Chapter 2044 - The Course Of Events

Chapter 2044 - The Course Of Events

“Senior, to you, I am supposed to be a peak Martial King or, at the very most, a Half Martial Emperor instead of a Martial Emperor. Is that right?” Chu Feng said.

Hearing those words, that Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief narrowed his eyes again. He seemed to be pondering something. In the end, he nodded.

“If I am not mistaken, Tantai Xue must’ve mentioned me to you. In fact, several years ago, this junior’s cultivation was indeed not even that of a Half Martial Emperor.”

“However, the person standing before you is the actual me. Furthermore, I believe Tantai Xue should only have a single friend by the name of Chu Feng,” Chu Feng said.

“If you say you are Chu Feng, then you should know Tantai Xue very well,” That Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief said.

“You can ask me about things concerning Tantai Xue. If I am able to answer them, then I should really be Chu Feng. If I cannot answer them, then I am a fake,” Chu Feng said.

Sensing that the situation was amiss, a person from the Dark Hall hurriedly urged, “Clan Chief Icesnow, do not bother with him. That child is extremely cunning. He is stalling for time right now. He must be plotting some...”

“Shut up!!!”

However, before that man could finish his words, the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief shouted angrily at him. His angry shout contained his Emperor’s might. His Emperor’s might knocked that person from the Dark Hall several steps back and made him fall onto his butt powerlessly.

That Clan Chief did not pay any attention to the miserable condition of that man from the Dark Hall. Instead, with a smile on his face, he looked to Chu Feng and said, “Then, listen carefully.”

After that, the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief began to ask Chu Feng many questions regarding Tantai Xue. Among them were questions about the experiences that Chu Feng and Tantai Xue had experienced together. As for Chu Feng, he was able to answer all of them easily.

“Little friend Chu Feng, it’s really you!!!”

When the final question was answered, that Clan Chief revealed an overjoyed expression. His body shifted, and he arrived before Chu Feng. He placed his hands onto Chu Feng’s shoulders and smiled joyfully.

Seeing the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief entering their camp and placing his hands on Chu Feng, the Ancient Era’s Elves’ experts started to frown. They were planning to attack.

However, the attentive Elf King hurriedly sent a voice transmission to stop them. As matters stood, he seemed to be able to tell that Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief possessed a special sort of relationship with that young lady by the name of Tantai Xue. Furthermore, after he verified Chu Feng’s identity, he possessed no hostility toward Chu Feng.

At that moment, the Elf King had a premonition that perhaps Chu Feng might be able to take care of the Icesnow Phoenixes, this thorny opponent.

“This is truly what they mean by surging waters flooding the Dragon King’s temple, and one’s family failing to recognize one another,” Sure enough, that Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief was extremely excited. Not only was he looking at Chu feng without any of his previous hostility, he even had an expression as if he was looking at a close relative. He appeared extremely amiable toward Chu Feng.

[1. According to legend, long ago, there was a Dragon King’s temple in the East China Sea. Several miles away from the Dragon King’s temple was a vegetable field. The field was near another temple. The old monk in the temple was good friends with the old man who owned the field. One day, the old man told the old monk that his field was being watered without him watering it. The old monk decided to check it out, and saw that there was a goose-like monster watering the field every day for the 3 days that he surveyed the field. Then, on the fourth day, the monk decided to get his sword to fight the goose monster. He attacked the goose monster and angered it, causing it to flood the region and even the Dragon King’s temple several miles away. The Dragon King was angered by the flood and dispatched his troops to attack the goose monster. The goose monster fought with the troops dispatched by the Dragon King for three days and three nights. In the end, it was no match for them, and ended up revealing its true form. It turned out to be the Dragon King’s third son, the Third Prince. The Third Prince had been kicked out of the Eastern Sea because he had broken the law. His punishment had been set to three years. For the sake of providing meritorious service, the Third Prince had decided to do good deeds for mortals. However, after being attacked by the old monk, he ended up causing a flood. Furthermore, he had not dared to reveal himself when fighting against the Dragon King’s troops. This was why this misunderstanding came to be. Basically… family fighting family because they failed to recognize them.]

“Senior, it seems that Tantai Xue is within your Icesnow Phoenix Race?” Chu Feng was also extremely happy.

From the previous dialogue, he was certain that Tantai Xue had not only come, she should possess a very good relationship with the Icesnow Phoenixes. Else, she would not have told this old man this many things concerning herself.

“She’s here. Do you plan to go and see her?” That Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief asked.

“That would naturally be the best,” Chu Feng said.

“Wait a moment,” As that Clan Chief spoke, he removed his ring and handed it to a rank eight Martial Emperor-level expert beside him. Then, with a low voice, he said, “If they do anything, kill them.”

After he finished saying those words, he looked to Chu Feng and said, “Little friend Chu Feng, follow me,” Then, he turned around to leave.

“Chu Feng,” Seeing that Chu Feng actually really began to follow him, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the others were very worried.

“Seniors, please rest assured. I will return immediately,” Chu Feng made a gesture to tell them that he would be fine. Then, without looking back, he followed that old man.

Being lead by that Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief, Chu Feng arrived at the Icesnow Phoenixes’ clan territory. It was a bunch of buildings located in a snowy mountain.

As for the place where Tantai Xue was, it was a tightly guarded and extremely gorgeous castle of ice and snow.

Chu Feng felt that the castle that Tantai Xue was in should be the best castle in the Icesnow Phoenixes’ clan territory.

However, after Chu Feng entered the castle and saw Tantai Xue, he started to frown, and his gaze became very unstable.

The reason for that was because Tantai Xue was lying on top of a bed of ice and snow.

While that bed of ice and snow emitted extreme coldness, it was also flowing with light. One could tell from a single glance that it was a treasure.

If one were to sleep on that bed, not only would one not be affected by frostbite, it would instead provide a great effect for tempering one’s body. Not only would one be able to strengthen one’s body, one could also increase one’s cultivation.

The reason why Chu Feng was so worried was because, even though Tantai Xue was lying on top of that bed, she was sleeping.

Chu Feng was able to tell with a single glance that Tantai Xue was not just sleeping. Instead, it seemed more like she had been poisoned.

“What’s going on here?” Chu Feng asked in a very serious manner.

“Little friend Chu Feng, since you are a friend of our Lady Chieftain, I will not conceal this matter from you,” The Clan Chief said.

“Lady Chieftain?” Chu Feng was extremely shocked to hear those words.

Even though he had already guessed that Tantai Xue possessed a decent relationship with the Icesnow Phoenixes, he had not expected her to hold such a status among the Icesnow Phoenixes.

Lady Chieftain? Didn’t that mean that Tantai Xue was the leader of these Icesnow Phoenixes?

“That’s right, Tantai Xue is our Icesnow Phoenix race’s actual ruler,” Seemingly knowing what Chu Feng was wondering about, the Clan Chief spoke to confirm it.


At that moment, even Chu Feng was unable to contain himself from sucking in a mouthful of cold air. Chu Feng rarely felt this astonished. However, this matter had truly surpassed his imagination.

Afterwards, the Clan Chief began to explain things to Chu Feng. From that, Chu Feng came to know a bit of the Icesnow Phoenixes’ past.

It turned out that there was actually a special reason why the Icesnow Phoenixes, this group of mysterious monstrous beast, were this powerful in the Holy Land of Martialism.

Like the Ancient Era’s Elves, the Icesnow Phoenixes were a race that had existed since the Ancient Era. They were products of the Ancient Era.

Although the Ancient Era was extremely far in the past, the records left behind by the Icesnow Phoenixes allowed them to know that they were not peak existences back then.

On the contrary, they were extremely weak and small in the Ancient Era. They were a small race that would frequently be bullied by others.

One day, the Icesnow Phoenixes offended an extremely powerful race in the Ancient Era, and nearly suffered the destruction of their entire race.

In the end, it was a human expert that saved them. Not only did that human expert save them, that expert had also taken upon himself the identity of an Icesnow Phoenix. That person began to stay with the Icesnow Phoenixes, and started to lead them on a path of conquest. That person allowed the Icesnow Phoenixes, a race that used to be bullied, to play a role in the Ancient Era.

Even though that person was a human, the Icesnow Phoenixes accepted that person as their Chief, and addressed that person as Chief the entire time.

However, one day, their human Chieftain suddenly left. Before leaving, that person took one of the Icesnow Phoenixes’ treasures, the Coldsnow Dagger, with him.

Furthermore, that person said to the Icesnow Phoenixes, “If someone is to come here with this Coldsnow Dagger and is surnamed Tantai, that person will be my descendant. Icesnow Phoenixes, you all must treat my descendant well.”

After many years had passed, that human Chieftain never reappeared, and his descendants never appeared either. However, the Icesnow Phoenixes remembered this matter the entire time. It was something that they remembered firmly, something that was passed down from their records.

By the words of their ancestors, they said, “Regardless of what cultivation that human Chieftain’s descendant might have, regardless of what sort of moral conduct his descendant might have, as long as his descendant is to come find us Icesnow Phoenixes with the Coldsnow Dagger, his descendant shall be our Chief and we shall obediently follow their every order.”

In fact, the reason why the Icesnow Phoenixes had guarded the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain the entire time was also because of their ancestors’ instructions.

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