Chapter 2083 - Kowtow

Chapter 2083 - Kowtow

After the Grand Protective Formation was activated, a layer of powerful spirit formations sealed off the entire region, shielding them within it.

Furthermore, enormous golden dragons began to emerge from the Grand Protective Formation. Those enormous golden dragons were all over a dozen meters long. The largest one was several tens of meters long. They were all extremely domineering, and actually emitted the aura of Martial Kings.

“Heavens! I have heard that the Azure Dragon School’s Grand Protective Formation is extremely powerful. Seeing it for myself today, it is truly extraordinary.”

At that moment, while the people from the Azure Dragon School and the Jiang Royal Dynasty were still calm, the others that had come to congratulate Chu Guyu were all struck dumb by the Grand Protective Formation.

In fact, even those haughty and arrogant artisans revealed expressions of admiration. Although they did not possess cultivations, they had lived in the world of martial cultivators their entire lives. However, even with that, it was still the first time that they were seeing such a Grand Protective Formation.

At that moment, they possessed a whole new level of respect toward the Azure Dragon School. The reason for that was because the Azure Dragon School possessed the qualifications to make them feel respect.

“Such a grand formation. Even Martial Kings would be seeking death by coming here. I shall see exactly who it is that is ignorant enough to trespass upon the Azure Dragon School during its day of celebration,” said many of the people that had come to offer their congratulations.


However, that golden ray of light was simply too fast. In the blink of an eye, it had managed to arrive before the Azure Dragon School, before the Grand Protective Formation.

At that moment, the Azure Dragon School’s Founder started to frown deeply. He shouted ‘Oh no!’ in his heart. The reason for that was because regardless of what that golden ray of light might be, it had reached the range of their Grand Protective Formation’s range of attack. Yet, that Grand Protective Formation actually did not seem to have the slightest intention of attacking the golden ray of light. It was an abnormal sign.

Then, an even more shocking scene happened. Not only did the golden dragons not attack the golden ray of light, they instead allowed the golden ray of light to continue to approach the Grand Protective Formation.

Most importantly, the golden ray of light treated the Grand Protective Formation as if it was nonexistent. Just like that, it passed through the Grand Protective Formation and arrived at the vast plaza.

“Aiya! This is bad!!!”

Seeing that the golden ray of light had penetrated the grand formation, many people present started to panic. Some among them even turned around to escape.


Right at that moment, the golden ray of light disappeared. When the dazzling light disappeared, the crowd discovered that a little city was actually floating in the sky.

The little city was not very large. However, it was covered with bejeweled jade palaces. Most importantly, not only were those palaces extremely beautiful, there were also many beautiful plants and rare flowers, as well as high mountains and waterfalls. Beautifully arranged, the city simply appeared like a city where Immortals resided.

“There are actually such beautiful palaces in this world? Today, this old man has truly broadened his horizons.”

At that moment, many of the martial cultivators were still frightened. However, those artisans that didn’t fear death all took out paper and pencils to carefully sketch the floating city before their eyes.

“Big brother, is this congratulatory gift to your satisfaction?”

Right at that moment, a laugh was suddenly heard. At that moment, the crowd discovered that two people had appeared at the summit of the floating city’s city gates. One was Chu Zhen. As for the other person, it was Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng!!!”

Everyone was enormously shocked to see Chu Feng. They simply did not dare to believe their eyes.

“What? Chu Feng? That is Chu Feng?!” At that moment, the others also turned their gazes toward Chu Feng. Even those artisans turned their gazes to Chu Feng. The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s reputation was truly renowned.


At that moment, Chu Feng floated down to the surface with Chu Zhen. He half knelt onto the ground and began to courteously greet his seniors.

“Azure Dragon School’s disciple Chu Feng pays his respects to ancestor.”

“Disciple Chu Feng pays his respects to master.”

After paying his respects to his seniors, Chu Feng stood back up and clasped his hand to Chu Guyu, “Disciple Chu Feng pays his respects to Lord Headmaster.”

“You brat, are you planning to make me out as old?” Chu Guyu stood up and ruthlessly hit Chu Feng’s head. Although his appearance seemed to indicate that he was angry, he had a glimmering smile on his face.

As for Chu Feng, he was not angered by Chu Guyu. Instead, he scratched his head and said, “Big brother, is this congratulatory gift to your satisfaction?”

“You made that?” Chu Guyu asked.

“I heard from Chu Zhen that you were to succeed the position of headmaster today. Originally, I was worried about what to gift you. Fortunately, Chu Zhen told me that you were vexed about the construction of a set of palaces. Thus, I decided to create one for you.”

“I like it, I like it a lot. Sure enough, the person that knows me the best is still my younger brother,” After hearing that it was personally constructed by Chu Feng, Chu Guyu’s smile grew even more brilliant.

“Since you like it, then let’s move it to where it belongs,” As Chu Feng spoke, he pointed with his hand. Then, the floating city began to float into the distance. In the end, it landed on a large mountain. That was the place where the set of palaces were meant to be constructed.

“Lord Chu Feng, may I ask how long it took you to design that city?” At that moment, the artisan that had spoken against the Monstrous Monkey King earlier stood forth and asked curiously.

“You’re talking about that city? I don’t know how long my brother Chu Feng took to design it, but I do know that he constructed it instantly,” Chu Zhen said.

“What? Instantly?” Hearing those words, that artisan revealed an expression of shock.

“Impossible! That city is that exquisite and refined. Something like that would take at least eight to ten years to construct,” The other artisans also walked over.

“Seniors, are you all artisans?” Chu Feng asked with a smile. It was the first time he was meeting these people. However, looking at their coarse hands, he was able to determine their occupations.

“Yes, Milord, we are,” The artisans clasped their fists. Compared to when facing others, they were extremely respectful toward Chu Feng.

The reason they treated Chu Feng so respectfully was because the city that caused them to gasp in amazement was constructed by Chu Feng. Thus, they felt admiration for Chu Feng from the bottoms of their hearts, for they were incapable of constructing such a city.

“Seniors, it seems like you all are fond of that city?” Chu Feng asked.

“It is truly the peak of perfection. Even if the several of us here were to join hands, we would likely still not be able to construct something like that.”

“Thus, little friend Chu Feng, we hope that you can frankly tell us how long exactly you used to construct that city,” The leading artisan asked.

“I already said it was instant. Why are you all asking again?” Chu Zhen said in a slightly angry manner.

However, Chu Feng stopped Chu Zhen and then said to the old men, “Since seniors are fond of my style, I am able to gift each senior one of my works.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he waved his sleeve. Then, boundless golden world spirit power enveloped the sky.

Chu Feng began to form hand seals with one hand, and started to make an outline at the sky. His speed was so fast that simply no one was capable of following his movements.


Suddenly, Chu Feng retrieved his sleeve. The golden light in the sky dissipated. At that moment, six palaces appeared in the sky.

The six palaces all stood apart from each other. They each possessed three levels, and were not very large. However, they were extremely elaborate. Not only were there courtyards, there were also flowers, plants and trees. Although they were not as impressive as the city before, they were all unique and exquisite.

Chu Feng waved his hand, and the six palaces landed in the plaza. Then, Chu Feng turned to Chu Guyu and said, “These six palaces are my gifts to the six seniors. Big brother, I’ll have to trouble you with ordering men to bring the six palaces to the six seniors’ homes.”

“No problem,” Chu Guyu nodded.

At that moment, the six artisans revealed complicated expressions in their aged eyes.


Suddenly, the leader of the six artisans kneeled before Chu Feng and began to kowtow to him.

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