Chapter 2042 - Icesnow Phoenix

Chapter 2042 - Icesnow Phoenix

In the same pitch-black palace hall. The Dark Hall’s Hall Master was still there. He was sitting on that imposing and domineering seat.

The Dark Hall’s Hall Master was still wearing a mask. However, it could be seen from his two eyes that he was very happy.

He placed a lot of trust in Xue Ji. Thus, the way he saw it, as long as the Ancient Era’s Elves took the bait, they would definitely be digging their own grave.

The enemies that he feared the most in the Holy Land of Martialism had finally been eliminated.


Suddenly, a beautiful figure entered the palace hall. Like a celestial fairy, she slowly descended before the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

That woman was extremely beautiful. Her beauty surpassed that of celestial fairies. However, she emitted a demon-like dangerous aura from all over. This woman was Xue Ji.

“My Xue Ji, you’ve finally returned. If you still hadn’t returned, I would have gone out to find you,” Seeing Xue Ji’s return, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master smiled extremely attentively. This side of him was something that he would only reveal to Xue Ji.

“It’s a failure,” Xue Ji said.

“Failure?!” Hearing those words, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master immediately stood up. He simply did not dare to believe in his own ears. After calming himself down, he asked, “Exactly what happened? How did it end up being a failure?”

“Originally, everything was going according to plan. The Ancient Era’s Elves’ army was about to be killed by that Poisonous Substance. However, never would I have expected that Chu Feng actually knew that Poisonous Substance. He used his world spirit techniques to awaken the Poisonous Substance, and helped it recover its physical body. Now, that Poisonous Substance is no longer under my control. Furthermore, it is standing with Chu Feng,” Xue Ji spoke the truth.

“What did you say?”

“That Poisonous Substance actually knew Chu Feng? Furthermore, it managed to regain consciousness, and is now standing on Chu Feng’s side? What’s going on with this? Didn’t you say that you’d managed to control it completely?” After hearing what had happened, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was extremely angry.

The reason for that was because he also knew very well how frightening that Poisonous Substance was. If that Poisonous Substance were to regain its rationality, it would definitely make their Dark Hall its enemy.

Right now, a single Ancient Era’s Elves’ Elf King was already enough to cause him a headache. If a ferocious Poisonous Substance were to be added to that, it would definitely become a thorny problem.

“I had indeed gained control over it. Merely, I never expected that Chu Feng would be capable of awakening it.”

“It could only be said that Chu Feng has surpassed our imagination. This, this matter cannot be blamed on me. After all, I had indeed successfully managed to control that Poisonous Substance,” Xue Ji said.

“If you aren’t the one to be blamed, am I to be blamed then? You had me put forth all my resources to stabilize that monster’s cultivation, to allow it to obtain a cultivation of rank nine Martial Emperor from that poison Gu. In the end, it actually went off to help Chu Feng. I have spent all that effort, but in the end, it was all for that Chu Feng’s benefit.”

At that moment, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was truly enraged. He was only holding back because the person standing before him was Xue Ji; if it were anyone else, he would’ve definitely smashed them to death with a palm strike.

It was truly too infuriating. The person he hated the most right now was Chu Feng. Yet, his plan was actually ruined by Chu Feng again. This was truly intolerable for him.

“What use is there in being angry? I am also extremely angry. But, can that change what has happened?”

“That Poisonous Substance seemed to know that we are located here. Right now, it is leading Chu Feng and the others here.”

“The location where we set up the trap is not far away from the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain. They will soon arrive.”

“Thus, Lord Hall Master, rather than being angry, you should be thinking about how to take care of them.”

“You should know that you are not only facing the Elf King now. In addition to him, there’s another rank nine Martial Emperor by the name of Du Wanwu,” Xue Ji said.

“Damn it!” Hearing those words, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was so enraged that he shot out a fist strike. An explosion sounded, and the vast space they were in started to tremble violently.


Right at that moment, ear-piercing roars sounded from below them. Those roars sounded like the voices of demons as they filled the area.

At that moment, the trembling became even more intense. It was as if this place could collapse at any moment.

“Lord Hall Master, I urge you to calm yourself. Do not have your pet eat you before the Ancient Era’s Elves arrive,” Xue Ji said with narrowed eyes.

“You only managed to refine this thing after using so many Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts. Exactly how much longer must I wait to be able to use it?” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master asked.

“It’ll be soon. As long as we can buy enough time, a month, I will be able to make you the strongest expert in the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“At that time, not only will you become the strongest expert in the Holy Land of Martialism, you will also be able to obtain power that your clansmen in the Outer World do not possess. At that time, you can return to the Outer World impressively,” Xue Ji said.

Hearing those words, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master’s eyes shone. He seemed to have thought of something, and actually managed to calm down from his state of extreme fury. He said, “As matters stand, there is no other way. We can only have our allies block them for us.”

“Those Icesnow Phoenixes are hard to handle. Are you sure they will be willing to help you?” Xue Ji asked.

“Tell them this. As long as they help me, I will definitely heal that girl’s illness.”

“However, if something unexpected is to happen to me, no one in this Holy Land of Martialism will be able to save that girl,” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master said.

“Very well,” As Xue Ji spoke, she turned to leave.

After Xue Ji left, only the Dark Hall’s Hall Master and the demon-like existence deep underground remained in that place.

“Chu Feng, after I successfully master the demonic technique, I will definitely make you know the consequences of offending me,” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master looked to the thing below that was emitting roars nonstop. Deep killing intent filled his eyes.

As the Dark Hall’s Hall Master looked downward, his gaze started to change. From anger, joy appeared in his eyes. Furthermore, the more he looked, the stronger he smiled.

Suddenly, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master put his hand on his mask. After he removed his mask, a crude face was revealed.

It turned out that this Dark Hall’s Hall Master was only a middle-aged man. He had most definitely lived for longer than Chu Feng. However, according to his age, he could still be considered part of the younger generation in the Holy Land of Martialism.

However, his face appeared extremely ferocious and ruthless. Even though he was smiling, his smile only made his treachery and ruthlessness appear even clearer.

“Chu Feng, oh Chu Feng, people all feel that you are this era’s overlord. However… they don’t know that this era’s overlord is destined to be me.”

“Not only am I going to become this era’s overlord, I will also become the strongest overlord in the history of the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“As for you, so what if you possess some talent? In the end, you will only become my stepping stone.”


Several days passed. The Ancient Era’s Elves’ army had set foot into the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain. Furthermore, they were rapidly approaching the Dark Hall’s headquarters.

However, at that moment, their path was blocked by many enormous birds of ice and snow.

The smallest among those enormous birds were over thirty meters tall. The several largest ones were over a hundred meters tall. Their bodies were composed of ice and snow, and they emitted threatening coldness.

With each movement of their wings, a gale shot forth, creating explosive snowstorms.

As for these enormous birds of ice and snow, they were the most mysterious monstrous beasts of the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain, the Icesnow Phoenixes.

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