Chapter 2043 - Asking About One’s Friend

Chapter 2043 - Asking About One’s Friend

Even though these birds were known as the Icesnow Phoenixes, Chu Feng felt that they possessed an enormous difference when compared to the legendary Phoenixes.

To be exact, they looked more like enormous birds covered with ice and snow. However, their strength was definitely not something to be looked down upon.

Most importantly, people from the Dark Hall and the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts that they controlled had appeared alongside the Icesnow Phoenixes.

“Icesnow Phoenixes, I never expected you all to be in cahoots with the Dark Hall. We Ancient Era’s Elves have truly thought too highly of you all before,” The Elf King looked to a white-haired old man among the Icesnow Phoenixes.

Although that old man had the appearance of a human, his body was covered with a layer of frost. The coldness that he emitted from his core was not something that could be concealed.

Judging by his appearance, he should be the leader of the Icesnow Phoenixes. Merely, his cultivation was inferior to that of the Elf King; he was only a rank eight Martial Emperor.

“This is not a place where you all should step foot in. If you are to leave now, we can spare your lives,” That leader of the Icesnow Phoenixes said with an ice-cold tone. From his attitude, it could be seen that the Icesnow Phoenixes seemed to not place the Ancient Era’s Elves in their eyes at all.

However, if one were to carefully think about it, the Icesnow Phoenixes would kill anyone else that intruded upon their territory.

However, from their attitude, it seemed that they were willing to release the Ancient Era’s Elves. Likely, they might also be afraid of the Ancient Era’s Elves.

However, right after that Icesnow Phoenixes’ leader finished saying his words, someone from the Dark Hall said, “No, you cannot release them.”

“Who are you to interrupt when our Clan Chief is speaking?” However, right after that person from the Dark Hall spoke, the Icesnow Phoenixes present all turned their cold gazes toward that person.

That place was a place of ice and snow, a place that was bone-chillingly cold. But, at that moment, everyone felt that the temperature had decreased by tens of degrees.

Furthermore, at that moment, everyone could see that the body of the person from the Dark Hall that interrupted earlier shivered. Then, he did not dare to say anything anymore.

“The Dark Hall is an organization that has done all sorts of evils. For the sake of obtaining their goals, they are willing to sacrifice innocent lives. Today, we, the Ancient Era’s Elves, insist that we shall eradicate the Dark Hall on behalf of the heavens.”

“If you Icesnow Phoenixes insist on blocking our path, battle today will be unavoidable,” The Elf King said.


Right after the Elf King finished saying those words, light began to shine from that old man’s ring. Then, a cold ray of light shot out from that ring and toward the sky.


An ear-piercing bird’s roar was heard. Then, a two hundred-plus-meter tall Icesnow Phoenix appeared out of thin air.

It was larger than all of the other Icesnow Phoenixes. Merely, it did not possess a physical body. Its body was flickering like a spirit body would. That said, that Icesnow Phoenix was emitting the aura of a rank nine Martial Emperor.

At that moment, it was running its two enormous eyes over the crowd. Its eyes were filled with killing intent. It was as if it would immediately unleash fatal attacks should the Ancient Era’s Elves move.

“If you insist on fighting, we Icesnow Phoenixes do not fear you,” That Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief said.


Right at that moment, a loud explosion sounded from Du Wanwu. Then, his body burst apart and shot toward the sky. There, he turned into a poisonous humanoid larger than even that Icesnow Phoenix.

Poisonous liquid flowed through his entire body. Du Wanwu’s current appearance was most definitely much more frightening than that Icesnow Phoenix.

“Did you think that we would be afraid of you?” Du Wanwu’s coarse and ferocious voice sounded from the sky.

After Du Wanwu said those words, Chu Feng noticed that the Icesnow Phoenixes’ gazes also changed slightly.

Even though they concealed it very well, Chu Feng was still able to tell that they were scared after Du Wanwu revealed his strength.

“Since that’s the case, I am able to let you all experience the might of us Icesnow Phoenixes.”

Even though they were already a bit scared, the Icesnow Phoenixes still unleashed overwhelming killing intent the moment their Clan Chief spoke those words.

Sensing their overwhelming killing intent, the Ancient Era’s Elves started to frown. Even though the Icesnow Phoenixes numbered extremely few, they were all elites. At the very least, the several hundred Icesnow Phoenixes standing before them right now were all Martial Emperors.

Even though they possessed a lot more Martial Emperors than the Icesnow Phoenixes, if they were to truly battle the Icesnow Phoenixes, there would definitely be casualties on their side too. In fact, the casualties might even be disastrous in number.

After all, the Icesnow Phoenix that Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief unleashed with his ring was not only a rank nine Martial Emperor. In addition to that, it possessed an undying and indestructible body. That was a real thorny problem.

In that sort of situation, neither the Ancient Era’s Elves nor the Icesnow Phoenixes took the lead to attack.

They seemed to know that both sides would suffer disastrous casualties should they start fighting. Furthermore, they would not be able to stop even if they wanted to.

Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly spoke, “Before we fight, I have a question that I wish to ask. Lord Clan Chief, might you be willing to answer my question?”

“If you wish to fight, then fight. Why bother with superfluous words?” An Icesnow Phoenix shouted angrily. It seemed that they were prepared to fight. No matter what, they would not allow Chu Feng and the others to pass through them.

However, Chu Feng did not give up on asking his question. Instead, he directly asked, “Has a young lady by the name Tantai Xue come to find you all before?”

“Mn?” To the crowd’s surprise, the moment Chu Feng mentioned the name ‘Tantai Xue,’ the Icesnow Phoenixes’ expressions all changed. They were even more shocked than when Du Wanwu revealed his strength.

At that moment, the Icesnow Phoenixes all turned their gazes to Chu Feng. As for their Clan Chief, he asked in a serious manner, “How did you know about this?”

“Not only do I know that Tantai Xue went to find you all, I also know that she held a Coldsnow Dagger. Although I do not know why she went to find you all, but if she had, could you all tell me of her whereabouts?” From the Icesnow Phoenixes’ reactions, Chu Feng had determined that Tantai Xue had indeed gone to find them.

“What is your relationship with her?” That Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief asked.

“I am her friend,” Chu Feng said.

“What is your name?” That Clan Chief continued to ask.

“Junior is called Chu Feng,” Chu Feng clasped his fist.

“You are Chu Feng?” Hearing those words, that Clan Chief was startled. However, soon, his aged eyes revealed an alert expression. He narrowed his eyes and said, “You said you’re Chu Feng? You are deceiving us then.”

“Deceiving? Senior, what do you mean by that?” Chu Feng asked.

“I have heard of this Chu Feng before. However, your cultivation is much higher than his,” That Clan Chief said.

“Utterly ridiculous. There are this many people from the Holy Land of Martialism here. Who among us do not know that he is Chu Feng?” However, once that Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief said those words, the Ancient Era’s Elves and the experts from the Holy Land of Materialism started to ridicule him.

The current Chu Feng was renowned through the Holy Land of Martialism. Furthermore, his portrait had long since spread throughout the entire Holy Land of Martialism. There were extremely few people in the Holy Land of Martialism that didn’t know Chu Feng.

Yet, these renowned Icesnow Phoenixes were actually saying that Chu Feng was a fake. To them, this was truly ridiculous.

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