Chapter 2090 - The Reemergence Of The Four Secrets

Chapter 2090 - The Reemergence Of The Four Secrets

After that Emperor’s Gate was intimidated by Chu Feng, it began to, as Chu Feng had expected, shrink in size. In the end, it became a gate that was only three meters tall.

However, even with that being the case, the gate was still very big. Thus, Chu Feng used a special spirit formation to shrink the Emperor’s Gate further.

Evidently, Qing Xuantian had used that sort of spirit formation on the Emperor’s Gate before, because it was extremely smooth and easy when Chu Feng shrank the Emperor’s Gate again. The Emperor’s Gate that was originally enormous like a colossus had shrunk to the size of a sword hilt.

After that was finished, Chu Feng tossed the Emperor’s Gate into the fusion formation. [1. Bee… you just said he did that last chapter…]

Merely, before fusing the two Imperial Armaments, Chu Feng did not attempt to make either the enormous sword or the Emperor’s Gate recognize him as their master.

Why did he do that? The reason for that was because masterless weapons were also the purest. What Chu Feng wanted was precisely that sort of purity.

After the fusion formation was activated, it continued to operate for thirteen days.


Finally, the grand formation that was sealed off for thirteen days opened.

After the grand formation was opened, a sword over two meters long appeared before Chu Feng, floating in midair.

That sword was pitch-black in color. Even though the veined patterns from the enormous sword were still present, they were no longer that distinct. It looked like a newly refined Imperial Armament.

That Imperial Armament was not an ordinary Imperial Armament. It was an Imperial Armament created through the fusion of the enormous sword and the Emperor’s Gate. Chu Feng had succeeded. He had successfully accomplished what even Qing Xuantian had failed to do, and fused the two Imperial Armaments.

Once that Imperial Armament appeared, even the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader Chu Feng held in his hand started to involuntarily tremble.

It was afraid. The aura emitted by that Imperial Armament caused even Chu Feng’s Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader to tremble in fear. However, Chu Feng’s Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader was something from the Ancient Era, and a top quality weapon among Imperial Armaments.

Yet, that sword was capable of bringing fear to even the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader. From that, one could imagine how powerful that Imperial Armament was. Likely, one would not find a weapon as powerful as that in the Holy Land of Martialism.

That sword was truly a king among Imperial Armaments.

“Truly, never would have I expected you, boy, to be able to accomplish that.”

“Not bad, not bad. You have truly broadened the horizons of us four old fellows.”

“If Qing Xuantian were to know this, he would definitely be extremely overjoyed too.”

“Mn, after all, those two Imperial Armaments are both treasures he obtained from that remnant.”

Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly heard four voices sounding in his ear. He was startled upon hearing those voices.

Even though it had been a long time since he had heard those voices, it still felt so very familiar to hear them again. Furthermore, those four voices were the voices that Chu Feng wanted to hear the most.

They were the voices of the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, the Vermilion Bird Resurrection Technique and the Black Tortoise Armor Technique.

“Junior Chu Feng respectfully greets seniors.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng half knelt onto the ground as he faced the sky. Even though Chu Feng was kneeling, his face was covered with a smile.

After all, this moment was a moment that he had looked forward to for a very long time!!!


The very next moment, four laughters sounded from Chu Feng’s body. Soon, four bodies of light flew out from Chu Feng’s body.

Soon, the four bodies of light took shape and became four huge monsters. They were the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise, the true forms of the Four Great Supreme Secret Skills.

Even though it had been many years since then, the Four Great Supreme Secret Skills still appeared to be very domineering when they reappeared before Chu Feng in their true forms.

“Chu Feng, truly never would I have expected that not only did you manage to obtain Qing Xuantian’s inheritance, you also accomplished what even he had failed to do. Do you know how extraordinary those two Imperial Armaments are?” The Vermilion Bird said to Chu Feng with a beaming smile on its face.

“Senior, please explain,” Chu Feng said curiously.

The White Tiger sighed. “Those are things from the past. There’s nothing interesting about them. Chu Feng… all you have to know is that those two Imperial Armaments are both extremely extraordinary. As for you, you’ve done something even more extraordinary,” It said casually.

“How could that do? Chu Feng is currently the true successor to Qing Xuantian. Naturally, we must let him know about certain things,” The Vermilion Bird said.

“What Vermilion Bird says is reasonable,” The Black Tortoise nodded.

“It’s better that I explain it for you,” The Azure Dragon smiled lightly. Then, it said, “Back then, it was no coincidence that Qing Xuantian was able to attain his extraordinary accomplishments. He had discovered a complete Ancient Era’s remnant in the Holy Land of Martialism, and gained enormous benefits from it.”

“Even though Qing Xuantian possessed overwhelming talent to begin with, an undeniable fact, his rapid growth in such a short period of time was actually greatly related to that Ancient Era’s remnant.”

“Right now, many of the treasures from that Ancient Era’s remnant are already in your possession. That said, the Imperial Armament that you managed to refine could be said to be one of the most precious treasures in that Ancient Era’s remnant.”

“Firstly, there’s the gate that Qing Xuantian placed deep in this Emperor’s Tomb amidst many layers of spirit formations to find his successor.”

“That gate’s name is the Fiend Gate. Reportedly, its master was a monstrous beast from the Ancient Era. That monstrous beast was a ruthless evildoer. He was deemed to be an era’s demon lord.”

“Furthermore, according to the legends, in the hands of that demon lord, the Fiend Gate would cause hundreds of millions of creatures to meet with violent deaths instantly the moment it was opened. After their bodies were all badly mutilated, only their bones would remain.”

“Most importantly, ordinary Imperial Armaments were simply incapable of withstanding the Emperor’s might from that Fiend Gate. Even in the Ancient Era, that Fiend Gate was a nightmare to countless people. Practically everyone below Half Martial Ancestor would be deeply afraid upon seeing the Fiend Gate.”

“However, that Fiend Gate was too nefarious an item. It would end up affecting one’s state of mind. As such, even Qing Xuantian never used it. Instead, he used spirit formations to remove its nefarious nature. It was only after the Magma Emperor appeared that he finally managed to succeed in completely eliminating the nefarious nature of the Fiend Gate. However, at that time, he no longer had the heart to subdue it.”

“As for that sword, it’s name was the Nameless Broken Sword. Although it was called Nameless, it was even more powerful than that Fiend Gate. Reportedly, when it was complete and not broken, it was not an Imperial Armament, but rather an Incomplete Ancestral Armament.”

“Incomplete Ancestral Armament,” Chu Feng was shocked upon hearing those words.

Imperial Armaments were already extremely rare treasures in the Holy Land of Martialism. As for Incomplete Ancestral Armaments, they were things that he had never even heard of before, much less seen.

“Indeed, it was an Incomplete Ancestral Armament. That Ancient Era’s remnant contained a written record of that Nameless Broken Sword.”

“Although we do not know who the first master of that Nameless Broken Sword was, the second master of that Nameless Broken Sword was the master of that Ancient Era’s remnant. He was also an extraordinary person.”

“According to the records he left behind, the Nameless Broken Sword was already in that broken state when he obtained it. Thus, at the time he had obtained it, it was already a broken Incomplete Imperial Armament that was beyond repair, a piece of scrap even.”

“However, that man forged it into an Imperial Armament. However, an Incomplete Ancestral Armament remains an Incomplete Ancestral Armament. Even though it was already badly damaged, even though it had lost its original power and greatly depreciated in strength to that of an Imperial Armament, it remained something that ordinary Imperial Armaments could not compare to. Among Imperial Armaments, it could be said to be the king.”

“Back then, Qing Xuantian had used many Imperial Armaments. However, among them, the strongest would naturally have to be that Nameless Broken Sword.”

“But, even though that Nameless Broken Sword was already not something that ordinary Imperial Armaments could compare with, Qing Xuantian still said that he was unable to unleash the true power of that Nameless Broken Sword.”

“We asked Qing Xuantian why he said that before.”

“To which, Qing Xuantian smiled at us and said, ‘Perhaps because the Nameless Broken Sword was originally an Incomplete Ancestral Armament, it is unwilling to allow its master to obtain all of its power after it degenerated into an Imperial Armament,’” The Azure Dragon explained.

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