Chapter 2063 - Make An Exception

Chapter 2063 - Make An Exception

When that laughter sounded, practically everyone’s bodies jolted. They all subconsciously felt that the person that had spoken was the Heaven Reaching Immortal.

But… they had pleaded with the Heaven Reaching Immortal for so long without any response from him. Yet, when Chu Feng cursed at him, he actually responded?

At this moment, some intelligent individuals turned their gazes to Chu Feng. They had all managed to determine the hidden intentions behind the Heaven Reaching Immortal’s words. Evidently, that grand character knew Chu Feng.

Faced with the gazes from the crowd, Chu Feng was also very surprised. Although he did know a lot of people, he had never met the Heaven Reaching Immortal.

Confused, Chu Feng turned his gaze to the sky. He knew that the Heaven Reaching Immortal is there.


Sure enough, the space in the sky started to tremble. Then, a figure appeared.

It was an old man. He was wearing a Royal World Spiritist Cloak. After he appeared, he turned his gaze to Chu Feng and said with a beaming smile, “Little friend Chu Feng, do you still recognize me?”

“Senior, it’s really you?! You’re still alive?!” Upon seeing the Heaven Reaching Immortal, Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously. He was greatly surprised.

Astonishment. He was truly astonished. The reason for that was because Chu Feng really did know that Heaven Reaching Immortal. Merely, Chu Feng had truly never expected the Heaven Reaching Immortal to be someone that he already knew.

If one were to ask who the Heaven Reaching Immortal was, then Chu Feng would have to reference the Nine Provinces Continent.

Back then, Chu Feng had still been a disciple of the Nine Province Continent’s Azure Dragon School. Forced against his will, Chu Feng had no choice but to leave the Azure Dragon School. After that, Chu Feng had proceeded toward the Prestigious Villa to participate in the Marriage Gathering. It was in that place that Chu Feng had encountered Zi Ling again.

During the time of the Marriage Gathering, Chu Feng, Zi Ling and everyone else had gone to the Ten Thousand Monsters Mountain. In the Ten Thousand Monsters Mountain, Chu Feng and Zi Ling had intruded into a remnant. The master of that remnant was a Gold-cloak World Spiritist.

To be exact, that Gold-cloak World Spiritist had merely been a remnant thought. However, he had still been so powerful that he could have killed both Chu Feng and Zi Ling back then.

However, that Gold-cloak World Spiritist did not kill Chu Feng and Zi Ling. Instead, he had put Chu Feng through a trial. In the end, Chu Feng had managed to move that Gold-cloak World Spiritist with his passion. At the same time, he had managed to move Zi Ling. That was how Chu Feng and Zi Ling had fallen in love with one another.

Merely, Chu Feng truly had not expected that Gold-cloak World Spiritist to still be alive. Furthermore, he was actually in the Holy Land of Martialism.

The reason for that was because the Heaven Reaching Immortal that stood before Chu Feng was precisely the remnant thought that Chu Feng had encountered in the Nine Provinces Continent’s Ten Thousand Monsters Mountain.

“What’s wrong? Are you that surprised? Should I be dead instead?” The Heaven Reaching Immortal laughed. Then, he asked, “Why are you the only one here? What happened to your little lover? Weren’t the two of you deeply in love with one another?”

“No, she’s also here. Merely, she’s elsewhere, and is currently unable to be with me,” Chu Feng replied honestly.

Upon seeing the Heaven Reaching Immortal, the scene of what had happened back then began to appear in Chu Feng’s mind nonstop. Earlier, Chu Feng had possessed hatred for the Heaven Reaching Immortal. However now, he felt an indescribable sort of familiarity toward him.

After so many years had passed, Chu Feng had experienced a whole lot. He was no longer the youngster he was back then. However, he still cherished the memory of the him from back then.

The appearance of the Heaven Reaching Immortal had truly evoked countless memories from Chu Feng. In fact, at this time, Chu Feng began to long for his lover Zi Ling again.

After all, Zi Ling was his lover who had experienced life and death tribulations together with him.

“That’s good,” The Heaven Reaching Immortal smiled and nodded. Then, he said, “You wish to save those people, right?”

“Senior, may you please help us?” Chu Feng asked.

“I cannot. The Transmogrification Gate possesses its own rules. I cannot allow those mortals to enter,” The Heaven Reaching Immortal said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart tightened, and the expressions of the other people turned ashen. Originally, upon seeing Chu Feng and the Heaven Reaching Immortal talking to one another cheerfully, they thought that the two of them possessed a superb relationship with one another, and that there was hope for them. However, they did not expect that even Chu Feng was unable to make the Heaven Reaching Immortal make an exception.

“However, if you are willing, I can make an exception this one time and give them an opportunity. However, that opportunity must be seized by you,” The Heaven Reaching Immortal said.

“What is that opportunity?” Chu Feng asked.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Suddenly, the Heaven Reaching Immortal moved his sleeves. Then, waves of vast mist started to appear from his sleeves nonstop. Although it appeared to be mist, it was actually a special sort of cold air. However, it was no ordinary cold air, and looked more like it had been formed from some sort of treasure.

After the cold air was released, they began to fuse with one another in midair. In the end, they formed a grand formation. Countless fragment-like objects were drifting about in the grand formation.

“Enter the formation and restore the fragments in the formation into a complete picture scroll. If you succeed in doing so, you would’ve seized the opportunity for me to make an exception. I will then allow everyone to enter the Transmogrification Gate,” The Heaven Reaching Immortal said.

“Senior, isn’t this a bit too excessive? When you posed that trial for me back then, you at least allowed me to see the picture first so that I knew how to reassemble the fragments.”

“But, this time around, you’re not even allowing me to see the picture, and are instead giving me the fragments of the picture scroll to begin with. To have me restore the fragments to create a picture scroll, aren’t you deliberately making things difficult for me?” Chu Feng laughed bitterly. The Heaven Reaching Immortal was giving him the same test as last time with slight changes.

Back then, Chu Feng had undergone the test in order to save Zi Ling. Yet now… he was going to undergo this task in order to save the hundreds of millions of lives present here.

“What level of skill did you possess back then, and what level do you possess now? Your world spirit techniques are already this excellent now. Naturally, I cannot present to you such a simple test.”

“Chu Feng, I’ll warn you first. That spirit formation is not something I’ve created. Instead, it is from the Ancient Era. Upon entering it, you will have an hour. If you do not come out within an hour’s time, you will definitely die.”

“However, even if you come out within an hour, your dantian will still be damaged by it. Likely, you will never be able to recover in your lifetime, and your cultivation will not be able to increase.”

“To put it simply, should you enter that spirit formation, you will forever be damaged,” The Heaven Reaching Immortal said with a beaming smile.

“What? That spirit formation is actually that powerful?” After hearing those words, everyone was alarmed. That spirit formation was truly frightening. Not only might one die upon entering it, even if one survived, one’s future would be ruined.

At that moment, the crowd all felt extremely complicated. Even though they wished to survive, they did not wish for an exceptional genius like Chu Feng, someone who possessed the potential to become this era’s overlord, to ruin his future because of them.

“Heaven Reaching Immortal, if you’re going to help, then do it. If you’re not going to help, then don’t do it. There is no need for you to deliberately make things difficult for little friend Chu Feng like this!” The Elf King spoke very angrily.

He was not angered by the Heaven Reaching Immortal’s refusal. However, the Heaven Reaching Immortal was actually using Chu Feng’s future to threaten him. This caused him to be extremely furious.

“I’m talking to Chu Feng, and not you. Little friend Chu Feng did not say anything about it, so what are you acting all emotional for?” The Heaven Reaching Immortal was not angered by the Elf King’s shout of anger. Instead, he lightly smiled. Then, he looked to Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, I’ll ask you this only once. Are you willing to enter that spirit formation for the sake of the lives of the people of the world?”

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