Chapter 2082 - School Protection Grand Formation

Chapter 2082 - School Protection Grand Formation

“You’re no longer a child, why are you still this mischievous?” Chu Guyu cast a side eye at Chu Yue. Then, he smiled lightly and received the straw hat. Not only did he accept the straw hat, he even put it on his head.

“Big brother Guyu, I have gifts too. You must accept them,” In response, more and more of the Chu Family siblings ran forward to present their gifts. Their gifts were not very precious. However, they represented their kind intentions.

At that moment, the smile on Chu Guyu’s face grew even more brilliant. He was even happier than when he had received the gifts from the various schools and sects.

He knew very well how he had obtained his status as headmaster. It was because of his younger brother Chu Feng. Thus, he knew very well how important one’s family was. In truth, there was nothing in his heart that could surpass the importance of these family members.

“Headmaster Chu, I’ve heard that you plan to construct a new group of palaces on Azure Dragon Mountain. I’ve heard that you’ve already chosen the construction site, and are only missing a blueprint for the group of palaces that satisfies you.”

“For that, I have specially invited several famous artisans to work together and design a blueprint for the group of palaces as my congratulatory gift for Headmaster Chu,” An old man presented a blueprint.

“Oh? Let me have a look,” After Chu Guyu received the blueprint, he hurriedly opened it to look it over. The reason for that was because he really did want to construct a group of palaces in the Azure Dragon School. Due to the fact that that group of palaces was to be constructed for the people of the Chu Family, he was especially meticulous about their designs.

Over the years, he had hired many artisans to design countless blueprints. However, in the end, he still hadn’t managed to find a blueprint design that satisfied him.

And now, someone was actually presenting him a blueprint as a congratulatory gift. Naturally, he would be extremely interested in it. Upon opening the blueprint, he discovered that the blueprint was indeed extremely well-designed. Although it too had not managed to meet his expectations, he was capable of accepting it.

“Headmaster Chu, how is it? For that blueprint, I invited many secluded artisans. For the sake of requesting their assistance, I have put forth quite a lot of effort,” The old man said proudly. As he spoke, he deliberately looked to the several white-haired old men behind him.

Those old men were all commoners without any cultivation. If they were any other commoner, they would definitely tremble with fear and feel extremely uncomfortable upon entering a place like the Azure Dragon School.

However, those old men were different; they were all very calm and collected. Their appearances were those of people that had experienced great things. In fact, even before all these martial cultivators, they still managed to display pride and arrogance.

The reason why they dared to behave in such a manner was because they possessed true ability. Although it was said that world spiritists were omnipotent, they were even greater experts than world spiritists in the aspect of constructing palace halls. The blueprints which they designed were things that world spiritists were incapable of designing.

“It’s so-so. If my younger brother Chu Feng were here, he would definitely be able to design something many times better than that,” Chu Yue said with curled lips. It was not that she looked down on those artisans, as that was not the sort of person that she was. Merely, she deeply missed Chu Feng. She knew that if Chu Feng were here, they would definitely not be stumped by a mere blueprint for so long.

“Please forgive me for my boldness, but although Lord Chu Feng is amazing, he might not necessarily be superior to these several artisans in designing a blueprint. After all, each and every one of them are experts that have studied that field their entire lives,” That old man who presented the blueprint said.

At that moment, those artisans snorted lightly. It was as if they were declaring that Chu Feng would not be able to design a blueprint that surpassed the one which they had designed.

“What audacity!!!” At that moment, the Monstrous Monkey King was unable to contain himself. He slapped his table and smashed it to bits. He pointed at the old man that had presented the blueprint and the several artisans and shouted, “What is the meaning of this?! Are you saying that my brother Chu Feng is inferior to you all?!”

“No, no, we wouldn’t dare, we wouldn’t dare,” Seeing that the Monstrous Monkey King had grown furious, the old man hurriedly knelt on the ground to beg for forgiveness.

However, those artisans had the appearance of being unafraid of death. They did not kneel to the Monstrous Monkey King, and one among them even said brazenly, “I have also heard of little friend Chu Feng’s reputation. He is definitely a king in terms of martial cultivation, and a grand master in world spirit techniques.”

“However, as they say, people specialize in different things. In terms of martial cultivation or world spirit techniques, we would naturally be incomparable to little friend Chu Feng.”

“However, in terms of designing blueprints for palaces, little friend Chu Feng might not necessarily surpass us.”

“Aiyah! You bunch of damned shameless old farts. Watch how I’ll tear you all apart,” The Monstrous Monkey King was immediately enraged upon hearing those words. He was truly angry because what he could not bear the most were others speaking ill of Chu Feng.

However, right at the moment when the Monstrous Monkey King was planning to attack, the Azure Dragon Founder stopped him. “Monstrous Monkey King, these people are guests. Don’t be rude. Don’t forget what day today is.” His oppressive might swept forth and directly suppressed the Monstrous Monkey King’s oppressive might.

“Monstrous Monkey King, do not forget that today is your brother Chu Feng’s blood brother’s succession ceremony. Do not ruin this harmonious atmosphere,”

“That’s right. No matter what, you are a monstrous beast king. How could you attack ordinary mortals? If this matter were to spread, it would only ruin your reputation,” The Jiang Royal Dynasty’s ancestor and others also spoke out against his actions.

“Humph,” At that moment, the Monstrous Monkey King snorted coldly. He had decided to not attempt to attack again to give Chu Guyu face. As for why he was giving Chu Guyu face, it was because of Chu Feng. However, it remained that the Monstrous Monkey King was extremely furious.

There were this many cultivators and even world spiritists present. Yet, they were actually looked down upon by a couple of ordinary mortals. Naturally, he would feel extremely displeased.

In fact, he was not the only one feeling displeased right now. Many others felt the same way. One among them was Chu Feng’s first master, Zhuge Liuyun.

No matter what, he was a world spiritist. When they had first planned to construct palace halls for the people of the Chu Family, he was the one who had been tasked to design the blueprints.

Merely, as the palaces were meant for the people of the Chu Family, he had placed high requirements on himself. When he failed to even pass the standards he had placed on himself, he had decided to give up on it.

Originally, he had thought that they would be able to ask a world spiritist even more powerful than himself to design an amazing blueprint. Never did he expect that it would be several ordinary artisans that appeared. He was deeply unconvinced by them.

Regardless of how well their blueprint was designed, he was unconvinced by them merely because of their status. Especially after he saw how those ordinary commoners were so arrogant and conceited, he felt even greater displeasure.


Right at that moment, a dazzling light suddenly flashed in the distant sky. Soon, that light grew closer and closer. It was like an approaching sun. It was so dazzling that the crowd were unable to open their eyes.

“This is bad! Quickly, activate the School’s Grand Protective Formation!”

At that moment, the expressions of the Azure Dragon School’s Founder and the others all changed. Merely by looking at it, they knew that that golden light was not something ordinary. Likely, it was the arrival of an enemy. Furthermore, that enemy was most definitely not someone from the Nine Provinces Continent. It might be possible that the incoming enemy was an expert from the Eastern Sea Region.

After the Azure Dragon Founder shouted the order, the Azure Dragon School’s Grand Protective Formation was activated, enveloping the entire region.

After the School Grand Protective Formation was activated, the suspended hearts of the crowd were relieved. The reason for that was because the Azure Dragon School’s Grand Protective Formation was something that Qiushui Fuyan, Huangfu Haoyue and many other experts had worked together to set up.

Thus, that Grand Protective Formation was many times more powerful than the Azure Dragon Founder and the others.

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