Chapter 2092 - Rank Six Martial Emperor

Chapter 2092 - Rank Six Martial Emperor

“Seniors, I appreciate your kind intentions. However, I still wish to give it a try,” Chu Feng said with a light smile. He was already determined; no one would be able to change his mind.

At that moment, the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise all understood Chu Feng’s intentions. Thus, they looked to one another.

“Chu Feng, we know that you need power. However, you can gain power by slowly cultivating. You must not throw your life away for the sake of power,” After some deliberation, the Black Tortoise still continued to urge Chu Feng against it.

“You can’t say it like that. Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline is very special. Regardless of how berserk the cultivation was, it remains that it was formed from Natural Energy. I feel that Chu Feng should give it a try.”

“If he truly can’t withstand the Gate of Cultivation, it would not be too late for him to immediately withdraw from it. After all, with the constitution of Chu Feng’s body, even if he cannot withstand it, it would not necessarily mean that he will be killed. He should be able to get out in time,” Compared to the other three, the Azure Dragon approved of Chu Feng’s decision.

After the Azure Dragon said those words, the Vermilion Bird hesitated for a while before adding, “In the end, we are only giving our own suggestions. The person who gets to decide what to do will still be you, Chu Feng.”

“Chu Feng, although I am urging you against it, if you have truly decided that you want to attempt it, we will still support you,” The White Tiger said.

“In that case, I will have to trouble seniors. Please wait a while for this junior,” As Chu Feng spoke, he entered the Gate of Cultivation.

Seeing that Chu Feng had entered the Gate of Cultivation, the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise’s expressions all changed. Involuntarily, they revealed expressions of worry.

However, the Gate of Cultivation soon started to dissipate. When the Gate of Cultivation dissipated completely, Chu Feng was standing there completely unharmed. He appeared exactly the same as compared before he had stepped into the Gate of Cultivation. The only difference was that Chu Feng’s spirit appeared to be much better than before.

“Rank six Martial Emperor. Chu Feng, it seems you’ve succeeded.”

Upon seeing the current Chu Feng, the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise all revealed expressions of joy.

They knew Chu Feng’s cultivation the best. Earlier, he had only been a rank four Martial Emperor. However, he had become a rank six Martial Emperor now. Furthermore, that cultivation was when he was not using the Thunder Wings and Thunder Armor. This meant that Chu Feng’s cultivation had increased. Furthermore, it had increased by two entire levels of cultivation. This most definitely meant that Chu Feng had succeeded.

Merely, upon thinking of how Chu Feng had managed to successfully obtain the power of the Gate of Cultivation without suffering any harm from it, the Four Great Divine Beasts were all astonished.

After all, they had accompanied Qing Xuantian to create all these gates, and knew how frightening that Gate of Cultivation was. It was indeed an incomplete gate. Even Qing Xuantian had not dared to set foot into it.

In other words, Chu Feng had accomplished what was impossible for even Qing Xuantian. As such, how could they not be astonished?

“Senior Qing Xuantian, you have truly helped this junior enormously. Rank six Martial Emperor; when added to my Thunder Wings and Thunder Armor, my cultivation would be that of a rank eight Martial Emperor.”

“Adding on my heaven-defying battle power, I am already able to fight against ordinary rank one Half Martial Ancestors now,” At that moment, Chu Feng was unable to conceal the joy on his face. When he became a rank four Martial Emperor, he had realized that it was extremely difficult for him to increase his cultivation. The reason for that was because the amount of Natural Energies he needed was truly too frightening.

However, Chu Feng had actually managed to increase his cultivation by two entire levels in succession. That came as an enormous surprise for Chu Feng. However, most importantly, the Natural Energies contained in Chu Feng’s dantian were not limited to that.

Based on the Natural Energies contained in Chu Feng’s dantian now, he was not far away from becoming a rank seven Martial Emperor. He must admit that the Gate of Cultivation was the greatest harvest he had gained from this journey.

“Great, great, great. Like this, even without us, you will be able to fight against that Dark Hall’s Hall Master,” The White Tiger said very excitedly. The four Divine Beasts were all feeling happy for Chu Feng.

Although they only possessed one true master, Qing Xuantian, in their hearts, they had followed Chu Feng for so long, and seen all that he had experienced, as well as how he invested himself for his friends. After understanding Chu Feng’s character and moral conduct, they unwittingly started to not only acknowledge Chu Feng, but also to feel deep affection for Chu Feng.

At that moment, the Four Great Divine Beasts looked to one another. Then, as if they had come to a mutual understanding, they smiled simultaneously. Then, the four of them turned into four rays of light and entered Chu Feng’s body.

“Chu Feng, let’s go. Grab your weapon, and let’s set off to retrieve our bodies.”

The Four Divine Beasts said in unison. Even though they had already regained their freedom, it remained that they were still Secret Skills. In other words, they had become a special sort of Secret Skill that could freely enter and exit Chu Feng’s body while also possessing their own awareness.

“Okay,” Chu Feng nodded. He made a grabbing motion, and that Imperial Armament created by the fusion of the Fiend Gate and the Nameless Broken Sword flew into Chu Feng’s grasp.

“Sure enough, it’s a good sword,” Holding onto the sword that was over two meters long, Chu Feng revealed an extremely dense smile on his face. Before the two Imperial Armaments were fused, Chu Feng had guessed that the fused Imperial Armament would be something other Imperial Armaments could not compare to. Looking at it now, it was as he had expected. This weapon was simply about to surpass the limits of Imperial Armaments.

“Chu Feng, you should give that sword a name. Right now, it belongs to you. It is a unique and unmatched Imperial Armament,” The White Tiger said.

“Indeed, I should give it a new name. However, I feel that it is not the time to do so yet,” Chu Feng said.

“Not the time? Why is that?” The Four Great Divine Beasts asked in confusion.

“I keep feeling that this Imperial Armament is lacking something,” Chu Feng said.

“Lacking what?” The Four Great Divine Beasts became even more curious. The way they saw it, that weapon was simply perfect. It was no longer capable of being described as a top quality Imperial Armament. Yet, Chu Feng said that it was still lacking something? As such, they were truly curious as to what the sword was lacking.

“If I must say it, then I feel that this sword is missing a soul,” Chu Feng said.

“Missing a soul?”

“That’s right, it’s missing a soul. Before fusing them, both the Nameless Broken Blade and the Fiend Gate possessed their own spirituality.”

“Now that they are fused into one, their respective spirits are still present in this weapon. In other words, the weapon possesses two completely different spiritualities.”

“Most importantly, those two spiritualities are inhibiting one another and fighting one another over the rights to the weapon. This leads to the weapon being somewhat inadequate. I feel that… I should form a soul for it, a soul that could suppress those two spiritualities and rule over this Imperial Armament,” Chu Feng said.

“To put it simply, no matter how powerful this Imperial Armament is, it remains only an empty shell. Its true master has yet to enter it,” Chu Feng said.

Suddenly, the White Tiger spoke emotionally, “Heavens! Chu Feng, if you are truly capable of finding this soul you speak of, that Imperial Armament would no longer be an Imperial Armament anymore. Instead, it will become an Incomplete Ancestral Armament,”

“That’s right. Qing Xuantian has mentioned before that Incomplete Ancestral Armaments are weapons that possess actual souls.”

“They are weapons that can speak,” The Black Tortoise and the Vermilion Bird added.

“Chu Feng, to tell you the truth, Qing Xuantian also attempted to forge the Nameless Broken Sword and the Fiend Gate into an Incomplete Ancestral Armament.”

“He also attempted to create a soul. However, in the end, he failed. He felt that unless it was a Half Martial Ancestor-level soul, even if he successfully created a soul, it would still not end up becoming an Incomplete Ancestral Armament, and would only remain an Imperial Armament,” said the Azure Dragon.

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