Chapter 2086 - Challenging The Emperor’s Might

Chapter 2086 - Challenging The Emperor’s Might

The Emperor’s Gate was golden, and yet emitted a golden shine brighter than gold itself. However, it was not made out of simple gold. The reason for that was because it was also emitting a sort of indestructible and sacred sensation.

Upon seeing that gate, one would feel the absolute desire to open it gate and enter. However, that was actually only a hallucinatory sensation. Back then, Chu Feng had been bewildered by it. However, thigns were different now.

“Come on out.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng shot a fist out explosively. A stream of martial power surged forth. “Boom,” it smashed into that Emperor’s Gate.

Chu Feng’s fist was extremely powerful. However, when it smashed into the Emperor’s Gate, the Emperor’s Gate showed absolutely no change at all. It had not even shook in the slightest.

Upon seeing that, Chu Feng frowned slightly. With his current strength, even an Imperial Armament would not remain unchanged after being struck by his fist. Yet, that Emperor’s Gate was capable of accomplishing that. This meant that that Emperor’s Gate was stronger than he had imagined it to be.


Right at that moment, the Emperor’s Gate emitted an invisible stream of power. It was Emperor’s might.

The invisible Emperor’s might began to take form. Soon, blue skies, white clouds, rivers and the earth appeared in the places covered by the Emperor’s might. In the blink of an eye, beautiful scenery appeared in the underground world.

Not only that, the scenery was still changing. In the end, a golden ray of light shot out from the scenery. That golden ray of light began to rapidly grow larger. In the end, it took on a humanoid form.

His head reached the blue skies, and his feet were on the earth. Even though his entire body was emitting golden light, and his appearance could not be determined, no one would dare to doubt the strength that he possessed.

As for that, it was the Emperor’s might that Chu Feng had not dared to confront, the Emperor’s might that he had not even dared to look straight at back then.

“Are you going to be my opponent? I’m afraid that the current you will be insufficient.”

Chu Feng smiled lightly. He was able to tell that that Emperor’s might was no ordinary Emperor’s might. Although the strength that Emperor’s might possessed was only that of a rank one Martial Emperor, it remained a Martial Emperor.

To the Chu Feng from back then, that Emperor’s might was something that he could not defeat.

Back then, this Emperor’s might had been like a God of War when it had appeared before Chu Feng. It had been an existence that Chu Feng simply could not contend against. It was as if that Emperor’s might could kill Chu Feng merely by blowing air at him.

However, when the Emperor’s might appeared this time, Chu Feng was capable of not placing it in his eyes.

The reason for that was because the current Chu Feng was no longer the Chu Feng from back then. He was a rank four Martial Emperor that could defeat rank eight Martial Emperors.


Seemingly understanding what Chu Feng said, that Emperor’s might let out a roar. Then, he stepped forward. With each step, space trembles. It actually took the initiative to attack Chu Feng.

“Senior, my apologies,” Chu Feng did not attack immediately. Instead, he first clasped his fist toward the Emperor’s might.

Even though it was only an Emperor’s might, Chu Feng felt that it possessed significance. If it were to disappear, it might be gone forever. That would in turn mean that the past would all be in the past, and would never be able to return. [1. YWL: I have no freaking clue what this means. Rebel: it means what's lost can't be regained. Xima: thanks Bee, I earned a 3-hour headache trying to figure that one out!]

After Chu Feng took the time to clasp his hands respectfully, the attack from that Emperor’s might was about to land on him. A large fist descended from the sky. It was less than ten meters from him.

The powerful impulse of the fist caused Chu Feng’s clothes and long hair to flutter about.


At that moment, Chu Feng shouted. Then, he clenched his five fingers into a fist and shot it upward.


In an instant, two widely different-sized fists collided.

However, upon impact, the enormous fist immediately disintegrated into pieces. Following that, the Emperor’s might also disappeared.


However, right after that Emperor’s might disappeared, ten more streams of Emperor’s might flew out. One by one, they turned into enormous golden humanoids.

Merely, not only had the quantity of Emperor’s might increased, their cultivations had also increased. They were ten rank three Martial Emperors.


However, Chu Feng merely waved his sleeve, and the ten bodies made from Emperor’s might were scattered instantly. He did not even give them the time to attack.

The reason for that was because these ten bodies of Emperor’s might were different from the one earlier. That Emperor’s might was something that Chu Feng had seen before in his youth, something that served as a memory in Chu Feng’s heart.

However, those ten bodies Emperor’s might did not bear any memory in Chu Feng’s heart. As such, Chu Feng possessed absolutely zero sentiments toward them, and would naturally be ruthless in his attacks.

After that, more and more bodies of Emperor’s might began to appear in succession. Their numbers also grew greater and greater. However, they were all instantly erased by Chu Feng.

However, as the Emperor’s might forming them grew stronger and stronger, Chu Feng ended up having to use his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, unleashing his true abilities.


After Chu Feng eliminated another group of bodies made from Emperor’s might, a total of three hundred forms appeared. This time around, they were not just standing in front of the Emperor’s Gate. Instead, they appeared all around Chu Feng, completely surrounding him.

Most importantly, this time around, all of the forms possessed rank eight Martial Emperor-level cultivations. Furthermore, the sensation they gave off was different from the earlier bodies made of Emperor’s might. The Emperor’s might this time around was emitting dense killing intent.

“Senior Qing Xuantian, you’re deliberately making things difficult for others here,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, with a flip of his palm, his Imperial Armament, the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader, appeared in his hand. Then, he said, “Merely, if that’s all there is, it will be insufficient to stop me.”

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Then, Chu Feng took the initiative to attack. The Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader he held was like a silver dragon. With every slash, it would emit overwhelming destructive power that caused the Emperor’s Tomb to tremble violently. In fact, even the seemingly indestructible walls of the cave started to crack, and a large amount of stones began to scatter downward.

This region of the Emperor’s Tomb was in utter chaos. It had turned into a frightening battlefield.

“Roar, roar, roar, roar, roar~~~”

However, those three hundred bodies of Emperor’s might were absolutely not to be looked down upon either. They did not attack by themselves, and were instead attacking and defending together in a coordinated manner. In fact, they even set themselves up in a formation to attack Chu Feng in groups.

Under these sorts of circumstances, even Chu Feng, who did not place rank eight Martial Emperors in his eyes, started to feel that the situation was thorny. He had to admit that the three hundred bodies of Emperor’s might were the strongest rank eight Martial Emperors that he had encountered so far.

It was not that the three hundred bodies of Emperor’s might were thorny because of their numbers; rather, it was because all three hundred bodies of Emperor’s might were thorny by themselves.

Thus, one could very well imagine how difficult it was to deal with all three hundred of them together.

“Senior Qing Xuantian, you are truly amazing. The Emperor’s might that you left behind with world spirit techniques is already this powerful. This junior could very well imagine how powerful you were back then.”

“However, this junior really does need your inheritance now. Thus, please excuse my offense. Even if this Emperor’s might was meticulously created by you, I must still eliminate it.”

Suddenly, ruthlessness flashed through Chu Feng’s eyes. The moment after that ruthlessness appeared, a boundless amount of crimson gaseous substances appeared in a flash, enveloping the entire region.

It was Chu Feng’s Heaven Taboo Martial Skill, the Profound Firmament Annihilation.

Suddenly, Chu Feng shouted, “Scatter for me!!!”

“Rumble, rumble~~~”

Following that loud shout, the might of his Profound Firmament Annihilation burst forth explosively. The three hundred ferocious bodies were all scattered in an instant.

Even though Chu Feng had eliminated them, he did not dare to relax his guard in the slightest.

After all, he had only been able to eliminate those three hundred bodies of Emperor’s might after going all-out, activating his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings and using his Profound Firmament Annihilation, a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill.

If more bodies of Emperor’s might were to appear now, they would definitely be existences even more powerful than the three hundred just now. Chu Feng… would likely not be able to handle it.

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