Chapter 2072 - Ya Fei’s Mishap

Chapter 2072 - Ya Fei’s Mishap

“It is truly amazing. If Huangfu Haoyue is to break through, I’m afraid that even you, Chu Feng, would not be a match for Huangfu Haoyue,” Someone said with a beaming smile. His words were indirectly prying into Chu Feng’s cultivation.

As for Chu Feng, he did not wish to appear too arrogant. Thus, he did not brag about how exceptionally powerful he was now, and how Huangfu Haoyue would be greatly inferior to him even if he managed to successfully reach a breakthrough. Thus, Chu Feng only smiled and said, “I naturally cannot compare to senior Huangfu Haoyue.”

“Alas, Chu Feng, you’re still young. Your days are still very long. There’s no need to rush, no need to rush. In the future, the world will be yours,” Taikou began to mediate. He did not wish to ruin the excellent atmosphere here from that sort of topic.

“That’s right, that’s right. Come, let’s drink,” The others also began to toast and drink. They wished to shift from the topic.

“Senior First Immortal, where is Ya Fei?” Chu Feng asked the First Immortal who sat at the edge of the banquet.

The First Immortal was Ya Fei’s grandfather. Originally, he had been a super expert from the Immortal Execution Archipelago. Due to his granddaughter, he had ended up joining the Misty Peak.

It was also precisely because he joined the Misty Peak that he managed to escape from the calamity. Not only did he manage to come out unscathed when all of the experts from the Immortal Execution Archipelago were killed, he also ended up staying in the Misty Peak, becoming a part of it.

Most importantly, after all these years, a matter has been in Chu feng’s mind the entire time. That was, to help Ya Fei regain a physical body.

Even though Chu Feng was not the one that had destroyed Ya Fei’s physical body, it was related to him.

Before leaving the Eastern Sea Region, he had promised the First Immortal that he would find a way to help Ya Fei regain her body.

With Chu Feng’s current world spirit techniques, it would be extremely easy for him to restore Ya Fei’s body. Thus, Chu Feng wanted to quickly help Ya Fei restore her body. Not only would he have helped the First Immortal attain his cherished desire, he would also be able to undo a knot in his own heart.

Chu Feng had thought about it. Back then, he had been young and frivolous. Out of impulse, he had done many excessive things.

It wasn’t only Ya Fei. There was also Murong Wan and Yan Ruyu.

Those three women were not Chu Feng’s lovers. However, they had all been tarnished by Chu Feng due to his impulses.

Their purity had been seized by Chu Feng. As such, Chu Feng could not disregard them.

If they were willing, Chu Feng was willing to marry them. If they were not willing, Chu Feng was going to do his best to make things up to them.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I thank you for still remembering Ya Fei. Merely, Ya Fei, she…”

At that moment, the First Immortal stood up. Before he could finish his words, he started to choke with emotions.

Seeing that, Chu Feng turned his gaze to the others. However, at that moment, the crowd were all lowering their heads silently, unwilling to face Chu Feng.

“Big sister Fuyan, where’s Ya Fei?” Chu Feng turned his gaze to Qiushui Fuyan. He was certain that something must’ve happened to Ya Fei. Furthermore, he was certain that all the people present knew about it.

“Chu Feng, you must remain calm,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“I am very calm. Please tell me what happened to Ya Fei,” Chu Feng asked. He realized from the crowd’s reaction that something had happened to Ya Fei. Furthermore, it seemed to be extremely severe.

“Okay then,” Qiushui Fuyan sucked in a mouthful of air to calm her thoughts. Then, she said, “A year ago, a gate suddenly appeared in the Misty Peak. We are certain that what was behind that gate was the Misty Peak’s most mysterious Immortalization Road.” [1. First mentioned as ‘Road of Immortalization’ on Ch. 923]

“Immortalization Road? Hadn’t the Misty Peak’s Immortalization Road already been discovered?” Chu Feng asked in surprise. He knew quite a bit about the secrets concerning the Misty Peak.

The so-called Immortalization Road was the Misty Peak’s most mysterious and most powerful location. The reason for that was because the Misty Peak recorded that one could become an Immortal upon entering the Immortalization Road.

It could be said… that the Immortalization Road was the core of the Misty Peak, the Misty Peak’s most precious treasure.

However, hearing what Qiushui Fuyan said, it seemed that the Immortalization Road that they knew about wasn’t the actual Immortalization Road. They now possessed a new discovery.

“No, the one before was not the actual Immortalization Road. After all, we had only guessed it to be the Immortalization Road.”

“However, the one that appeared a year ago had the words ‘Immortalization Road’ clearly written on it. Furthermore, it emitted a dense amount of the Ancient Era’s aura. It was most definitely the actual Immortalization Road,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“Then, what happened?” Chu Feng asked.

“After the actual Immortalization Road appeared, we were overjoyed. After we opened its gates, we were even more pleased.”

“Although we were unable to reach the end of the Immortalization Road, we managed to obtain a lot of gains from it. That Immortalization Road was a sacred place for cultivation.”

“It was also because of that Immortalization Road that Haoyue was able to reach a breakthrough to rank nine Martial King so quickly, and able to attempt to breakthrough to the Martial Emperor realm.”

“However, the accident happened half a year ago. Ya Fei, Yan Ruyu and Murong Wan disappeared when they were training in the Immortalization Road. No matter how we searched for them, we were unable to find them,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“What?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart tightened. It was not only Ya Fei who had disappeared. In addition to her, Yan Ruyu and Murong Wan had also disappeared.

Originally, Chu Feng had thought that Yan Ruyu and Murong Wan had not attended this banquet because they were not in the Misty Peak. However, he did not expect that they had actually disappeared alongside Ya Fei.

The three women Chu Feng felt the most guilt toward, the three women that he wanted to make up to, had actually disappeared together. How was Chu Feng to make up to them now? He would not even have the chance to do so anymore.

“Why would they suddenly disappear? Are there dangers in the Immortalization Road?” Chu Feng asked. This matter was of great importance. As such, he must deeply investigate it.

“We were unable to find them. Thus, we can only consider it to be a disappearance. There wasn’t any danger at the place we provided them to train in. However, the depths of the Immortalization Road, in other words, the places that we are unable to explore, are extremely dangerous.”

“We felt that it was very possible that the three of them decided to explore the depths and met with an accident while doing so,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“Ya Fei is only a spirit body right now. How could she be allowed to go train too?” Chu Feng asked in confusion.

“Although we were unable to recover her body, after our efforts, we were able to let her live ordinarily like us with a spirit body. Furthermore, the Immortalization Road possessed a special sort of power that could provide comfort to her,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“So that’s the case.”

“Then, big sister Fuyan, where is that Immortalization Path? It is possible to open it now?” Chu Feng asked.

“While it is possible, merely, Chu Feng, we have already searched all of the places that we could. The places that we cannot search are truly too dangerous. Furthermore, it has already been half a year. I fear that they’re already…” Qiushui Fuyan knew what Chu Feng was thinking. However, she did not wish to have Chu Feng enter the Immortalization Road because, she herself had been to it many times, and knew how dangerous the depths of the Immortalization Road were.

“Big sister Fuyan, please help me. The three of them are extremely important to me. I cannot allow myself to do nothing after something has happened to them,” Chu Feng said to Qiushui Fuyan with a pleading gaze.

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