Chapter 2068 - Desire To Return Home

Chapter 2068 - Desire To Return Home

“Chu Feng, this spatial crack is not safe at all. It is extremely dangerous. If you are to enter it, you might be able to return to the Eastern Sea Region. However, you might also end up dying.”

“However, I know that you will definitely choose to enter it. Thus, I will not urge you against it. However, I must be the one to open the path for that spatial crack,” After saying those words, the Compass Immortal turned around. He planned to enter that spatial crack.

He was planning to lead the way ahead of Chu Feng, so that if something unexpected were to happen, he would be the one that will die, giving Chu Feng a chance to escape.


However, at the moment when the Compass Immortal was about to enter the spatial crack, a figure flew into the spatial crack before him.

It was Chu Feng. Not only had Chu Feng flown into the spatial crack, he had also closed off the spatial crack with world spirit techniques in order to prevent the Compass Immortal from following him.

“Chu Feng, stop immediately!!!”

Seeing that the spatial crack was closing, the Compass Immortal tried his best to approach it while shouting at Chu Feng hysterically.

However, it was already too late. Chu Feng seemed to have already prepared for it. His world spirit techniques closed the spatial crack in the blink of an eye. By the time the Compass Immortal managed to reach the spatial crack, it had disappeared completely, and Chu Feng had disappeared with it.

“Idiot, an utter idiot!”

“What you’re doing will simply harm yourself!!!”

At that moment, the Compass Immortal shouted nonstop. The change in his mood even affected the weather.

Black clouds rolled about as violent winds surged and that region had darkened completely.

After all, spatial cracks were separated into benign ones and vicious ones. For benign ones, one would be able to successfully pass through them. However, for the vicious spatial cracks, one would undoubtedly die after entering them.

Chu Feng’s previous actions were equivalent to him cutting off his own way out. If it had been a benign spatial crack, then it would have been fine. However, it had been a vicious spatial crack, and thus, Chu Feng would have no way to return alive.


However, right at this moment, the Compass Immortal suddenly noticed that a faint light was shining behind him. In this darkened region, that faint light appeared especially dazzling.

After approaching it, the Compass Immortal noticed that the light was a spirit formation. The Compass Immortal began to form hand seals with one hand. Only then did he dare to touch the light.


Upon touching the light, the light immediately scattered in all directions. It was extremely dazzling. At that instant, a piece of information also entered the Compass Immortal’s mind.

“Senior Compass, this key will lead you to the Transmogrification Gate. With it, you will be able to enter the Transmogrification Gate. You must absolutely proceed for the Transmogrification Gate. Only by entering that place will junior feel reassured. As for me… I will definitely return safely.”

After receiving that piece of information, the Compass Immortal noticed that there was a key when he looked at the light again. As for that key, it was the key the Heaven Reaching Immortal had handed Chu Feng, the key that was able to find the Transmogrification Gate and allow one to enter it.

“Chu Feng, you…” Holding that key, the Compass Immortal sighed, and was speechless after being overwhelmed with emotions.

It turned out that Chu Feng had already planned everything out. He had never planned to let him brave the dangers of spatial crack from the very beginning. The reason for that was because regardless of whether it was the key’s spirit formation or the spirit formation that had closed the spatial crack, neither of those could be formed instantly. This meant that Chu Feng had already prepared them beforehand.

Even though he was feeling very uncomfortable, the Compass Immortal did not wish to disregard Chu Feng’s kind intentions. Thus, he grabbed that key and entered the void. He began to search for the Transmogrification Gate as per the indication from the key.


As for Chu Feng, he was currently surrounded by pitch-black darkness. He was within a violent storm.

The lightning here was no ordinary lightning. They were black, extremely ear-piercing, and contained boundless might. It was as if they could split open everything.

The winds here were no ordinary winds. They were golden, and their whistles would rip space itself apart. It was as if they could slice apart everything.

Chu Feng was a rank four Martial Emperor. And, after using his various techniques, possessed a body that was stronger than even rank eight Martial Emperors.

However, if he were to come in contact with the black lightning or the golden winds, he would be annihilated instantly.

At that moment, Chu Feng was certain that the spatial crack that Tantai Xue had entered before was definitely not as dangerous as this one.

The reason for that was because the black lightning and golden winds in this place were simply too frightening. Even for Chu Feng, he must be extremely cautious when moving about among them.

With the cultivations that Tantai Xue, Jiang Qisha and the others had at that time, this sort of place would most definitely be impossible for them to pass through. In fact, not to mention passing through it, they would likely have instantly died upon entering the spatial crack.

Thus, Chu Feng knew that he was very unlucky; the spatial crack that he had entered was an extremely berserk one. However, even with this being the case, he still had to advance bravely.

At this moment, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was massacring the innocents in the Holy Land of Martialism. As such, Chu Feng did not have the time to wait for the next relatively safer spatial crack.

This was the only opportunity that he could grasp right now.

At that moment, not only had Chu Feng activated his Heaven’s Eyes, he had also mobilized all of his spirit power to carefully observe his surroundings.

Truly, this was what they meant by listening in the eight directions with six paths before one’s eyes. Chu Feng did not dare to relax in the slightest. The reason for that was because he would really be killed should he be struck by the black lightning or golden winds. After all, the spatial crack he had entered was a vicious one.

In that sort of situation, Chu Feng forgot about time, forgot about his friends and relatives, forgot about everything. The only thing in his mind was to continue onward as he dodged the dangers all around.

He didn’t know how much time had passed and how many days and nights he had spent traveling in the spatial crack, when a long-awaited light finally appeared in the distance. It was an exit.

Upon seeing that exit, Chu Feng felt his blood racing, his heart and mind surging. In fact, he felt like shouting.

However, he did not do so. The reason for that was because he knew that the more crucial a time was, the more he must not relax. He most definitely could not ruin everything by relaxing his guard at this most important time.

Thus, in an extremely cautious manner, Chu Feng finally walked out of the spatial crack. When he saw light again, he felt completely liberated.

Chu Feng first closed his eyes in celebration for successfully passing through that frightening spatial crack.

At that moment, Chu Feng truly felt as if he had just walked through the gates of hell.

After alleviating his heart and mind for a long while, Chu Feng gradually opened his eyes. He looked to the familiar blue sky and white clouds. He looked to the surging ocean waves, as well as the sea breeze that was blowing through his clothes and long hair. While doing all that, Chu Feng felt a single sensation, only a single sensation -- comfort. Everything felt so very comfortable.

Suddenly, a smile that had not been seen for a very long time emerged on Chu Feng’s face. It was a smile of joy of returning home.

“Eastern Sea Region, I’ve returned.”

“My relatives and friends, I’ve returned.”

“I’ve returned. I, Chu Feng, has finally returned. Everyone, how are you all doing?”

Even though Chu Feng was not someone from the Eastern Sea Region, to him, the Eastern Sea Region and the Nine Provinces Continent were his home.

After being away for so many years, he was finally able to return home. That sort of excitement was something that Chu Feng was unable to contain.


Suddenly, Chu Feng turned around and set up a world spirit formation to hide the spatial crack.

Firstly, it would still be a long time till the Heavenly Road opened. As such, the spatial crack would be the only way for Chu Feng to return to the Holy Land of Martialism.

Secondly, the spatial crack was too dangerous. For it to be left there, it would be inevitable that there would be curious individuals who would attempt to enter it. However, with the cultivation of the people from the Eastern Sea Region, they would most definitely be throwing away their lives should they enter the spatial crack.

As such, Chu Feng had to seal off the spatial crack.

As for the spatial crack in the Holy Land of Martialism that Chu Feng had closed, that had actually been a trick to fool the Compass Immortal.

The entrance was not sealed. As such, Chu Feng could still return to the Holy Land of Martialism through it. After all, Chu Feng had planned everything since the very beginning.

“Everyone, are you all doing fine? Wait a moment, I will come and find you all right away.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng took a step forward. With that step, Chu Feng completely disappeared.

With Chu Feng’s current level of cultivation, even though the Eastern Sea Region was enormous, he was able to reach any place within it in a very short period of time.

Furthermore, Chu Feng’s speed was extremely fast because he was extremely impatient...

...Impatient to return home.

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