gazes with which they had looked to Chu Feng when they first met him. Not only was there appreciation and admiration, there was also pride in their eyes.

When they had first met Chu Feng, they had looked to him with the eyes of strangers. But now, looking at Chu Feng again, they were no longer looking at him like a stranger. Instead, there was familiarity in their gazes.

Seeing the reaction of the Four Great Supreme Secret Skills and hearing what they said, Chu Feng realized that even though they had been silent all these years, seemingly as if they had lost their awareness, they had actually been conscious the entire time. They had simply been unable to communicate with him due to what Qing Xuantian had done to them. However, they knew extremely well what Chu Feng had experienced.

“Seniors, in that case… am I able to obtain your acknowledgement now?” Chu Feng asked.

“For you to accomplish what you have, you have naturally obtained our acknowledgement. As long as you find our bodies, we will no longer be mere Secret Skills. Instead, we will be able to return to our bodies and serve you.”

“It is not that we are being conceited here, but if you were to help the four of us regain our physical bodies, that Dark Hall’s Hall Master would only be a piece of cake for us,” the White Tiger said confidently.

“In that case, seniors, you all were actually Half Martial Ancestors?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng was overjoyed.

“No matter what, we are Divine Beasts. Although we were created by Qing Xuantian and not natural-born Divine Beasts, it remains that we are still Divine Beasts. If we do not possess the strength of Half Martial Ancestors, how could we have the audacity to declare ourselves Divine Beasts?” The White Tiger gently caressed his whiskers with his claw and spoke in a very proud manner.

“Great! With the assistance of the four seniors, this junior would no longer have to worry,” Chu Feng was extremely overjoyed after confirming that matter.

The thing he was worried about the most right now was the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. If the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise were truly capable of taking care of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, Chu Feng would be able to untie that knot in his heart.

“White Tiger, do not speak too determinedly. The cultivation of that Dark Hall’s Hall Master was still very unstable at that time. To be exact, he was not yet an actual Half Martial Ancestor back then.”

“If he manages to stabilize his cultivation and starts to massacre the living beings of the Holy Land of Martialism, his cultivation will definitely increase enormously. If he is a rank two Half Martial Ancestor when we meet him again, even we would not be a match for him,” The Azure Dragon said.

“You’re joking! How could rank two Half Martial Ancestor be so easily obtained? Do not forget that Qing Xuantian was also only a rank one Half Martial Ancestor back then.”

“Furthermore, the four of us contributed greatly to Qing Xuantian being able to become a Half Martial Ancestor. How could one become a Half Martial Ancestor that easily?” The White Tiger said.

“That was then, this is now. That Dark Hall’s Hall Master is even more thorny than that Magma Emperor from back then,” The Vermilion Bird said.

“What? Even more thorny than that Magma Emperor? Don’t forget that Magma Emperor was the absolute genius of the subterranean world.”

“Even Qing Xuantian said that the Magma Emperor’s talent was extremely frightening. If he had trained a bit longer before emerging into this world, even if Qing Xuantian and the four us were to join hands, we would likely still not have been a match for that Magma Emperor.”

“As for that Dark Hall’s Hall master, he was unable to even take care of a mere Elf King. Furthermore, he needed to rely on some sort of demonic technique that took him an enormous amount of time to prepare in order to obtain his current strength.”

“Yet you’re saying that that Dark Hall’s Hall Master is even stronger than the Magma Emperor?” The White Tiger refuted.

“It is true that the Magma Emperor came from the subterranean world. However, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master originated from the Outer World. Is there even a need for me to declare who among the two of them is stronger?” The Azure Dragon snorted coldly.

“Humph, Outer World, is the Outer World that amazing? You’ve never been there, so how would you know if the Outer World is filled with geniuses like Chu Feng? It might be that the Outer World is inferior to our Holy Land of Martialism,” The White Tiger refuted even more determinedly.

“If the Outer World is as weak as you said, how could Qing Xuantian be so insistent on going to the Outer World?” The Azure Dragon was also furious.

“Perhaps he was wrong and regretted his decision later, but is unable to return,” When mentioning that matter, the White Tiger also felt dissatisfied.

“There’s another possibility. That is, Qing Xuantian failed to enter the Outer World. That is why he never returned,” The Vermilion Bird suddenly said in a very sentimental manner.

At that moment, the Azure Dragon, the Black Tortoise and even the White Tiger grew silent. It could be seen that even though the White Tiger was complaining about it, he actually also possessed deep sentiments for Qing Xuantian.

“Seniors, I feel that with the strength that senior Qing Xuantian possessed, it is impossible that he died. Thus, seniors, please don’t worry about it,” Chu Feng spoke to console them.

“Chu Feng, we will definitely help you take care of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. Furthermore, after taking care of him, we are also willing to continue to serve you. However, there is one thing that we must inform you of beforehand,” the Vermilion Bird said suddenly.

“Senior, please speak away,” Chu Feng said.

“If we were to encounter Qing Xuantian after entering the Outer World, we would like to follow Qing Xuantian. After all… we originally belonged to him,” The Vermilion Bird said.

“That’s true. Chu Feng, although this request is extremely excessive, we are, after all, Qing Xuantian’s Divine Power. It is only with us that his Four Symbols Divine Power will be complete,” The Black Tortoise said. [1. The Four Symbols are the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise. They are all creatures in the chinese constellation.]

“What seniors said is very reasonable and fair. This junior naturally has no objection to it.”

“Actually, the assistance senior Qing Xuantian and four seniors have given me is already sufficient. This junior is extremely grateful. As such, how could I have such an extravagant hope?” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Good. Straight and forward, that’s what I like about you. Since that’s the case, let’s leave now,” As the White Tiger spoke, he planned to leave this place.

However, at that moment, Chu Feng turned his gaze to the Gate of Cultivation. “Wait a moment. Before leaving, we cannot forget about the most important thing,”

“Chu Feng, are you certain that you want to attempt that? Although your body’s constitution is special, the Natural Energies contained in that Gate of Cultivation have been completely transformed into cultivation. Thus, its berserk nature is extremely frightening. After all… it was a failure,” The Vermilion Bird said.

“That’s right. Qing Xuantian should not have kept that Gate of Cultivation,” The White Tiger said.

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