Chapter 2070 - Endlessly Excited

Chapter 2070 - Endlessly Excited

Qiu Zhu and the others planned to first bring Chu Feng to a place to rest, and then inform the others of his return.

However, Chun Wu possessed a very anxious temperament. She pulled Chu Feng and began to lead him toward the place where Lady Piaomiao rested.

That place was a forbidden area. Actually, even they, the Four Seasons Sisters, were not allowed to willfully intrude into that place. The reason for that was because this was currently a special time for the Misty Peak.

“Miss Chun Wu, Lady Piaomiao, she…” Seeing Chun Wu and the others rushing over, the two elders that guarded this place had originally wanted to stop them from entering.

“Don’t stop me. I have an important matter that I must see master for,” However, this time around, Chun Wu did not listen to them and directly charged in.

Normally, the two elders that guarded this place would definitely have stopped her. However, this time around, they did not do so.

It was not that they did not wish to stop her. Rather, when they saw the man behind Chun Wu, they were stunned on the spot.

That elder did not dare to believe what he had seen, and asked the other elder, “That man, is he Lord Chu Feng?”

“It’s Chu Feng. Lord Chu Feng has returned,” The other elder nodded repeatedly. His aged body started to tremble nonstop. From this, it could be seen how excited he was.

“Master, master, quickly, come see who has returned!!!” However, in terms of being excited, the one that was the most excited would remain Chun Wu. Right after entering the palace hall, she began to shout nonstop. From that, one could tell how deeply excited she was.

Being led by Chun Wu and the others, Chu Feng arrived at a side palace hall. At this moment, there were three people in the side palace hall. They were two men and a woman. All of them were people that Chu Feng was familiar with.

These three people were Lady Piaomiao, Taikou and their daughter, the current master of the Misty Peak, Qiushui Fuyan.

“Chun Wu, what are you making a fuss about? Furthermore… didn’t I say to you all many times that if there’s nothing serious, do not come…”

Lady Piaomiao seemed to be feeling displeased. Thus, her tone was not very pleasing. Upon seeing Chun Wu and the others’ arrival, she had planned to lash out at them.

However, when Lady Piaomiao turned around and turned her gaze to Chun Wu, she immediately stood up from her seat. The anger on her face immediately froze, and then changed to joy. In shock, she exclaimed, “Chu Feng?!”

“Chu Feng?” Hearing that name, Taikou and Qiushui Fuyan were also startled. They hurriedly turned their gazes over. When the two of them saw Chu Feng, they also stood up from their seats. Then, taking the same action without prior consultation, they began to walk toward Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng pays his respects to Lady Piaomiao, Senior Taikou and Big Sister Fuyan.”

Upon seeing the three people, Chu Feng bowed and clasped his fist with one hand. He greeted them courteously. The three of them were all people that had helped Chu Feng before. They could be considered to be Chu Feng’s great benefactors.

Regardless of how powerful Chu Feng had become, Chu Feng still viewed the three of them as his benefactors, his seniors, people that were very important to him.

“Heavens! Chu Feng, it’s really you! You’ve really returned!” After verifying that it was indeed Chu Feng, the three of them were unable to contain their happiness, and smiled joyfully. In fact, overwhelmed with excitement, Lady Piaomiao, a person who was always unflustered, actually had reddened eyes.

“Chu Feng, quickly, get back up, get back up. It’s great that you’ve returned, it’s great that you’ve returned,” Lady Piaomiao hurriedly used her shivering hand to lift Chu Feng back up. At this moment, tears began to roll from her eyes.

Those were tears of longing. From that, one could tell how much Lady Piaomiao had missed Chu Feng.

Even though Lady Piaomiao had always been cold and detached toward others, and was a grand character capable of calling the winds and summoning the rains in the Eastern Sea Region, Chu Feng possessed a special position in her heart.

When Chu Feng had first entered the Eastern Sea Region, he had possessed a heavy responsibility but a weak cultivation. Lady Piaomiao could be said to have been someone who had watched Chu Feng grow up. Thus, to her, Chu Feng was like a son.

“Mother, you’re a bit biased, no? When I returned from my distant journey, you didn’t cry for me,” Qiushui Fuyan feigned to be jealous as she spoke with a smile on her face.

“My, I’ve grown old and disappointing,” Lady Piaomiao wiped away her tears in an embarrassed manner. Even though her cultivation was gone, it remained that she was a grand character. For her to cry in public like this, she would naturally feel embarrassed.

“That’s right. Don’t cry. Little friend Chu Feng’s return is an extremely joyous thing. We should be celebrating this.”

“Wait here, I’ll go and tell everyone this great news.”

“Chu Feng, it just so happens that your master and the people from the Crippling Night Demon Sect are all at our Misty Peak. They will definitely be extremely happy to know of your return.”

Taikou had a smile across his face, covering his face with wrinkles like a steamed bun. As he continued to smile, he hurriedly left.

“I’ll go and help spread the news too.”

“Me too.”

The Four Seasons Sisters also left following Taikou.

“Taikou, if you dared to deceive this old man, this old man will definitely not let you get away with it!!!”

Not long after Taikou and the others left, a threatening voice echoed outside of the palace hall. Soon, a strong wind arrived. Following the wind, a figure descended on the side palace hall.

For the sake of coming to see Chu Feng, this person had even used a movement martial skill.

When that voice sounded, before that man had even entered, Chu Feng already knew who he was.

Rank six Martial King. That was a cultivation not many people in the Eastern Sea Region were capable of achieving. On top of that, that person had spoken with such a domineering voice. Thus, it was definitely Chu Feng’s master, Qiu Canfeng.

“Heavens! Chu Feng, you, you…” Sure enough, it was Qiu Canfeng. After Qiu Canfeng entered the side palace hall and saw Chu Feng, he was so overwhelmed with excitement that he became unable to speak properly.

Originally, he had thought that Taikou was deceiving him. However, even though he knew that he might be deceived, he had still rushed over. The reason for that was because Chu Feng was an extremely important person to him. To his enormous surprise, Chu Feng actually had really returned.

“Boy, you’ve really returned?” After a long while, Qiu Canfeng finally managed to calm himself. He walked over to Chu Feng and grabbed his shoulders.

Through the hands that were on his shoulders, Chu Feng was able to sense how excited Qiu Canfeng was, as well as how deeply he had missed him.

Although Qiu Canfeng had been trapped in the Emperor’s Tomb for many years, which caused Chu Feng to have very few interactions with him, Qiu Canfeng, like Zhuge Liuyun, would forever remain Chu Feng’s master in his heart.

“Master, please accept disciple’s respect.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng moved a step back and half kneeled onto the ground to bow to Qiu Canfeng.

If the people from the Holy Land of Martialism were to see this scene, they would definitely be feeling disbelief.

What sort of cultivation did Qiu Canfeng possess? He was merely a rank six Martial King. While he might be a peak expert in the Eastern Sea Region, he would be akin to a fart in the Holy Land of Martialism.

But, what about Chu Feng? He was a grand rank four Martial Emperor. Countless grand characters and Martial Emperor-level experts in the Holy Land of Martialism would have to nod their heads, bow and attempt to court Chu Feng’s favor upon seeing him. Who would possibly be able to make Chu Feng kneel and bow to them?

However, Chu Feng was actually kneeling and bowing to Qiu Canfeng. As such, how could they not be shocked?! [1. If they were here, they would most definitely be shocked.]

Merely, Lady Piaomiao, Qiushui Fuyan and the others didn’t know that Chu Feng’s current level of cultivation was already that frightening, nor did they know about Chu Feng’s status in the Holy Land of Martialism being that exceptional.

Thus, they only felt that Chu Feng kneeling and bowing to Qiu Canfeng was something natural. Not only did they not reveal expressions of shock, they were instead smiling.

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