Chapter 2040 - Reversal

Chapter 2040 - Reversal

“Wake up now. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by others,” Chu Feng said.

“I… I… I…” That voice started to hesitate.

“You are you. You shouldn’t be manipulated by anyone.”

“Come, wake up. My brother, do not forget about your clansmen. They are still waiting for you.”

“If you are to continue on like this, not only will the innocent be killed because of you, your clansmen will also one day be killed by you,” Chu Feng continued.

“No… I cannot kill my clansmen. I absolutely cannot.”

“I cannot!!!!!!”

The voice from the poisonous liquid grew more and more distinct. Then, a struggling intention filled the voice. In the end, that voice started to shout and snarl.

“Buzz, hum, hum, hum~~~~”

Following the final shout, the poisonous liquid that covered the crowd started to tremble fiercely.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Suddenly, the poisonous liquid that was corroding the crowd flew away rapidly. It was not only from the crowd; a seemingly infinite amount of the poisonous liquid was flying from the sky too.

It all began to condense in a location not far away from Chu Feng.

Soon, the poisonous liquid turned into an enormous giant. That giant was even larger than the stone giants. However, it was extremely nauseating to look at.

It was formed completely out of the green and gooey poisonous liquid. No organs or face could be seen. Only the poisonous fluid flowing through it. It was emitting a nauseating stench.

However, Chu Feng was able to recognize that it was Du Wanwu.

Seeing Du Wanwu, Chu Feng smiled lightly and said, “Brother, you’ve finally woken up.”

“I’m sorry Chu Feng. I… I unintentionally caused harm to your friends. I’ll heal them right away.”

As Du Wanwu spoke, his enormous hand waved. Immediately, a gale sprung forth. However, most importantly, as he waved his hand, poisonous liquid was once again emitted from all over his body. In a blink of an eye, it covered the bodies of the crowd.


Seeing this scene, the hearts of the crowd all tightened. Their complexions turned pale.

However, the very next moment, the panicking crowd all stood there stunned.

They were no longer being corroded by the poison. Instead, their bodies that had been covered by the poisonous liquid were being healed.

“Truly miraculous,” Seeing this scene, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the others all gasped in admiration.

As the saying goes, whoever started the trouble should end it. However, they truly did not expect that the monster covered with poison was not only capable of harming others with poison, but was also capable of saving others with poison.

Neutralized. No one expected that, at the moment when they were all close to despair, Chu Feng would manage to neutralize the crisis by himself.

At that moment, the crowd finally realized what Chu Feng meant when he said ‘truly foolish.’

It turned out that Chu Feng had already held certainty of victory, he had already thought of a way to save the crowd.

At that moment, the gazes with which the crowd looked to Chu Feng became even more complicated.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had saved them during a time when even the Elf King had been powerless to do anything.

“So that’s the case,” in the moment when the crowd were all overjoyed, Xue Ji’s voice sounded again.

“I truly never expected you to know that brat. Furthermore, you were certain that it was him the moment you saw the poisonous liquid.”

“You were using your blood to neutralize the poison rain not so that you could save the crowd with your blood. Rather, you wanted to use your blood to fuse with the poison so that you could use your aura to awaken him.”

“Chu Feng, I have underestimated you again,” Xue Ji’s voice was actually filled with admiration.

However, that voice was growing more and more distant. It meant that Xue Ji was already escaping the moment she said those words. However, no one knew where she had escaped to.

“Damned demonic woman, I will definitely turn you into a puddle of blood,” At that moment, Du Wanwu let out a furious snarl. It could be seen that he possessed enormous hatred for Xue Ji.

However, when Du Wanwu let out that snarl filled with overflowing killing intent, the Ancient Era’s Elves’ army started to frown. They revealed expressions of fear.

Earlier, Du Wanwu had nearly killed them. Even though Chu Feng addressed Du Wanwu as ‘brother,’ they still felt enormous fear of Du Wanwu.

“Brother, your appearance is a bit frightening. Let me help you recover your physical body,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he began to form a spirit formation that covered the massive form that Du Wanwu currently held.

After that spirit formation was set in motion, the enormous Du Wanwu started to shrink in size. Soon, he regained the appearance of a man. It was Du Wanwu’s actual appearance.

Merely, the current Du Wanwu was naked. Thus, Chu Feng used his world spirit techniques to create clothes for Du Wanwu, and directly covered his naked body.

“Chu Feng, you’ve helped me again,” Du Wanwu looked to his physical body and started to shiver emotionally.

“We’re brothers, do not mention this sort of thing. Helping you… is only what I am supposed to do.”

“Let alone, you will have to help me too,” Chu Feng said with a smile. He was very happy to see Du Wanwu. It was fortunate… that that poison rain had been caused by Du Wanwu. Otherwise, Chu Feng would also have had no way to solve this predicament.

“You don’t know. To be able to regain this appearance is something that I did not even dare to imagine to be possible,” As Du Wanwu said those words, his eyes were already moist.

Without having Du Wanwu tell him, Chu Feng was able to guess that something must’ve happened to Du Wanwu. However, regardless of what had happened, it would definitely be a terrible memory.

“You must’ve been taken advantage of by the people of the Dark Hall when you were refining that Inherited Gu, right?” Chu Feng said.

When Du Wanwu parted ways with Chu Feng, he did so to refine the Inherited Gu that his ancestor had left behind. At that time, Du Wanwu already knew that that Inherited Gu was very hard to control and he might end up becoming a monster.

Indeed, Du Wanwu had become a monster earlier. Furthermore, he had become a monster controlled by the Dark Hall. Thus, Chu Feng felt that a mishap must’ve happened to him when he was refining that Inherited Gu.

“That is the case. I traveled far away to this place so that I could refine the Inherited Gu and not cause harm to others should I fail.”

“However, never did I anticipate that I would end up being taken advantage of by that demonic woman,” When mentioning this matter, Du Wanwu revealed a face filled with hatred.

“It was only that demonic woman and no one else?” Chu Feng asked.

“There was also that Dark Hall’s Hall Master. He set up the spirit formations here, along with some other tricks.”

“However, the actual manipulator was that demonic woman. That woman knows how to use extremely vicious sorcery. She used that to control me,” Du Wanwu said.

“Sorcery?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng started to frown. From Du Wanwu’s words, Chu Feng was able to tell that that woman’s so-called sorcery seemed to be even more powerful than the Dark Hall’s Hall Master’s world spirit techniques.

“Chu Feng, this little friend is?” At that moment, the Elf King and the others walked over.

They were extremely curious as to who Du Wanwu was. Not only did he unleash that extremely frightening poison earlier, his cultivation was actually that of a rank nine Martial Emperor, the same level as the Elf King, a peak Martial Emperor.

Du Wanwu’s strength, made it so that they had to take note of him.

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