Chapter 2045 - Removing Poison

Chapter 2045 - Removing Poison

Before Tantai Xue arrived here, she had not known that the Icesnow Phoenixes would actually have such an instruction from their ancestors. The reason for that was because the news she had obtained from the Coldsnow Dagger only said that she would be given assistance as long as she could find the Icesnow Phoenixes.

Thus, when Tantai Xue got to this place, and was given the title of Chieftain by the Icesnow Phoenixes, she was extremely surprised, and was a bit unable to get accustomed to it.

However, after some insistence by the Icesnow Phoenixes, she ended up accepting it. Furthermore, she even planned to lead the Icesnow Phoenixes into the Holy Land of Martialism’s Overlord Domain to help Chu Feng.

This was also the reason why the Icesnow Phoenixes knew about Chu Feng.

However, good things do not last forever. During the process where the Icesnow Phoenixes were using their special methods to assist Tantai Xue in rapidly gaining cultivation, they actually ended up failing. Because of that, Tantai Xue ended up entering a deep sleep.

However, this sort of thing was something that had happened to the Icesnow Phoenixes before. Thus, they also had a method to handle it.

Thus, at that time, the Icesnow Phoenixes did not panic, and only laid Tantai Xue onto their treasure, the Coldsnow Bed.

They had thought that as long as Tantai Xue recuperated on the Coldsnow Bed, she would one day awaken.

Furthermore, due to the fact that Tantai Xue was asleep, and the Icesnow Phoenixes wanted to wait until she woke up so that she could personally lead them to find Chu Feng, they did not leave to find Chu Feng.

However, as time passed, Tantai Xue remained asleep. Furthermore, her health became worse and worse. The situation already surpassed what the Icesnow Phoenixes had expected.

Feeling helpless, the Icesnow Phoenixes that had not left the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain for tens of thousands of years decided to leave to find powerful world spiritists to help Tantai Xue recover.

The strongest world spiritist in the Holy Land of Martialism was the Heaven Reaching Immortal. However, the Heaven Reaching Immortal was someone that was in closed-door training all year round. Furthermore, he did not have a fixed residence. And, most importantly, he did not concern himself with the matters of the world. Thus, it was simply impossible to find him.

in this sort of situation, the Icesnow Phoenixes decided to settle for the second best, and had gone to search for the World Devastator Immortal’s assistance.

However, after the World Devastator Immortal arrived, he was powerless against Tantai Xue’s illness.

At the moment when the Icesnow Phoenixes were nearly driven to despair, the World Devastator Immortal recommended the Dark Hall’s Hall Master to them.

After the Dark Hall’s Hall Master arrived, he managed to stabilize Tantai Xue’s deteriorating illness. However, he was unable to wake Tantai Xue.

He said that Tantai Xue’s illness was fine. Merely, they would need to slowly nurse her back to health in order to wake her up. Furthermore, he said that he could heal her on one condition -- he demanded that the Dark Hall be established in the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain.

Seeing that Tantai Xue’s illness had made a change for the better, the Icesnow Phoenixes were extremely grateful. At that time, they reacted as if they had seen their savior. Thus, they agreed to the Dark Hall’s Hall Master’s request.

Later on, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master requested to become allies with the Icesnow Phoenixes. As for that, the Icesnow Phoenixes accepted without the slightest hesitation either.

However, from there, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master’s demands had grown more and more excessive. In the end, he had even requested for the Icesnow Phoenixes to assist them in taking care of the Ancient Era’s Elves.

Naturally, the Icesnow Phoenixes refused this sort of demand. As for the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, he was also very tactful. From that point onward, he never requested it again.

However, several days ago, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master once again dispatched his men to the Icesnow Phoenixes, stating that the Ancient Era’s Elves would come to attack the Dark Hall, and demanded that Icesnow Phoenixes assist in holding them back.

Originally, the Icesnow Phoenixes were planning to refuse his request. After all, no matter how strong the Icesnow Phoenixes might be, they still knew how powerful the Ancient Era’s Elves were. As such, they did not wish to become enemies with the Ancient Era’s Elves because of the Dark Hall.

However, the Dark Hall began to threaten them with Tantai Xue’s health. As Tantai Xue was the Icesnow Phoenixes’ weak spot, upon consideration that there might not be anyone capable of saving Tantai Xue should the Dark Hall be defeated and the Dark Hall’s Hall Master be killed, the Icesnow Phoenixes ended up agreeing to their request.

That was the reason why the Icesnow Phoenixes had blocked the Ancient Era’s Elves’ army earlier.

“The Dark Hall’s Hall Master is truly despicable,” After hearing what had happened, Chu Feng cursed out.

“Little friend Chu Feng, why do you say that?” Hearing those words, the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief’s expression changed.

“While it might true that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master alleviated Tantai Xue’s illness, Tantai Xue should have awakened by now.”

“However, the reason why she did not wake up is because there is a kind of poison in her body. It is that poison that makes her unable to wake up.”

“As for that poison, it should have been placed there by the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. As senior said, even if you all failed to increase Tantai Xue’s cultivation, it should only lead to damage to her body and definitely not to her being poisoned,” Chu Feng said.

“No, not poisoned, definitely not poisoned,” The Clan Chief nodded.

“There we go. The poison in Tantai Xue’s body was most definitely put there by that Dark Hall’s Hall Master. The reason why he did not wake up Tantai Xue was precisely so that he could use her to control you all,” Chu Feng said.

“Control? Why must he control us?”

“We asked him here to treat our Lady Chieftain’s illness. How could he do this sort of thing?” The Clan Chief revealed an expression of anger.

“If he is to completely cure Tantai Xue’s illness and wake her up, then even if you all are to go back on your words and kick them out of the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain, there would be nothing that he could do about it.”

“But, if Tantai Xue’s illness could not be cured, you all would have to rely on him. Thus… he would definitely have to hold a tight grasp on Tantai Xue, his bargaining chip,” Chu Feng explained.

“Damn it. I’ve truly grown more muddled in my old age. I have lived for over ten thousand years, yet I was actually exploited by a member of the younger generation.”

“Not only was I myself taken advantage of, I even harmed Lady Chieftain, and ended up getting her poisoned. I am truly foolish,” After hearing about this, the Clan Chief was extremely furious. At the same time, he started to blame himself.

“Senior, please don’t worry. Although that poison is very strong, it is only capable of keeping Tantai Xue asleep. It will not harm her.”

“After I remove the poison, Tantai Xue will wake up,” Chu Feng said.

“Truly?” Hearing those words, the Clan Chief revealed a shocked expression. Then, he asked, “Little friend Chu Feng, you know world spirit techniques?”

“Junior is a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Truly?” The Clan Chief asked again.

“Junior would not dare to deceive senior,” Chu Feng said with a smile again.

“Then, little friend Chu Feng, how certain are you in being able to remove Lady Chieftain’s poison?” The Clan Chief asked.

“I am ninety-nine percent certain,” Chu Feng said confidently.

“Since that’s the case, I will trouble little friend Chu Feng then. Please remove the poison from Lady Chieftain as quickly as possible,” The Clan Chief urged. He felt extremely uneasy just knowing that Tantai Xue had been poisoned.

However, even though he was urging Chu Feng to quickly remove Tantai Xue’s poison, there were still misgivings in the gaze with which he looked at Chu Feng.

No matter what, he was certain that Tantai Xue’s illness was not simple. Else, she would’ve already woken up.

As for Chu Feng, he was so young. Would he truly be able to wake up Tantai Xue? To put it frankly, he was not confident in Chu Feng.

It was not that he did not trust Chu Feng. Rather, he did not believe that Chu Feng would truly be able to help Tantai Xue regain consciousness.

Thus, even though he was the one who was telling Chu Feng to help Tantai Xue, he only did so as an attempt to try out their luck.

In actuality, he did not possess much hope that Chu Feng would succeed.

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