Chapter 2084 - Presenting Enormous Gifts

Chapter 2084 - Presenting Enormous Gifts

“Seniors, what are you doing?” Chu Feng hurriedly helped the artisans up.

“Lord Chu Feng, this old man has never felt admiration for another in his entire life as a artisan. However, today, this old man has been fully won over. Lord Chu Feng, please take me as your disciple,” At that moment, that old artisan was so emotional that his cheeks were streaming with tears.

“Lord Chu Feng, please take us as your disciples too,” At that moment, the other five artisans also planned to kneel and kowtow to Chu Feng.

However, this time around, Chu Feng was already prepared. Thus, he prevented them from kneeling to him. That said, he was also able to tell that these six artisans did not care about fame and profit. Instead, they truly adored their work.

Thus, after Chu Feng helped the six artisans up, he made an outline with his palm toward the sky. Soon, a small scale spirit formation appeared. It then turned into six thick books, each landing into the hands of each artisan.

“Seniors, this junior doesn’t have much that I can teach you all. However, since you all are fond of palaces, I have gathered the drawings of the most beautiful palaces that I’ve seen for you all to see. I hope that you all can attain enlightenment from them,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Thank you!!!” At that moment, the six artisans spoke emotionally. The reason for that was because the books not only contained the designs of many palaces they’d never seen before, there was also all sorts information about the details and designs of the palaces. From that, it could be seen how diligent Chu Feng was.

To them, the books that Chu Feng was giving them were simply treasures. Yet, Chu Feng had gifted these sorts of treasures to them so casually. As such, how could they not express their thanks?

“Earlier, who said that my brother Chu Feng’s ability to create palaces was inferior to professional artisans?” At that moment, Chu Yue said with curled lips. As she spoke, she deliberately took a glance at the old man that presented the blueprint design earlier.

“Lord Chu Feng, please spare me, please spare me,” In response, that old man who had presented the design hurriedly knelt on the ground and started begging for forgiveness.

He was extremely scared. He deeply regretted his arrogance and conceit. At that moment, other than feeling deep admiration for Chu Feng’s attainments in building construction, he was also deeply certain that Chu Feng was someone that could drown him to death with a mouthful of spit. Someone like Chu Feng was already no longer capable of being considered a human. He was simply an existence akin to a god. Chu Feng was someone that he could not afford to offend.

“What’s going on?” Since Chu Feng had arrived late, he did not know about what had happened earlier. As such, he looked to Chu Yue.

“No one’s going to kill you. Stop crying. Don’t ruin this happy occasion,” Chu Yue glared at that old man.

“Yes, yes, yes,” After the old man stood up, he wiped his tears and hurriedly ran toward the exit, clearly truly frightened.

“After not seeing you for several years, my kind-hearted and understanding big sister Chu Yue actually also learned to bully others,” Chu Feng looked to Chu Yue with a beaming smile. He had already managed to guess what had happened.

“No, how could I?” Chu Yue smiled sweetly. Then, she grabbed Chu Feng and said, “Little brother Chu Feng, how have you been these past couple years?”

“It’s been good. I merely missed everyone,” As Chu Feng spoke, he looked to his surroundings. At that moment, the people close to him had all walked over and tightly surrounded him.

“Say, little brother, your big brother Chu Guyu is your big brother, but I, big brother Monkey, am not your big brother anymore, is that right?” The Monstrous Monkey King looked to Chu Feng with a joking smile.

“Big brother Monkey, what sorts of words are those? How could I have forgotten about you?” As Chu Feng spoke, he took out a Cosmos Sack and pushed it into the Monstrous Monkey King’s hands.

“Woah! You are truly my good little brother,” After seeing the contents of the Cosmos Sack, the Monstrous Monkey King was so excited that he started to jump up and down. He was truly overjoyed.

“This won’t do. They have all been given gifts. What about us?” At that moment, the others all began to demand gifts from Chu Feng.

“Of course, of course, there’s gifts for everyone,” Chu Feng had already prepared gifts for all those that were close to him. Each and every one of them obtained a gift.

After he gave gifts to all the people close to him, he looked to the unfamiliar elders and disciples of the Azure Dragon School.

He was able to tell that all of these people were extremely afraid of him. However, they all contained gazes of longing in their eyes. It was as if they wanted Chu Feng to take a couple more glances at them and then conveniently give them some gifts too.

“I, Chu Feng, am a disciple of the Azure Dragon School. As such, I would never forget about my Azure Dragon School’s seniors and fellow disciples.”

“Today, I, Chu Feng, have not only returned with gifts prepared for all the seniors, I have also prepared gifts for all my fellow disciples of the Azure Dragon School.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng waved his sleeve, and an overflowing amount of Martial Beads appeared in the sky. There were several tens of millions of Martial Beads.

Then, as if those Martial Beads possessed awareness, the Martial Beads began to land in the hands of the Azure Dragon School’s elders and disciples. Each and every person obtained a lot of Martial Beads.

“Thank you, Lord Chu Feng!!!” Upon receiving the Martial Beads, all the elders and disciples were overjoyed. They began to kneel courteously to thank Chu Feng.

“You’re thanking me already? That’s a bit early,” Chu Feng smiled. Then, his hands began to move, and a grand formation appeared in mid-air.

Then, Chu Feng began to throw materials into the grand formation nonstop. Everything happened too quickly. Simply no one was capable of seeing Chu Feng’s movements.

After roughly an hour passed, Chu Feng finally finished setting up that grand formation. Merely, no one knew what that golden and dazzling grand formation was for.

However, without a doubt, they all were filled with expectations toward that grand formation. Chu Feng was able to construct those beautiful palaces instantly. For him to spend an hour to construct that grand formation, it would definitely be something extremely shocking.

“What is that? Lord Chu Feng couldn’t possibly be constructing palaces for every one of us, right?” Said a disciple with an expression filled with anticipation.

“Stop dreaming. What sort of status do we possess? Lord Chu Feng has already treated us extremely well to present us gifts. How could he spend the time to create that sort of refined palace for us? Besides, there are so many people in our Azure Dragon School; how could he possibly be able to construct that many palaces in such a short period of time?” Someone said. However, they were also unable to take their eyes off Chu Feng’s grand formation. Their eyes were also filled with anticipation.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly spread open his closed arms. Then, many dazzling rays of silvery light began to shoot out from the golden formation.

There was an enormous amount of silvery lights. They totaled tens of millions. Like silver meteors, they flew through the skies as if they were dancing. It was an extremely dazzling sight.

After the silvery lights floated in the sky for a while, they started to descend into the hands of the Azure Dragon School’s elders and disciples.

When the silvery rays of light landed in the hands of the crowd, they were all shocked to discover that they had all received a weapon, a silver sword. Not only were the silver swords beautiful, the words ‘Azure Dragon School’ were also inscribed on the blade.

“My god! Am I dreaming?!”

At that moment, not to mention the people that were given swords, even the ones that did not obtain swords revealed faces of disbelief.

Tens of millions of swords. They were all exactly the same. Most importantly, none of those swords were ordinary swords. Instead, they were Elite Armaments.

Tens of millions of Elite Armaments. Furthermore, all of them were top quality Elite Armaments. That was something that shocked the crowd endlessly. However, they were even more shocked by how Chu Feng had managed to create all of those swords in merely an hour.

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