Chapter 2088 - Emperor Taboo Martial Skill

Chapter 2088 - Emperor Taboo Martial Skill

“Let me see exactly how many treasures senior Qing Xuantian has left behind.”

After courteously clasping his fist, Chu Feng stepped into the first gate, the Gate of Wealth.

The Gate of Wealth was a special small-scale isolated space. Although it was said to be small, it was not really small. The space was the size of a palace hall capable of containing tens of thousands of people. Treasures densely packed this place from the floor to the ceiling.

“As expected of the Gate of Wealth. The amount of treasures here is so enormous that it is difficult for one to not be shocked.”

Seeing those treasures, even Chu Feng, who felt himself to be very experienced, was unable to contain himself from opening his mouth wide. He was overwhelmed with excitement.

Treasures filled the entire space. It was truly a delight to the eye. They were dazzling with sparkling luster, with all sorts of treasures everywhere

There were materials for concocting medicines, materials for refining weapons and materials for setting up formations.

There were treasures that one could eat, treasures that one could play with, and treasures that one could keep in a collection.

Not mentioning the incredible amount of Incomplete Imperial Armaments there, even the Imperial Armaments that were rarely seen in the Holy Land of Martialism numbered twenty-three. Furthermore, every one of them emitted a dense Ancient Era’s aura. As for their quality, none of them were actually inferior to Chu Feng’s Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader; they were all top quality Imperial Armaments.

When even the Imperial Armaments were like this, the Incomplete Imperial Armaments were simply too many to count. Furthermore, each and every one of them were top quality items.

In short, this place contained all the treasures that Chu Feng had seen before, as well as a whole bunch of treasures that Chu Feng had never seen before. In fact, there were even several Golden Flash Birds that were rarely seen in the Holy Land of Martialism and deemed to be near extinction.

Seeing those living Golden Flash Birds that were kept within a spirit formation cage, Chu Feng became curious about those little fellows again. It had been a great many years. There was no food in the spirit formation cage at all. Thus, how had those Golden Flash Birds managed to survive for so many years? Could it be that they were the same as Martial Cultivators, and did not need food to survive?

While he was curious, Chu Feng still took all the treasures in this place without the slightest bit of restraint. Even though many of the treasures in this place were no longer useful to him, they were useful to others. As such, he absolutely could not let them go to waste.

After Chu Feng stored away all of the treasures in the Gate of Wealth, his surroundings turned into strands of golden gases that soon dissipated into thin air. As for Chu Feng… he returned to the Emperor’s Tomb.

As he looked around, he saw that the Gate of Martial Skills, the Gate of Weaponry and the Gate of Cultivation were still there. However, the Gate of Wealth that Chu Feng had entered earlier had disappeared.

Likely, it was a special trick that Qing Xuantian had left behind. As long as the contents of the gate were taken away, the gates themselves would disappear.

“Senior Qing Xuantian, I bet even the Ancient Era’s Elves do not possess as many riches as the riches you left behind.”

Even though the Gate of Wealth had already disappeared, Chu Feng revealed a dense smile as he touched the Cosmos Sack on his waist. His harvest this time around was truly enormous.

“In that case, allow me to experience exactly what sort of Martial Skills senior Qing Xuantian left behind.”

After obtaining the treasures from the Gate of Wealth, Chu Feng started to look forward to the Gate of Martial Skills even more. After all, to martial cultivators, wealth was merely worldly possessions, whereas martial skills that one mastered would become one’s ability forever; they were things that others could not snatch away.

Based on what the image Qing Xuantian left with his spirit formation had said, upon entering the Gate of Martial Skills, the martial skills within the gate would be forcibly assimilated with Chu Feng. Even if Chu Feng didn’t want to learn them, he would not be able to refuse their entry. Furthermore, it was likely that Chu Feng would directly grasp those Martial Skills.


As Chu Feng stepped into the Gate of Martial Skills, a burst of vast energy immediately rushed into his head. Even though Chu Feng possessed an extremely strong tolerance, he still felt as if he was about to explode at that very instant.

Chu Feng was someone that had experienced all sorts of pain. Even the pain of his body shattering was something that he had endured before. However, the pain that he felt right now was extremely unbearable even for Chu Feng. At that moment, Chu Feng was screaming.

If this were anyone else, even if it was the Elf King, they might not necessarily be able to endure the pain. The reason for that was because the pain not only placed a heavy demand upon one’s cultivation, it also demanded an extremely powerful spirit.

Fortunately, Chu Feng was able to endure it. At the moment when the spirit power that rushed into his head from all sides like violent tides finally stopped, sweat covered Chu Feng’s face.

After wiping away the sweat on his face, Chu Feng revealed a slight smile. He knew that the hard times were over, and the good times were just beginning.

The reason for that was because there were many additional martial skills that had appeared in Chu Feng’s mind

These martial skills were all Taboo Martial Skills. There were a total of eighteen Earthen Taboo Martial Skills and eight Heaven Taboo Martial Skills.

Most importantly, other than the Earthen Taboo Martial Skills and the Heaven Taboo Martial Skills, there was actually also an Emperor Taboo Martial Skill.

It was the character ‘Emperor’, and not the character ‘Earth.’ [1. Emperor and Earth sounds the same… so… earthen taboo and emperor taboo sound the same…]

Most importantly, when the martial skills had been pouring into Chu Feng’s head, Chu Feng was able to sense that the most powerful among them was not the eighteen Earthen Taboo Martial Skills, nor the eight Heaven Taboo Martial Skills, but rather the single Emperor Taboo Martial Skill. [2. You don’t say… Xima: shhh, let Bee write nonsense. He has a quota to fill]

The name of that Emperor Taboo Martial Skill was Emperor Taboo: Heavenly Dome Transformation.

“What’s going on? That Emperor Taboo: Heavenly Dome Transformation is extremely powerful. It is the most powerful martial skill I’ve seen. Its power most definitely surpasses that of Heaven Taboo Martial Skills.”

“But, aren’t the skills above Heaven Taboo Martial Skills supposed to be Divine Taboo Martial Skills? Why would it be called an Emperor Taboo Martial Skill instead of a Divine Taboo Martial Skill? Or, could it be… that this martial skill is a Divine Taboo Martial Skill, but is instead called an Emperor Taboo Martial Skill?”

At that moment, Chu Feng was a bit confused. According to Eggy, there should be four kinds of Taboo Martial Skills: Mortal Taboo, Earthen Taboo, Heaven Taboo and Divine Taboo. The Emperor Taboo was something that Chu Feng had never heard of before.

Although Chu Feng felt that this martial skill by the name of Emperor Taboo: Heavenly Dome Transformation was very likely a Divine Taboo Martial Skill, he did not dare to be certain as to whether or not it really was one. The reason for that was because he had heard from Eggy that Divine Taboo Martial Skills were absolute legends. Even she did not know whether or not they still existed in this world. As such, how could Chu Feng possibly obtain a Divine Taboo Martial Skill and completely grasp it so easily?

“Senior Qing Xuantian is truly powerful. Merely in terms of martial skills, I am already incapable of being compared to him.”

Chu Feng felt that he was greatly inferior when compared to Qing Xuantian. Inevitably, he felt even greater admiration for Qing Xuantian.

Right at that moment, the Gate of Martial Skills that Chu Feng was in started to disappear. Chu Feng did not hesitate, and directly entered the third gate, the Gate of Weaponry.

Inside the Gate of Weaponry. The Gate of Weaponry possessed an area much larger than the Gate of Wealth and the Gate of Martial Skills. Right after entering the Gate of Weaponry, Chu Feng was immediately met with an extremely powerful Emperor’s might.

It was coming from an enormous chunk of black metal. To be exact, it looked more like an enormous sword that was missing a hilt. Placed in the Gate of Weaponry’s isolated world, it reached the sky as it stood in the distance.

It appeared as if it were the ruler of that place, and was intimidating everything in the world with its overwhelming Emperor’s might.


Suddenly, a vast amount of killing intent was emitted by that enormous sword.

If it were anyone else, they would definitely be extremely frightened upon sensing that killing intent. However, Chu Feng smiled at it. He said, “It would seem that you are that Ancient Era’s Imperial Armament.”


Right after Chu Feng’s words left his mouth, the enormous sword suddenly started to move. From top to bottom, it slashed toward Chu Feng. [3. YWL: So… a vertical overhead strike? GNE:So it would seem. Though technically not overhead, as you'd need a head for that]

That enormous sword contained an extremely ferocious Emperor’s might. At that moment, it was simply not as simple as an attack from a mere weapon. Rather, it was as if the entire sky was collapsing onto Chu Feng.

However, when faced with that sort of attack, Chu Feng did not fear it in the slightest. He held his Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader and sliced it upward. Then, a silver blade ray shot toward the sky.


A loud rumble sounded. Chu Feng was not moved in the slightest. However, the enormous sword began to emit trembling cries nonstop. It had been knocked back by Chu Feng’s blade ray.

After being knocked back by Chu Feng’s attack, the enormous sword stood motionless. At the same time, the killing intent that it emitted greatly decreased. It was as if it was feeling shock after being knocked back by Chu Feng.

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