Chapter 2067 - Spatial Crack

Chapter 2067 - Spatial Crack

“Thank you senior for your advice. Junior shall take his leave now.”

Chu Feng smiled lightly. He understood the Heaven Reaching Immortal’s intentions. The meaning behind the Heaven Reaching Immortal’s words were actually very simple. No matter how powerful he might be, he remained only be a peak Martial Emperor. There were many things in the Holy Land of Martialism for which he had no answers.

To the Heaven Reaching Immortal, he felt that those mysteries could be solved in the Outer World. After all, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master who was from the Outer World knew many things that the people in the Holy Land of Martialism did not.

However, it was impossible for him to enter the Outer World. Thus, he had placed his hopes on Chu Feng. As such, he wanted Chu Feng to put his own safety first, for only by living would he be able to enter the Outer World.

After that, Chu Feng directly proceeded toward the Compass Immortal’s location.

The journey was very far. However, as Chu Feng was extremely excited, he was filled with inexhaustible energy.

His big brother Chu Guyu, his cousin Chu Yue, his masters Qiu Canfeng and Zhuge Liuyun were all in the Eastern Sea Region.

Then there was Huangfu Haoyue, Lady Piaomiao, Qiushui Fuyan, the Azure Dragon Founder, and his big brother, the Monstrous Monkey King.

Chu Feng was finally able to meet all those people that had assisted him before. The more he thought about it, the more excited he became.

Thus, once Chu Feng exited the teleportation formation, he began to journey without resting. He did not wish to waste even a single second.

However, suddenly, Chu Feng stopped his footsteps. As if petrified, he stood in the air.

Below him was a place that had once been the territory of a monstrous beast power. Even though this monstrous beast power had not been a race of the strongest monstrous beasts, it had been an existence that could have been on par with the Nine Powers.

At this moment, the entire territory occupied by that monstrous beast race, an enormous mountain range tens of millions of miles long, was completely leveled.

Furthermore, this place was pitch-black in color, with surging black smoke that emitted a nauseating stench.

“Dark Hall’s Hall Master.”

At that moment, Chu Feng clenched his fists tightly. He detected the aura of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master here.

The Dark Hall’s Hall Master had been here. He was the one who had massacred all the living things in this place. Not only had he killed all of the monstrous beasts from that monstrous beast power, all of the plants and trees, as well as the rare treasures and Natural Oddities hidden deep in the mountain, were gone.

Even though Chu Feng was only seeing the aftermath of the massacre, Chu Feng was able to imagine the scene of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master’s descent, and his subsequent massacre of this place, after he closed his eyes.

The elderly and the young, including even newborns, and the monstrous beast experts that had given their lives to protect their clansmen, had all let out snarls of despair and anguished wailing when they faced the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

However, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master did not show the slightest trace of sympathy. He completely massacred all of them so that he could use their lives to increase his cultivation.


Suddenly, Chu Feng moved. He continued onward toward the Eastern Sea Region’s exit.

Even though Chu Feng had been going all-out from the very beginning, he was now even faster than he had been before.

It was anger. The anger in Chu Feng’s heart had given him strength.

The Dark Hall’s Hall Master could not be forgiven. Chu Feng would absolutely not let him get away with what he was doing. However, right now, Chu Feng first had to increase his strength. As for that, his only hope in doing so was to proceed for the Eastern Sea Region.

After several more days and nights of traveling, Chu Feng finally saw a familiar figure in the distance. It was the Compass Immortal.

Merely, the Compass Immortal appeared to be extremely weary. Compared to before, he had become extremely thin and pallid.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s heart grew sour. Merely seeing the Compass Immortal’s current appearance was enough to let Chu Feng know how much he had exhausted himself in this period of time.

“Chu Feng, you’ve finally come.”

Although the Compass Immortal was haggard, he was carefully observing his surroundings. Before Chu Feng had even approached him, he had already discovered Chu Feng. At that moment, a joyous smile appeared on his withered face.

After Chu Feng approached, he said in a very ashamed manner, “Senior Compass, I have made you suffer.”

“My, what are you talking about? I was merely guarding this area without eating, drinking or sleeping. It’s merely a trivial matter. There’s no need to mention it,” The Compass Immortal smiled indifferently.

However, after hearing those words, Chu Feng felt even greater pain in his heart. As a martial cultivator himself, how could he not know that someone at the Compass Immortal’s level would not end up in such a weary state after several months or even several years of not eating, drinking or sleeping.

The reason why the Compass Immortal was in such a haggard state was because he had greatly exhausted his spirit power over this period of time. Right now, his spirit power was practically empty. That was why he was in such a state.

“Chu Feng, what’s the situation now? Did you successfully set up that grand spirit formation?” The Compass Immortal asked. Even though he was here, the Compass Immortal was worried about the safety of the people from the Cyanwood Mountain.

“I’ve successfully set up the spirit formation. Merely, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master has trained in a demonic technique that increased his cultivation to that of a Half Martial Ancestor. Even that grand formation would not be able to stop him,” Chu Feng said.

“A Half Martial Ancestor? What sort of demonic technique would be that powerful?” Hearing those words, the Compass Immortal revealed an expression of shock. Then, he asked, “In that case, doesn’t that mean that there is no one in the Holy Land of Martialism capable of stopping the Dark Hall’s Hall Master?”

“No, there’s still the Moon Immortal. The Moon Immortal is a powerful existence from the Moonlight Maze. She also possesses a Half Martial Ancestor-level cultivation. Although she ended up seizing Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies, her nature is not evil. Right now, she is willing to help us take care of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.”

“Merely, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master appears and disappears unpredictably. Furthermore, he is going around and killing the people and living things in the Holy Land of Martialism to refine them and increase his cultivation. If this is to continue, I fear that even the Moon Immortal will not be able to suppress him,” Chu Feng said.

“Then what about the people from the Cyanwood Mountain, and the Ancient Era’s Elves? What are they to do?” The Compass Immortal asked.

“Regarding that, senior can rest assured. There is a miraculous place in the Holy Land of Martialism by the name of the Transmogrification Gate. The Transmogrification Gate’s location is indefinite. Unless one possesses the key, no one would be able to enter it.”

“The master of the Transmogrification Gate is the Heaven Reaching Immortal. Right now, the Heaven Reaching Immortal has opened the Transmogrification Gate and allowed us to take shelter within.”

“Right now, everyone is safe. Furthermore, we’ve managed to save a lot of people too. Merely… the Holy Land of Martialism is too enormous, and its population is too great. As we have limited time, the people we ended up being able to save was also limited in number,” Chu Feng said.

“Others don’t concern me. Their lives and deaths are unrelated to me. As long as our friends are safe, it would be fine with me,” Hearing what Chu Feng said, the Compass Immortal heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he began to form hand seals. After he finished, he waved his sleeve, and his world spirit power formed a golden raindrop that scattered behind him.

Soon, a spatial crack appeared.

It turned out that the spatial crack was directly behind the Compass Immortal. Fearing that someone would discovered it, the Compass Immortal had concealed the spatial crack with his world spirit techniques.

Upon seeing the spatial crack, Chu feng started to frown.

The spatial crack was letting out rumbling noises nonstop. It seemed to possess violent energy capable of toppling mountains and overturning seas. Furthermore, there were tens of thousands of lightning bolts striking within it. In short, before even entering the spatial crack, Chu Feng already felt extreme danger from it.

At that moment, Chu Feng started to admire Tantai Xue’s ability to willingly enter such a dangerous thing.

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