Chapter 2065 - I Wish To Go Out

Chapter 2065 - I Wish To Go Out

“Thank you? Why thank you?”

At that moment, the crowd were all confused by Chu Feng’s words of thanks.

Right at that moment, with a smile on his face, Chu Feng closed his eyes. He gathered the martial power in his body and began to move it through his body following a special route.

As for the route, it was according to the diagram that Chu Feng had managed to reassemble.

Merely, that cultivation diagram was not something that just anyone could comprehend. However, Chu Feng had managed to comprehend it.

Chu Feng began to cultivate according to the cultivation diagram. Then, a vortex appeared in his dantian.

As the vortex spun, the cold air in Chu Feng’s body began to surge toward the vortex. In fact, even the cold air in the grand formation was being rapidly sucked into that vortex in Chu Feng’s dantian.

In merely an instant, all of the cold air in the grand formation was sucked into that vortex. At that moment, the vortex began to change. It turned into a crystal, covered with frost and emitting an extremely threatening cold aura. However, the crystal also contained an extremely dense amount of Natural Energy.


Seemingly sensing the Natural Energy’s odor, the enormous sleeping lightning beasts in Chu Feng’s dantian abruptly opened their eyes. Then, with mouths wide open, they devoured the crystal.

The very next moment, Chu Feng felt a monumental amount of Natural Energy surging through his body. Then, it entered his dantian and was completely assimilated into it.

It turned out the cold air in the spirit formation was actually Natural Energy. Although it was a sort of very berserk Natural Energy, one would be able to absorb and refine the Natural Energy should one cultivate it according to a special cultivation diagram. As for that… Chu Feng had accomplished it.

Furthermore, it was true that the Natural Energy was extremely rich. Chu Feng was now only a bit away from being able to reach another breakthrough. Even though Chu Feng had failed to reach a breakthrough, the Natural Energy contained in the crystal had provided a great foundation for Chu Feng.

That was why Chu Feng was thanking the Heaven Reaching Immortal. The reason for that was because when he had seen through the cultivation diagram, Chu Feng had realized that the so-called grand formation that would definitely kill or cripple someone should they enter was actually another trial given to him by the Heaven Reaching Immortal.

Not only would his cultivation not be damaged by that grand formation, he would also not die in there. Instead, he would only obtain great benefits from it.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you were actually unable to reach a breakthrough even after refining such a dense amount of Natural Energy?” At that moment, the Heaven Reaching Immortal looked to Chu Feng with astonishment.

“My Inherited Bloodline has always possessed an extremely large appetite. As of now, their appetites are unbelievably enormous.”

“That said, the cold air in senior’s grand formation truly possessed an extremely dense amount of Natural Energy. I am actually only a bit away from reaching a breakthrough.”

“Thus, thank you senior. If it wasn’t for your assistance, it would likely have been extremely difficult for me to find such a dense amount of Natural Energy in the Holy Land of Martialism,” Chu Feng respectfully clasped his fist at the Heaven Reaching Immortal.

“To sacrifice oneself for others. Very few people are capable of doing that. However, when it is for relatives, some people are able to accomplish that.”

“But, to be able to sacrifice yourself for those that are unrelated to you is simply something that I’ve never seen before. However, little friend Chu Feng, you’ve accomplished that.”

“You possess a heart filled with universal love. It is not only the Holy Land of Martialism that needs you. Instead, the entire world needs you. Only when someone like you manages to gain strength could it benefit the people of the world.”

“Thus… that cold air was something that only you deserved.”

“Furthermore, other than you, there would likely not have been anyone else in the entire Holy Land of Martialism that could have refined it.”

“No, I’ve nearly forgotten. That Dark Hall’s Hall Master also seemed to be capable of doing it. However, I would not have presented such a precious thing to that sort of fellow,” The Heaven Reaching Immortal said with a beaming smile.

After hearing what the Heaven Reaching Immortal said, the crowd’s hearts were all fluctuating. They were shocked to discover that all the things earlier were only a trial for Chu Feng. After Chu Feng passed the trial, not only was he fine, he had also obtained quite a benefit.

However, for people like the Elf King and Chu Feng, they were not shocked because of that. Rather, from what the Heaven Reaching Immortal had said, they were able to tell that even though the Heaven Reaching Immortal had been in closed-door training year-round, he seemed to be extremely knowledgable of the situation in the Holy Land of Martialism.

Else, how could he know that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was also capable of refining that cold air?


Right at this moment, a key appeared in the Heaven Reaching Immortal’s hand. He pointed that key at the empty space behind him. Immediately, a golden light began to envelop the area ahead in a circular form.

Being enveloped by the golden light, an enormous gate appeared.

That gate was transparent, and seemed to be forged of crystals and glass. However, without a doubt, the gate was extremely sturdy. It was an indestructible gate.

The space surrounding the gate was being distorted nonstop. It was extremely strange in appearance.

However, when the people present saw the gate, they were all overjoyed. The reason for that was because they all saw the words on top of the gate.

Transmogrification Gate!!!

After the Heaven Reaching Immortal summoned the Transmogrification Gate, he looked to his surroundings and said loudly, “Everyone, look carefully. Look clearly, and remember this moment.”

“Not only is that the Transmogrification Gate, it is also the gate that can save you all.”

“However, this opportunity was fought for by Chu Feng. It is because of Chu Feng that you all will have the chance to enter that gate.”

At that moment, the crowd all turned their gazes to Chu Feng. Even though the crowd did not say anything, gratefulness toward Chu Feng filled their gazes.

Though the Elf King and the others had been trying to establish Chu Feng’s prestige to the crowd earlier, they would definitely not do that anymore.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s conduct and deeds were most definitely engraved in the hearts of the hundreds of millions of people present.

To them, regardless of whether or not Chu Feng became the overlord in the future, they would all treat Chu Feng with the utmost respect. It was not because of how powerful Chu Feng was. Rather, it was because Chu Feng had saved all of their lives.

Chu Feng had used his actions to move the hearts of everyone here.


Suddenly, the key in the Heaven Reaching Immortal’s hand shone with light again. Then, the Transmogrification Gate began to slowly open before the crowd’s eyes.

“Little friend Chu Feng, go ahead and enter,” The Heaven Reaching Immortal said to Chu Feng. His intention was very clear. He wanted Chu Feng to be the first to enter the Transmogrification Gate.

As the Transmogrification Gate opened, the largest stone in Chu Feng’s heart dropped. Thus, he did not try to act courteous, and took the lead to enter the Transmogrification Gate.

Upon entering the Transmogrification Gate, Chu Feng discovered that the inside of the Transmogrification Gate was truly a different world. It was an extremely vast space, with a blue sky, white clouds, green hills and clear waters. There were strange and precious herbs here, as well as the most ordinary little animals. This place could truly be considered to be a paradise in the Holy Land of Martialism.

The reason for that was because the peacefulness of this place had not been ruined by human habitation.

Following Chu Feng, the Elf King, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, Xian Miaomiao and the others entered the Transmogrification Gate in succession.

As for the hundreds of million of other people there, they were monitored by the Ancient Era’s Elves, and all entered the Transmogrification Gate in an orderly manner.

At the moment when the Transmogrification Gate closed, the suspended hearts of the crowd were finally relaxed. They all felt an unprecedented sense of security in this place.

“Senior, could you open the gate? I wish to go out,” At that moment when the people were all settling down, Chu Feng found the Heaven Reaching Immortal and made such a request.

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