Chapter 2064 - Why Thank?

Chapter 2064 - Why Thank?

Currently, Chu Feng was also frowning deeply and feeling very complicated.

The reason for that was because he had used his Heaven’s Eyes to carefully examine that grand formation after hearing what the Heaven Reaching Immortal said. He was not examining the fragments of the picture scroll scattered around the formation, but rather the cold air that the formation contained.

Thus, he had already discovered that the cold air contained within that grand formation was extremely powerful, and truly not to be looked down upon. It was extremely dangerous. Thus, the Heaven Reaching Immortal was not joking around when he said those words.

At that moment, Chu Feng also started to hesitate. After all, if he were to enter that spirit formation, he might really end up ruining his future. However, if he didn’t enter it, then the hundreds of millions of people here might end up dying.

In the end, Chu Feng said, “I’ll give it a try.” When comparing his own future with the lives of hundreds of millions, he had decided to sacrifice himself.

When Chu Feng’s words left his mouth, the hearts of everyone present tightened. Not to mention those with a close relationship with Chu Feng, even those that were strangers to Chu Feng felt extremely complicated in their hearts.

Chu Feng was actually going to sacrifice himself for them, people completely unrelated to him!!!

“Chu Feng, have you gone mad?! Don’t forget there’s still the Moon Immortal! The Moon Immortal might be able to kill the Dark Hall’s Hall Master! Thus, there is simply no need for you to ruin your future and endanger your life!”

“Even if that old fart Heaven Reaching Immortal doesn’t open the gate, we would not necessarily die!” Xian Miaomiao shouted loudly.

Voices similar to that began to sound and fall in succession. Practically all of the people that possessed close relationships with Chu Feng were urging him not to do it.

“Lord Chu Feng, we… we appreciate your kind intentions. But, you really shouldn’t brave such dangers for us.”

In fact, some of the people that were strangers to Chu Feng also began to urge him against it. It was not that these people were not afraid of death. Rather, they didn’t want to ruin Chu Feng’s future in order to save themselves. If that was the case, they would rather die.

This was especially true for those people that felt hatred for Chu Feng because they were afraid that Chu Feng had ruined them after he cursed at the Heaven Reaching Immortal. At this moment, those people were filled with guilt and self-blame.

Chu Feng was willing to sacrifice himself for their sake. Yet, they, out of their own selfish desires, felt hatred for Chu Feng. They truly felt themselves to be inhumane, to be a disgrace.

“Everyone, thank you all for your kind intentions. However, with the situation at hand, there is a calamity that is descending upon the Holy Land of Martialism. Even though that calamity might be prevented, it remains that that is only a possibility.”

“I do not wish to bear the risk of gambling on that possibility, for if I am to lose that gamble, everyone might end up losing their lives. Thus, I have decided that I will seize the opportunity the Heaven Reaching Immortal has given me this time around,” Chu Feng said.

“Lord Chu Feng, we truly appreciate your kind intentions. But, you are neither our relative nor our friend. As such, you do not owe us anything. There really is no need for you to ruin your future for our sake.”

After hearing what Chu Feng said, more and more people began to try to persuade Chu Feng. In fact, those that were older and had children were shedding tears.

In their eyes, no matter how powerful Chu Feng might be, he remained only a child. If their own children were to throw their lives away like this, how could they not feel heartache?

Upon thinking of Chu Feng’s parents, they were even more distressed, and began to feel that it was unworthy for Chu Feng to do such a thing.

“As they say, the greater one’s strength, the greater one’s responsibility. I, Chu Feng, am not someone with enormous strength. However, at this time, this responsibility has landed on my shoulders. As such, I must lift it up.”

“It is for no other reason than the fact that I, Chu Feng, am a man.”

“I am merely doing what I should be doing,” Chu Feng smiled.


Then, Chu Feng’s body shifted. Without looking back, he leapt into the grand formation.

“Chu Feng!!!” Seeing Chu Feng entering that formation, Xian Miaomiao and the others all let out sorrowful shouts.

Although that was only a spirit formation, it was akin to the gates of hell to them. Upon entering it, one would die. Even if one managed to come out alive, one would become a cripple.

Chu Feng entering that place was akin to him crippling himself, ruining his own future.

The hundreds of millions of people present were all shouting sorrowfully. Some among them even started to cry in grief. The voices of weeping, wailing, shouting and gratitude were resonating throughout the region.

Some people even started to kneel on the ground to kowtow to Chu Feng.

They were thinking the same thing as Xian Miaomiao. Chu Feng’s entering of that spirit formation meant that he might not be able to come out alive.

As for the reason why Chu Feng did that, it was for them!!!

Suddenly the Elf King shouted, “All of you, quiet down! Do not distract Chu Feng!”

The Elf King’s shout came like a thunderclap. It startled everyone.

Even though everything pointed to disaster for Chu Feng should he enter that spirit formation, since he had already entered, they must not cause troubles for him. Even if Chu Feng’s cultivation would decrease should he come out, he would, at least, be able to come out alive.

Thus, at that moment, all the shouting and weeping noises stopped. This place where hundreds of million of people were gathered became extremely quiet. The only sound that could be heard was the sound from the grand formation in the middle of the sky.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

It was Chu Feng. Chu Feng was rapidly assembling the fragments of the picture scroll. He was doing his best to restore that picture scroll.

Not only did Chu Feng not have a lot of time, he was also being assaulted by the frightening cold air the moment he entered the grand formation.

At that moment, not only had the chilly cold air already invaded Chu Feng’s body, it was also entering Chu Feng’s dantian. Furthermore, more and more was invading him.

Most importantly, when the cold air entered Chu Feng’s dantian, the enormous lightning beasts within his dantian and his blood actually had no response to them. It was as if nothing had happened.

That caused Chu Feng’s heart to sink, for it meant that the cold air was so extremely powerful that even his Inherited Bloodline was unable to contend against it. It would appear that his cultivation would truly be damaged.

The reason for that was because the current Chu Feng truly felt that it was extremely difficult to withstand the cold air. He felt as if he could freeze to death at any moment, and then be frozen into a humanoid statue before shattering into pieces.

“Even if I am to die, I must still complete the picture scroll. Else, I would’ve come here in vain,” Chu Feng clenched his teeth and continued to do his best to assemble the picture scroll.

In that moment, Chu Feng had forgotten the pain from the invasion of the cold air. In fact, he had even forgotten about his own body. Before him was only that picture scroll.

Conviction. The current Chu Feng was not relying on his powerful body, nor was he relying on his Inherited Bloodline. Instead, he was relying completely on his resolution, his conviction, to all this.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s eyes flashed. An expression of disbelief emerged in his eyes. Then, as if he had obtained enlightenment, the speed at which Chu Feng assembled the fragment pieces grew faster and faster. Furthermore, his assembly was extremely accurate.

Suddenly, someone was unable to contain themselves and shouted, “Everyone, look! Chu Feng is about to successfully restore that picture scroll.”

The reason for that was because they saw that Chu Feng had managed to assemble half of the picture scroll in that grand formation. Furthermore, the area of the assembled picture scroll was still rapidly increasing.

“That picture, it’s strange,” Upon seeing the picture scroll that was rapidly being completed, the eyes of the Elf King and the other experts all flashed.

They all discovered that there was something strange about it. The reason for that was because it simply did not appear to be a picture. Rather, it looked more like a special sort of diagram.

However, if it was a technique’s diagram, it would appear too simple. Yet, it did not appear to be a treasure map.


Right at that moment, the final pieces of the picture scroll were put in place by Chu Feng. At that moment, a completed picture scroll appeared.

“That is definitely strange. That is definitely not an ordinary picture scroll,” Upon seeing the completed picture scroll, the Elf King spoke with certainty.

“Senior Heaven Reaching Immortal, thank you,” Right at this moment, Chu Feng’s voice sounded from that grand formation. From that voice, not only could the crowd hear Chu Feng’s gratefulness, they were also able to hear Chu Feng’s laughter.

At that moment, all the crowd was confused.

Thank you? Why was Chu Feng saying thank you?

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