Chapter 2087 - Meeting Qing Xuantian

Chapter 2087 - Meeting Qing Xuantian


Right at the moment when Chu Feng was extremely worried, the Emperor’s Gate suddenly trembled. That trembling greatly resembled the time when the three hundred bodies of Emperor’s might had appeared. The only difference was that the trembling this time was even stronger than before.

Although everything happened in an instant, Chu Feng’s heart sunk. He subconsciously felt that the situation was extremely bad. However, he did not cower, because he did not wish to give up on this opportunity.

As matters stood, he no longer possessed any certainty of victory. However, he was determined to fight.

“Rumble, rumble~~~”

However, the very next moment, a scene that came as an enormous joy to Chu Feng occurred. After that trembling, that Emperor’s Gate actually opened.

At the moment when the Emperor’s Gate was opened, Chu Feng felt a peculiar sensation. The sensation he felt was that he was standing at the edge of a bottomless cliff, and there was an invisible power pushing him forward. He was on the verge of falling from the cliff. However, at the moment of imminent crisis, a path suddenly appeared on the cliff.

Merely, that path was floating in midair. Chu Feng was uncertain whether that path was real or fake.

Would he really be able to walk safely on that path to the other side and obtain treasures, or would that path collapse the very moment he stepped onto it, making him fall down the cliff?

Thus, even though Chu Feng was overjoyed and saw hope the moment the Emperor’s Gate opened, it was only for a moment. The reason for that was because Chu Feng was uncertain as to whether or not he would be able to obtain Qing Xuantian’s inheritance, or if he’d be met with another trial after the Emperor’s Gate opened.


At the moment when Chu Feng’s head was filled with complicated thoughts, dazzling light suddenly blossomed from within that Emperor’s Gate. Soon, that light covered all the surroundings.

When the light gradually faded away, Chu Feng discovered that he was in another world.

This place was no longer the Emperor’s Tomb. A clear blue sky and white clouds were above him. Underneath his feet was a boundless meadow.

As a gentle breeze brushed past, the grasses were lifted. Chu Feng could hear birds singing, and smell flowers. It was truly vibrant and filled with life.

“It seems that I have been extremely fortunate.”

At that moment, Chu Feng finally revealed a smile of ease. His suspenseful heart was finally mostly at ease.

He knew that he was currently in a special space, a special illusory world. The reason why it was special was because it was both fake and real.

Most importantly, there was a figure in the distance, standing with his hands behind his back.

That man was wearing plain cotton clothes. The clothes he wore were made of ordinary materials. They were no different from the clothing of ordinary commoners.

However, when worn by that man, those clothes appeared very extraordinary. It was as if even if he stood within a crowd of hundreds of millions, one could still notice him at the very first glance.

That sort of illustriousness was not because of his clothes or his appearance. Rather, it was the aura that he emitted.

At that moment, that man had his back facing Chu Feng. As such, Chu Feng was unable to see his facial features. Only his long, pitch-black hair that draped down from his head to his waist like a waterfall could be seen.

This was an unrestrained and unruly man. He was also a man who possessed outstanding strength. If Chu Feng guessed correctly, that man should be the man whose fame was renowned throughout the entire Eastern Sea Region, and was deemed as the strongest person since the Ancient Era in the Holy Land of Martialism, Qing Xuantian.

“Junior Chu Feng pays his respects to senior Qing Xuantian,” After finally meeting the master of the Emperor’s Tomb, the master of the Four Great Supreme Secret Skills, how could Chu Feng dare to neglect his respect? He clasped his fist toward the man’s back and greeted him.

“Regardless of who you are, regardless of what gender you are, since you’ve managed to reach this place, it means that you possess extraordinary talent.”

“I am Qing Xuantian. Although I do not know if the people of this world still remember my name, all that I have learned and gained came from this land. Since I must leave, it is only natural that I return them to this land for the benefit of later generations.”

After Qing Xuantian said those words, he suddenly waved his sleeve. Then, four gates appeared before Chu Feng.

The four gates possessed different names. They were respectively the Gate of Wealth, the Gate of Martial Skills, the Gate of Weaponry and the Gate of Cultivation.

“The first gate, the Gate of Wealth.”

“The Gate of Wealth contains all of the treasures that I’ve accumulated in my lifetime. You will be able to obtain that wealth by entering the Gate of Wealth.”

“The second gate, the Gate of Martial Skills.”

“The Gate of Martial Skills possesses a certain amount of danger. It contains all of the Martial Skills I’ve learned in my lifetime. If you are to enter it, the Martial Skills will forcibly enter your mind, fusing with you. It has a very high requirement for your body’s constitution. If your constitution is weak and your spirit power insufficient, it is very likely that your body will explode and you will die.”

“The third gate, the Gate of Weaponry.”

“The Gate of Weaponry is even more dangerous. Inside it is a single Imperial Armament. That Imperial Armament originated from the Ancient Era, and is a rarely-seen divine artifact. However, that Imperial Armament is extremely vicious, and possesses a killing nature. If you enter the Gate of Weaponry, you will either subdue that Imperial Armament, or be killed by it. You must consider carefully before setting foot into the Gate of Weaponry.”

“The fourth gate, the Gate of Cultivation. It is the most dangerous of all four gates.”

“That gate is something that I personally refined. It is also the gate which I poured the most effort into. From all the treasures I obtained in my lifetime, I gathered all of the cultivation resources and, through the use of world spirit techniques, changed them into substantial cultivation. Entering that gate, one will be able to obtain a certain amount of cultivation.”

“However, what I’ve done is against the rules of martial cultivation. It is a feat that goes against the natural order, and thus, I ended up failing to accomplish my aim.”

“The reason why I failed is because even though the Gate of Cultivation contains a boundless amount of cultivation, it remains that the cultivation within was formed from Natural Energies. The Natural Energies possess berserk natures. Thus, unless one possesses an extremely powerful constitution, one’s body will not be able to withstand the cultivation within the Gate of Cultivation. Furthermore, even those with an extremely powerful constitution might not necessarily be able to assimilate all of the cultivation within the Gate of Cultivation.”

“That gate is a failure. Originally, it was supposed to be destroyed. However, I was reluctant to do so. After all, it was created through meticulous effort by me.”

“However, I must admit that the Gate of Cultivation is most definitely incomplete. Thus, I have only left that gate as a remembrance for myself. I’d suggest that no one enter that gate.”

“I have said all that I should say. You, who has come here by fate, I hope that you weigh your own abilities carefully, and act accordingly.” After saying those words, Qing Xuantian waved his sleeve once more.

At that moment, heaven and earth started to tremble. Violent winds formed. In that sort of environment, Qing Xuantian’s body turned into a strand of smoke that soon dissipated into thin air.

The moment Qing Xuantian disappeared, the world suddenly started to sway left and right, and started to crumble.

Soon, the shattered sky and earth began to turn into smoke. Like Qing Xuantian from earlier, they began to dissipate into thin air.

At that moment, Chu Feng discovered that he was still in the Emperor’s Tomb. The Emperor’s Gate was still before him. It had not actually opened.

However, there were four other gates below the Emperor’s Gate. They were the Gate of Wealth, the Gate of Martial Skills, the Gate of Weaponry and the Gate of Cultivation.

It was all as Chu Feng had anticipated. The scene from before was both real and illusory. However, the things most important to Chu Feng were real. The reason for that was because they were all right before his eyes.

Suddenly, Chu Feng clasped his fist and bowed. “Thank you, senior Qing Xuantian, for leaving all these behind.”

Chu Feng actually knew that the Qing Xuantian before him earlier had not even been a strand of awareness. It had merely been an image left behind by Qing Xuantian through the use of a spirit formation. As the image was created by a spirit formation, it naturally did not contain Qing Xuantian’s emotions.

In other words, that image of Qing Xuantian had only been a spirit formation, set there to explain the four gates. Perhaps, at the time of Chu Feng’s arrival, the actual Qing Xuantian was no longer in this world.

However, even though the Qing Xuantian before was only an image formed by a spirit formation, Chu Feng still acted extremely respectfully towards him. After all, no matter what, this Emperor’s Tomb was something that Qing Xuantian had left behind. As such, Chu Feng should express his thanks.

Next, even though that Qing Xuantian was an image formed with a spirit formation, his each and every action allowed Chu Feng to know that Qing Xuantian was an extremely extraordinary person.

He was someone that even Chu Feng felt admiration for. Thus, although the person he met was only an image formed by a spirit formation, Chu Feng still felt that he should pay his respects to him.

Chu Feng felt that Qing Xuantian was someone who deserved the reputation that he possessed in the Holy Land of Martialism now.

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