Chapter 2085 - Seeing The Emperor’s Gate Again

Chapter 2085 - Seeing The Emperor’s Gate Again

At this moment, when the crowd looked to Chu Feng again, they simply no longer had the gaze of looking at a man. Instead, they all had gazes as if they were looking at a god.

In their hearts, only a god would be capable of accomplishing what Chu Feng had just done.

“Chu Feng, may I ask what level your world spirit techniques are at now?” Zhuge Liuyun asked curiously.

“Master, disciple is now a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist,” Chu Feng said with a smile.


Hearing those words, Zhuge Liuyun immediately sucked in a mouthful of cold air. The reason for that was because he had simply never heard of Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists before.

However, he was certain that it was most definitely an extremely amazing level. His disciple had left him, the master, a hundred and eight thousand miles away. [1. A hundred and eight thousand is a distance used to describe an enormous length… kinda like how they use heaven and earth to describe the enormous disparity.]

“The student surpasses the master. Truly, the student surpasses the master,” Zhuge Liuyun said while laughing. In his life, while he had never been the best, he had always been decent. Compared to ordinary people, he was someone extraordinary. However, when compared to real extraordinary people, he was a nobody.

He was someone that had done wrong things before, but had also done correct things before. That said, he felt that the most correct thing that he had ever done in his life was take Chu Feng as his disciple.

“Brother Chu Feng, in that case, what level is your current cultivation?” The Monstrous Monkey King asked curiously.

Upon mentioning Chu Feng’s cultivation, the people present all turned their curious gazes toward Chu Feng. They all wished to know exactly what level of cultivation Chu Feng currently had.

“Rank four Martial Emperor,” Chu Feng answered.

“Ah?!!!” The crowd were all stunned upon hearing those words.

Martial Emperor. In their eyes, Martial Emperors were simply akin to legends. Yet, Chu Feng had actually stepped into the Martial Emperor realm. In other words, the person standing before them was not only a mere Chu Feng, he was also a legend.

After a moment of astonishment, the Azure Dragon School’s Founder said, “Great! Our genius has finally grown up!” Pride filled his face. It was not only him; all of the people present that knew Chu Feng revealed the same sort of expression as him.

“Martial Emperor? Heavens! Chu Feng is actually already a Martial Emperor!”

“It would seem that we can offend anyone but the people from the Azure Dragon School in the future. Not a single person from the Azure Dragon School can be offended.”

Chu Feng’s words were also heard by the people from the other schools and sects. When they looked to the people from the Azure Dragon School, they all started to tremble with fear.

Before, no matter how powerful the Azure Dragon School was, it was only a powerful power in their eyes. It remained that they were people from the same world.

However, the way they viewed the Azure Dragon School had now changed completely. To them, the Azure Dragon School had ascended to a completely different world. It was now a power completely different from them.

“Headmaster Void,” Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly turned his gaze to the Void School’s headmaster.

“Lord Chu Feng, what might it be that you need?” The Void School’s headmaster hurriedly walked over to Chu Feng’s side. Even though he was a school’s headmaster, he was extremely afraid of Chu Feng. In fact, Chu Feng was even able to tell that this headmaster’s aged body was violently trembling.

“Senior, this junior had taken away things that belonged to the Void School from your Void School in the past. Back then, I had declared that I would make up for them twofold.”

“And now, I think it is time for me to compensate your Void School,” As Chu Feng spoke, he waved his sleeve. Then, over ten thousand Elite Armaments flew out from the spirit formation that he had set up in midair.

Those Elite Armaments were all spears. Furthermore, the words ‘Void School,’ were inscribed onto them.

“Thank you, Lord Chu Feng. Thank you, Lord Chu Feng,” At that moment, the Void School’s headmaster was both excited and extremely moved.

He was able to tell that Chu Feng had thought about their Void Sect the moment he had set up that spirit formation. He was truly overjoyed at this turn of events. He did not expect that Chu Feng would still remember their Void School even after so many years had passed.

“Senior, please accept these too,” Right at that moment, Chu Feng took out a Cosmos Sack and handed it to the Void School’s headmaster.

“Lord Chu Feng, I absolutely cannot accept this,” After opening the Cosmos Sack, the Void School’s headmaster’s expression changed enormously. He hurriedly pushed the Cosmos Sack back to Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because not only did that Cosmos Sack contain legendary Royal Armaments, it also contained countless treasures and many martial skills. The value of the Cosmos Sack was over several hundreds of times the wealth that the Void School had.

That gift was too astonishing. The moment he saw it, he was nearly stunned with terror. Naturally, he would not dare to accept them.

“Senior, please hear me out. Although those Elite Armaments are useful, they remain only a small gift. They are nowhere near enough to make up for the assistance that your Void School provided me back then. Thus, those things in the Cosmos Sack are the things that I truly wish to gift the Void School,” Chu Feng forced the Cosmos Sack back into the Void School’s headmaster’s hands.

“Just accept them. They are Chu Feng’s kind intentions, you don’t have to continue to decline. Just accept them. Don’t forget, the Void School is our Azure Dragon School’s ally. In the future, our two powers will have to endure trials and tribulations and enjoy riches together,” The Azure Dragon School’s Founder said with a smile.

“That’s right, just accept them. My brother Chu Feng is not someone who lacks wealth,” The Monstrous Monkey King heckled from the side.

“Alas,” In this sort of situation, the Void School’s headmaster ended up accepting the Cosmos Sack. He had an uncontainable smile on his face.

The things in that Cosmos Sack given by Chu Feng were so precious that they could simply be considered a treasure deposit. Not to mention him, even if the entire Void School was to save up riches for tens of thousands of years, they would still not be able to save up so many treasures.

Yet now, their Void School was actually being given these treasures. He actually only refused them because he found it embarrassing to accept them. However, it would be a lie if he said that he didn’t want to accept them.

Suddenly, Chu Feng said to the crowd, “Ancestor, big brother Monkey, big brother, big sister Chu Yue, seniors, I have returned with an important task. Thus, I am unable to stay for long. I’m afraid that I will have to leave right away.”

“Really? You’re leaving right after returning?”

“That’s right. Your return was hard to come by, can’t you stay for a couple more days?”

“That’s right, you don’t have to stay for long, just a couple days would do,” Seeing that Chu Feng planned to leave, the crowd all revealed expressions of reluctance, and all spoke to urge Chu Feng to stay.

“If I could, I also wished to stay for a couple more days. Merely, my task is extremely urgent, and concerns the lives of several hundreds of millions of people. I truly cannot delay this matter,” Chu Feng said.

“This…” After hearing that it concerned several hundreds of millions of lives, the crowd were unable to continue to urge Chu Feng to stay.

Even though they deeply missed Chu Feng, they were able to tell from his words that he possessed a heavy responsibility. In that sort of situation, as Chu Feng’s relatives and friends, they should support him, and must absolutely not burden him.

“Chu Feng, since it’s of utmost importance, you should take your leave. As for us, we will remain here. You can come and visit us anytime in the future,” The Azure Dragon School’s Founder said.

“That’s right, go ahead,” Following him, the others also started to voice their agreement.

“I will definitely return again,” At that moment, the person feeling the most pained would naturally be none other than Chu Feng.

Chu Feng had been away from home for years. It had been many years since he had returned and seen his family and friends. How could he not wish to stay?

In the end, Chu Feng resisted the pain of missing his friends and family and left. As for the place that he proceeded toward, it was naturally the Emperor’s Tomb left behind by Qing Xuantian.

The Emperor’s Tomb remained the same as before. Merely, the traps and mechanisms that had been so frightening to Chu Feng back then were only a child’s tricks to him now.

After Chu Feng entered the Emperor’s Tomb, he continued onward and saw all the familiar scenes. What emerged in his mind was not only the anticipation toward the Emperor’s tomb. At the same time, there were his memories from back then.

In a blink of an eye, so many years had passed. Chu Feng… was also not the hot-headed youngster from back then.

“I have grown. I wonder if I am qualified to obtain your inheritance now.”

At that moment, Chu Feng had arrived before the Emperor’s Gate.

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