Chapter 2071 - Insufficient Knowledge

Chapter 2071 - Insufficient Knowledge

“Quickly, get up so that your master can have a proper look at you,” Qiu Canfeng hurriedly helped Chu Feng to get back up. At this moment, a pained expression appeared on his face. From that, it could be seen how much he pampered Chu Feng.

Even though Qiu Canfeng did not tear up like Lady Piaomiao, Chu Feng was able to see that Qiu Canfeng’s aged eyes had also gotten red as he started to look Chu Feng up and down.

Qiu Canfeng, one of the Crippling Night Demon Sect’s Four Great Protectors, was the current Acting Sect Master. Who could possibly make him tear up? When had he ever cried?

However, at this time, there were glistening teardrops in his eyes merely because he had managed to see Chu Feng again. From this, it could be seen how important Chu Feng was in Qiu Canfeng’s heart.

“Look, Old Qiu, I didn’t deceive you, right?” At this moment, Taikou rushed back.

“Taikou, I will definitely give you the benefits that I promised.”

“But right now, I must first reminisce with my disciple,” Qiu Canfeng grabbed Chu Feng’s hand. He was unwilling to let go.

“Enough. Say, senior Qiu Canfeng, there’s no need for you to continue to stir up emotions.”

“It must have been difficult for Chu Feng to be able to return. All of us should be celebrating this,” Qiushui Fuyan said with a smile.

“Right, right, right. Men! Transmit the order to set up a grand banquet to celebrate Chu Feng’s return!” Taikou shouted.

Due to his relationship with Lady Piaomiao, Taikou possessed a very prestigious status in the Misty Peak. Practically no one dared to refuse to comply with his orders.

“Senior Taikou, there’s no need to be too extravagant. It would do if you are to call for some familiar faces,” Chu Feng said.

Over the years, Chu Feng had experienced a lot of festive banquets. As such, he had already grown tired of them. As such, he merely wished to be able to reminisce with the people that he missed the most.

“Rest assured, they will all be familiar faces. Those that you do not know will not be allowed to enter,” Taikou said with a smile. Then, he walked out. From his appearance, it seemed that he planned to go and personally watch over the preparation of the banquet.

Following him, Qiushui Fuyan also walked out. From that, it could be seen that they held great importance for Chu Feng as, even for a banquet, the father and daughter had actually both left to personally prepare it.

“Oh, that’s right. Chu Feng, there’s a matter I must tell you about. Your family, the Azure Dragon School, and the people from the Jiang Royal Dynasty have all returned to the Nine Provinces Continent,” Lady Piaomiao said to Chu Feng.

“Why did they leave?” Chu Feng asked.

“They said that the Nine Provinces Continent was their home, that they felt that they would be letting their ancestors down should they not return.”

“However, the way I see it, I think they felt that we would be inconvenienced should they continue to stay here. Thus, they found an excuse to leave.”

“However, you can rest assured. We have been in contact them entire time. As such, everything has been well for them in the Nine Provinces Continent,” Lady Piaomiao added, seemingly afraid that Chu Feng would be worried.

“There’s no harm to it. After all, I must return to the Nine Provinces Continent anyways. It would be fine to meet with them after I’ve returned,” Chu Feng was relieved to know that his family and friends were all fine.

After that, the banquet’s preparations were done. All of the people from the Misty Peak and the Crippling Night Demon Sect that Chu Feng knew were seated at the banquet.

Xue Xiyue, First Immortal Ya Zhongyun, and many other familiar faces appeared in Chu Feng’s line of sight.

The reactions of the crowd were generally all about the same. They were all very happy to see Chu Feng. Different from the people from the Holy Land of Martialism, these familiar faces did not reveal the slightest trace of unfamiliarity when they saw Chu Feng. They did not reveal excessive reverence toward Chu Feng because he had become stronger. Instead, they were very amiable, like family, a true family.

“Chu Feng, did you successfully manage to reach the Holy Land of Martialism? Exactly what sort of place is that legendary Holy Land of Martialism?”

“Did you manage to see Zi Ling and the others? Not long after you left, they all left for the Holy Land of Martialism too.”

On the banquet, all sorts of different questions assailed Chu Feng. Although the crowd were all very curious about the Holy Land of Martialism, Chu Feng was able to tell that they were actually all very concerned for him. They wanted to know whether or not he had managed to do well in the Holy Land of Martialism.

As for Chu Feng, he did not refuse any question, and answered each and every single one of them.

However, Chu Feng did not brag about his achievements in the Holy Land of Martialism. Instead, he only explained the things concerning the Holy Land of Martialism to the crowd.

“As expected, my disciple is truly powerful. He actually managed to successfully enter the Holy Land of Martialism. Come, your master shall toast you with a cup of wine,” After knowing that Chu Feng had actually entered the Holy Land of Martialism and managed to return, Qiu Canfeng revealed pride all over his face.

However, although he said he would toast Chu Feng with a cup of wine, he was actually holding a jug of wine. Qiu Canfeng’s forthright attitude remained completely the same.

“Master, this disciple shall offer you a toast of wine too,” In response, Chu Feng put his wine cup away and picked up a wine jug. He stood up and drank the wine with one gulp.

“Good!!!” Seeing that, the crowd began to applaud and cheer. The smiles on their faces grew even denser.

At that moment, the crowd reacted as if they had forgotten their worries. One by one, they were all smiling brilliantly and from the bottoms of their hearts.

“Big sister Fuyan, why do I not see senior Huangfu Haoyue here?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

Huangfu Haoyue was not only a senior that had left an extremely deep impression in Chu Feng’s mind, he was also the senior that had determined Chu Feng’s fate.

If it wasn’t for Huangfu Haoyue bringing him out from the Heavenly Road and bringing him to the Nine Provinces Continent, Chu Feng would not have become a part of the Chu Family.

Perhaps, everything would be completely different now. Thus, Huangfu Haoyue was one of the people that he felt the most grateful toward.

Before Chu Feng had left the Eastern Sea Region, Huangfu Haoyue had married Qiushui Fuyan here. Thus, he should be living in the Misty Peak. However, although a banquet had been prepared, Huangfu Haoyue was nowhere to be seen. As such, Chu Feng was very puzzled.

“Haoyue is in closed-door training right now. However, judging by the time, he should be coming out from his closed-door training soon,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“Closed-door training again? Senior Haoyue is truly diligent. Oh, that’s right. Big sister Fuyan, what is senior Haoyue’s cultivation now?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

Back then, Huangfu Haoyue had been the number one genius in the Eastern Sea Region. Although Huangfu Haoyue had been defeated by Chu Feng, he was most definitely the most talented individual in the Eastern Sea Region. As such, Chu Feng was very curious as to what level of cultivation Huangfu Haoyue possess now.

“Haha, mentioning Huangfu Haoyue, he’s extremely amazing. He has long since became a rank nine Martial King. Right now, he is attempting to break through into Martial Emperor realm.”

“If he is to succeed, he will no longer be a Martial King, but will instead become a Martial Emperor,” Qiu Canfeng said with a smile.

“Senior Huangfu Haoyue is truly amazing,” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression changed slightly. He was feeling happy for Huangfu Haoyue. Merely, he knew that what was after Martial King was Half Martial Emperor, and not Martial Emperor.

However, it remained that there had never been a Half Martial Emperor in the Eastern Sea Region for many years now. To them, after Martial King would be Martial Emperor. They did not know anything about the Half Martial Emperor realm.

At that moment, as the crowd were all feeling joyous, Chu Feng found it unsuitable to mention this matter. He was afraid that he would affect everyone’s mood. After all, this would indirectly show that the knowledge of the people from the Eastern Sea Region was insufficient.

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