Chapter 2041 - Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain

Chapter 2041 - Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain

“Seniors, this person is Du Wanwu’s descendant. His name is also Du Wanwu,” Then, Chu Feng began to tell the story of how he and Du Wanwu got to know one another, as well as why Du Wanwu had turned into his current state.

“Haha, in that case, it would seem that it was all because of me that you came to know this Du Wanwu and obtained a body immune to poison,” The Snow-haired Immortal said proudly after hearing about what had happened.

“Eh… I guess you could consider it that way,” Chu Feng smiled wryly. Even though what the Snow-haired Immortal did had ended up becoming a good deed, it remained that her original intention back then had been to experiment with Chu Feng.

Furthermore, if it wasn’t for the fact that Chu Feng was very tough himself, he would’ve already died back then. How could he possibly be alive today?

Yet, the Snow-haired Immortal was so immensely proud of herself. This caused Chu feng to feel truly speechless.

“Everyone, although I was taken advantage of by the Dark Hall this entire time and was unable to control myself, my consciousness was not in chaos. I know what has happened in this period of time.”

“Thus, not only do I know of the battle between you all and the Dark Hall, I also know that you all have come here today to search for the Dark Hall’s headquarters.”

“And I… just so happen to know the actual location of the Dark Hall’s headquarters,” Du Wanwu said.

“Truly?” Hearing those words, the crowd all revealed pleasantly surprised expressions.

They had come here with the intention of staking their all to fight a battle to the death against the Dark Hall. However, they had not expected to end up falling for such a trap. [1. Well, technically, they expected a trap but didn’t expect it to be Du Wanwu’s poison, a trap that almost killed them all.]

But now, not only had Chu Feng managed to neutralize the calamity, he had also brought Du Wanwu, a peak Martial Emperor, to join them.

This could truly be said to be a profit from a disaster. If they were to be able to find the Dark Hall’s headquarters at this time too, it would truly be great.

“The Dark Hall’s headquarters is located in the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain,” Du Wanwu said.

“Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain?” Hearing those words, the crowd’s expressions all changed. Their overjoyed expressions immediately stiffened.

However, at that moment, the person feeling the most perplexed by this was none other than Chu Feng. The reason for that was because it was not the first time he had heard of the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain. He possessed quite a thorough understanding of the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain. He knew that it was an extremely remote place in the Holy Land of Martialism.

That place was also one of the most well-known forbidden areas in the Holy Land of Martialism. The reason for that was because there was an extremely ferocious type of monstrous beast there by the name of the Ice-snow Phoenix. The Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain was the territory of the Ice-snow Phoenixes. Thus, anyone that encountered an Ice-snow Phoenix in the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain would end up being killed by it.

The reason why Chu Feng knew about the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain was because his friend Tantai Xue had left for the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain after they had unsealed the secret of the Coldsnow Dagger years ago. Furthermore, Tantai Xue’s purpose in going to the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain had been precisely to find the Ice-snow Phoenixes.

Recalling that, it had been a very long time since Chu Feng had been separated from Tantai Xue back then.

In this period of time, Chu Feng had shaken heaven and earth, causing numerous major sensations throughout the Holy Land of Martialism.

However, he had received no news of Tantai Xue. She had never once appeared in the Holy Land of Martialism after their separation. Thus, Chu Feng had been worried for her the entire time.

Originally, Chu Feng had planned to go to the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain to search for Tantai Xue when he had time to do so.

However, unexpectedly, things kept happening in rapid succession. As such, he was unable to move about freely.

Thus, he had not had the chance to go and search for Tantai Xue.

“They’ve actually hidden themselves in the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain. No wonder we were unable to find them,” At that moment, an extremely surprised expression appeared in the Elf King’s eyes.

“The Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain is a bit difficult to deal with. Although there aren’t a lot of Ice-snow Phoenixes, they are the most mysterious and most difficult to deal with monstrous beasts in the Holy Land of Martialism,” At that moment, even Lord Lianghua, a rank eight Martial Emperor, revealed a somewhat complicated expression.

In fact, when Lord Lianghua mentioned the name Ice-snow Phoenix, the grand characters present all revealed abnormal expressions. They appeared to have been frightened by the mention of something fearful.

Unable to contain himself, Chu Feng asked, “The Ice-snow Phoenixes really exist?” After all, the Ice-snow Phoenixes were related to Tantai Xue.

“Not only do they exist, they are extremely dangerous. The Dark Hall is truly bold to have actually hidden themselves there. Could it be… that they have eliminated the Ice-snow Phoenixes?”

“Impossible. With the Dark Hall’s strength, it is impossible for them to eliminate the Ice-snow Phoenixes.”

“Merely… why is it that they are able to set up camp in the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain? Why would the Ice-snow Phoenixes allow them to do so?” The Elf King’s eyes narrowed. He started to ponder.

“They used some sort of method to come to an agreement with the Ice-snow Phoenixes. Right now, they are allied with the Ice-snow Phoenixes,” Du Wanwu said.

“What? The Dark Hall is allied with the Ice-snow Phoenixes? This is bad,” After hearing this, everyone, including the Elf King, started to frown.

Seeing this scene, Chu Feng realized that the Ice-snow Phoenixes were extraordinary beings.

The reason for that was because when the Ancient Era’s Elves had discovered that the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace had allied themselves with the Dark Hall, they were only furious. After all, from the beginning, they had never placed the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace in their eyes.

However… after finding out that the Ice-snow Phoenixes had allied themselves with the Dark Hall, they actually reacted in such a manner. It was as if they were confronted with a major enemy. It was clear… that the Ice-snow Phoenixes was a group of thorny existences. They were so thorny that even the Ancient Era’s Elves had to face them earnestly.

“Could it be that there is also a peak Martial Emperor among the Ice-snow Phoenixes?” Chu Feng asked.

The way he saw it, the Elf King was a peak Martial Emperor. Unless his opponent was also a peak Martial Emperor, there was no way he would react in such a manner.

“It is not that the Ice-snow Phoenixes possess a peak Martial Emperor. Rather, they possess a special treasure. That treasure is capable of unleashing a peak Martial Emperor-level expert.”

“Furthermore, because it is unleashed by that treasure, that peak Martial Emperor is unkillable and indestructible.”

“Fortunately, the Ice-snow Phoenixes only care about their own territory, and only guard the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain. Else… the true ruler of the Holy Land of Martialism might not necessarily be us Ancient Era’s Elves,” The Elf King said with a wry smile.

“The Ice-snow Phoenixes are actually that powerful?” Chu Feng was startled upon hearing that. An unkillable and indestructible peak Martial Emperor. That would truly be frightening.

“Most importantly, the Ice-snow Phoenixes are an independent group. They looked down upon even us Ancient Era’s Elves. As such, why would they end up forming an alliance with the Dark Hall?” Lord Lianghua, Lord Luokong and the other two Grand Elders all revealed puzzled expressions.

“The Dark Hall’s Hall Master is from the Outer World. No matter how conceited the Ice-snow Phoenixes might be, they are only beings of the Holy Land of Martialism. Perhaps the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was truly capable of presenting something that made the Ice-snow Phoenixes willingly form an alliance with them?” The Elf King said.

Hearing those words, the crowd involuntarily looked to Chu Feng.

They all felt relieved.

No matter how noble they, the Ancient Era’s Elves, were, they knew that when compared to Chu Feng, who was from the Outer World, they would simply be incomparable to him. As for the Dark Hall’s Master, he was the same as Chu Feng.

“What do we do then?” The crowd all looked to the Elf King.

“As matters stand, there are no alternatives. Even if the Ice-snow Phoenixes have become the Dark Hall’s allies, we must still fight that battle,” The Elf King said.

“This matter should not be delayed. Everyone, let’s set off for the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain immediately. It would be best if we manage to catch them off guard. We cannot allow them time to prepare,” Chu Feng said.

“What little friend Chu Feng says is extremely correct,” The Elf King nodded. Then, he looked to Du Wanwu and said, “Little friend, thank you for your troubles.”

“I did what I was supposed to do. Even if you all do not fight against the Dark Hall, I would still not let that demonic woman get away,” Coldness flashed through Du Wanwu’s eyes. Then, he began to lead the way for the crowd.

The Ancient Era’s Elves’ army began to proceed toward the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain majestically.

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