Chapter 2069 - Chu Feng’s Return

 Chapter 2069 - Chu Feng’s Return

If one were to ask what place was most sacred in the Eastern Sea Region, then people would definitely answer the Misty Peak.

Not only was the Misty Peak a place that originated from the Ancient Era, with a current master, called Qiushui Fuyan, who was very powerful, most importantly, a major battle had occurred there several years ago.

Even now, that battle was still fresh in the memories of the crowd.

The reason for that was because not only did that battle assemble the Eastern Sea Region’s several more powerful powers, it was reported that experts from the Holy Land of Martialism were also among the participants.

What sort of place was the Holy Land of Martialism? That was a place of legends. Yet, several existences from the Holy Land of Martialism had appeared in the Eastern Sea Region not long ago.

Although they were, according to the rumors, only members of the younger generation, they had possessed overwhelming power capable of mass devastation. Fortunately, the Crippling Night Demon Sect’s Sect Master Chu Feng had killed them with his heaven-defying power. Else… the Misty Peak would likely have ended up being occupied by the Holy Land of Martialism.

Most importantly, it had been reported that those members of the Holy Land of Martialism’s younger generation were vicious and merciless. If they had been the ones that ended up winning that battle, everyone in the Eastern Sea Region might have ended up suffering.

As rumors continued to spread and the truth became more and more distorted, people made those several members of the younger generation from the Holy Land of Martialism into absolute evildoers that could not be considered humans at all. They were simply akin to demons. It was reported that they had even planned to tarnish old grannies, that they were simply worse than beasts.

Even though many years had passed, that battle remained the most controversial topic for the people in the Eastern Sea Region for the past several years.

Thus, even now, people were still enthusiastically discussing the matters from back then. However, the Misty Peak remained a place that ordinary people were not allowed to set foot upon.

That said, there still remained a lot of people that wished to become disciples of the Misty Peak. Thus, there would always be a lot of people gathered outside the Misty Peak every day with the hopes of being able to enter it.

“Move aside immediately. Else, you shall suffer the consequences.”

Suddenly, a stern shout was heard. Looking toward the direction of the voice, four beauties were seen at the Misty Peak’s entrance.

Upon seeing those four beauties, the bodies of the people gathered here all trembled. To a greater or lesser degree, they all revealed alarmed expressions.

Not only were these four beauties extremely beautiful, they were also extremely renowned. It was precisely their fame that frightened the crowd.

The reason for that was because the four beauties were the four disciples of the Misty Peak’s previous master, Lady Piaomiao. They were, respectively, Chun Wu, Xia Yu, Qiu Zhu and Dong Xue. [1. Chun Wu → Spring Dance, Xia Yu → Summer Rain, Qiu Zhu → Autumn Bamboo, Dong Xue → Winter Snow. The four seasons are actual chinese surnames too.]

Thus, practically no one in the Eastern Sea Region dared to offend the four of them, much less here in the Misty Peak’s territory.

Right at this moment, a mocking voice sounded from the crowd. “Four senior sisters, it’s been many years since we last met, your temperaments have all grown.”

“Who is it?! Who dares to be this audacious?! Have you grown tired of living?!”

“That’s right! Who dares to harass our four goddesses?! You are simply courting death!”

Hearing that voice, before the Four Seasons Beauties could respond, people from the crowd immediately shouted.

In fact, the expressions of the Four Seasons Beauties were quite unsightly right now. They turned their angry gazes toward the crowd, seemingly wanting to find the culprit.

In this sort of situation, no one dared to take the blame. Thus, the crowd immediately spread aside. At this moment, only a single person stood there motionlessly.

Not only was he not moving, he was also looking at the Four Seasons Beauties with a smile on his face. His expression was simply that of someone asking to be killed.

“Holy! That brother is truly outrageously bold with lust!”

Seeing Chu Feng standing there motionlessly and looking at the Four Seasons Beauties with that sort of gaze, the crowd were all stunned.

At this moment, there were many people that felt admiration for Chu Feng. They admired his courage, for he was simply using his life to look at the beauties.

However, for the great majority of them, they revealed expressions of people rejoicing in other people’s misfortune. Although they had withdrawn themselves to the side, they did not plan to leave. The reason for that was because what the crowd enjoyed seeing the most was lively excitement.

Especially when there was someone who was so foolish as to provoke the Four Seasons Beauties. As such, they needed to watch that exciting show even more.

After all, the Four Seasons Beauties were not to be looked down upon. Especially that Chun Wu, she was famous for her violent temperament. Last time, there had been a reckless monstrous beast that had spoken words to slightly harass her, and she had ripped his penis off on the spot. She was absolutely violent.

As for this reckless brat, he had actually dared to harass all four of the Four Seasons Beauties at once. As such, the crowd present all wished to see how that brat would die.

Right at this moment, a shocking scene happened. Not only did the Four Seasons Beauties not get angry, they instead stood there as if petrified. In fact, they revealed expressions of disbelief.

After their moment of disbelief, the four of them all smiled. Their smiles were truly beautiful. Never had the people present ever seen the four of them smile in such a manner. However, without a doubt, their beautiful smiles had already charmed all of the men present.

Chun Wu even started to rapidly run toward that man. Then, she leapt directly into that man’s embrace and tightly hugged him.

Following her, the other three beauties also ran over. Even though they were not as frantic as Chun Wu, they were also standing beside that man like obedient little animals and looking at him with love-struck gazes.

‘Holy fuck! What the hell is going on?!!!’

This was what everyone present was thinking. Regardless of whether they were men or women, that was what they were all thinking.

Who were the Four Seasons Beauties? They were existences akin to goddesses in the Misty Peak.

Countless men would always be before them, trying to gain their fancy, but they would not even bother to look at them. It was as if no men could enter their eyes.

Yet now, the four goddesses were actually completely captivated by that man. This truly came as an enormous shock to the crowd, making them feel disbelief.

‘Who is that guy?’ At this moment, that was the question in the minds of all the crowd.

Chun Wu was so excited that the sockets of her eyes grew red. As she rubbed her eyes, she asked, “Junior brother Chu Feng, it’s really you? Heavens, am I dreaming?” She did not dare to believe all of this to be real.

“Would the me in your dreams pinch your face like this?” Chu Feng joked around. He extended his hand and placed it on Chun Wu’s fair and elastic cheek, and then pinched it lightly.

“Aiya, it hurts,” Chun Wu moved her face back in pain. However, she was soon smiling even more brilliantly.

“Bastard, it’s really you. And here I thought that you wouldn’t return,” Chun Wu was convinced that the Chu Feng before her was indeed the same Chu Feng she knew. After being convinced, she hugged Chu Feng even more tightly.

“Chun Wu, that’s enough. Junior brother Chu Feng has doubtless returned with great difficulty. The journey must have been exhausting for him. Let’s bring him in to rest first,” Qiu Zhu stepped forward and suggested.

“Mn, that’s right. Quickly, quickly, follow me inside. Master and the others will definitely be extremely extremely happy to know that you’ve returned,” As Chun Wu spoke, she pulled Chu Feng toward the Misty Peak. Her cheerful and lively nature was exactly the same as how she had been back then. There was no change to her because she had grown older.

After Chu Feng and the Four Seasons Beauties entered the Misty Peak, the bystanders all stood there stunned.

It was only after a long while that they managed to alleviate their shock.

“Holy! I did not mishear, right?! Earlier, they called that man Chu Feng?!”

“That’s right! I’ve also heard that. It’s Chu Feng, that man is actually Chu Feng!”

“Heavens! Chu Feng! Chu Feng has returned! I actually managed to see Chu Feng!”

“I am truly enormously fortunate to have been able to see Chu Feng! I can boast about this for the rest of my life!”

Suddenly, the crowd burst into an uproar. Chu Feng’s reputation was truly too enormous. After he stepped into the Heavenly Path, he had become a legend.

In the hearts of countless individuals in the Eastern Sea Region, there was no one that could compare to Chu Feng. Especially among the younger generation, Chu Feng was an existence akin to god, their absolute idol.

That was why the crowd was this excited.

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