Chapter 2039 - Truly Foolish

Chapter 2039 - Truly Foolish

“My my my, this is truly worthy of the greatest admiration. He actually sacrificed himself to save others.”

“Unfortunately, he remains only a mortal. Even if he did use his world spirit techniques to reproduce more blood, it is still limited. The amount of people that he can save is truly few,” Xue Ji said mockingly.

“Are you certain of that?” Right at that moment, Chu Feng’s voice was heard.


After Chu Feng’s voice sounded, light began to shine from the place where Chu Feng had been standing. Soon, Chu Feng’s body began to form anew. He had actually recovered.

Chu Feng’s body had recovered completely. Even his clothes were exactly the same as before. Merely, his complexion had become a bit pale. It could be seen that he had damaged his health by exploding and using his blood to save the crowd.


However, even with that being the case, Chu Feng once again made his body explode. Another rain of blood began to sprinkle down with his explosion. He had saved another portion of the army.

Just like this, Chu Feng continued to make his body explode repeatedly. He blew up his body thirty-nine times. When his body recovered after the thirty-ninth explosion, his complexion was ashen, and his eyes were somewhat dim.

Even though Chu Feng possessed an undying and indestructible body, it was very taxing on his spirit power to reproduce his blood repeatedly with world spirit techniques.

After all, he had not just reproduced more blood, he had also reproduced the property of his blood that rendered him immune to poisons.

Thus, this led to his spirit power growing weaker and weaker. Even his soul and source energy were damaged in the process.

Seeing Chu Feng’s current state, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal shouted, “Chu Feng, stop! If this is to continue, your body and spirit will not be able to endure it!!!”

However, Chu Feng only smiled lightly at the Weaponry Refinement Immortal’s shout. How could he not know that this would be detrimental to his health? However, he could not allow himself to watch and not do anything as the people around him were corroded by poison.

He had to do this. Only by doing this would he be able to save everyone.

“Little friend Chu Feng!!!”

At that moment, the Elf King also wanted to stop Chu Feng. However, he was unable to say it.

After all, he was powerless facing the current situation. The only person capable of saving everyone right now was Chu Feng.

Merely, he deeply detested himself for being useless. As the king of the Ancient Era’s Elves, he could only watch as his clansmen were wounded by the poison without being able to do anything to assist them. Instead, he had to place all of his hopes on Chu Feng, a member of the younger generation. This caused him to hate himself bitterly.

“Foolishness,” That Xue Ji laughed mockingly at Chu Feng’s actions. The way she saw it, it was unworthy for Chu Feng to sacrifice himself to save others.

Besides, even if Chu Feng were to sacrifice himself, he would not be able to save the people present. The reason for that was because Xue Ji possessed a method to obtain certain victory.

“Since you are this ignorant, I shall let you know what it means to despair,” As Xue Ji spoke, a loud sound was heard.


Following that sound, a large amount of green rain began to rain down from the sky again. Once again, the rain drenched the crowd.

The portion of people that were saved by Chu Feng were once again covered by the poison rain, once again being corroded by the poisonous liquid.




Following that, successive explosions sounded in the sky. With each explosion, a large amount of poison would rain down, showering everyone.

After the continuous downpour of poison rain, Chu Feng’s blood that had covered a portion of the crowd was completely engulfed by the poison rain. All of Chu Feng’s efforts were in vain.


Seeing this scene, the Ancient Era’s Elves’ experts were unable to contain themselves and started to shout hysterically.

Despair. At that moment, despair was visible on their aged faces and in their experienced eyes.

If this were to continue, not to mention a single Chu Feng, even if there were ten more Chu Fengs, they would still not be able to save them.

The reason for that was because the poison rain was coming in cycles. It seemed as if it would continue to rain nonstop. As for them, there was simply no way for them to resist the poison.

Despair. They were in despair. Everyone’s faces were covered with despair.

The elites of the Ancient Era’s Elves, the numerous experts from the Holy Land of Martialism, the Cyanwood Mountain’s nominal elders and the stone army from the Ancient Era...

… they were all being corroded by the poison right now. Furthermore, they were powerless against the poison. All they could do was wait for death.

“Chu Feng, you can continue to attempt to use your blood to save them. I shall see whether you have more blood or I have more poison,” Xue Ji’s voice sounded. Her tone was filled with mockery.

“Haha…” However, at that moment, the extremely weak Chu Feng actually started to laugh. “Truly foolish.”

Hearing those words, Xue Ji asked, “What did you say?” She was truly confused by what Chu Feng meant.

It was not only her. All of the people present were confused by Chu Feng’s words.

As matters stood, they were in a completely passive state. It was clearly them who had been foolish. Thus, why would Chu Feng say that Xue Ji was foolish?

Or, could it be that Chu Feng was calling himself foolish? Could it be that Chu Feng was mocking himself?

“I said, you’re very foolish,” At the moment when everyone was pondering what Chu Feng meant, Chu Feng gave them an answer.

He was not mocking himself. He was indeed insulting Xue Ji.

“It is true that I continuously self detonated to use my blood to save the people here.”

“However, I do not only plan to save a portion of the people but rather all of them,” As Chu Feng said those words, a flash of determination shone in Chu Feng’s eyes.

Then, with one hand, he began to form hand seals, and an invisible ripple began to spread.

Following that, all of the people whose bodies had been covered by Chu Feng’s blood started to emit a special sort of light.

As that light shone, nothing special happened. However, a very dense aura began to spread.

It was Chu Feng’s aura. Furthermore… Chu Feng’s aura was currently fusing with the poisonous liquid.

“What is Chu Feng planning to do?” At that moment, the crowd were still puzzled.

Indeed, that spirit formation was emitting Chu Feng’s aura. However, what could that possibly do?

Could it be that Chu Feng planned to use his own aura to neutralize the poison? But… that was evidently impossible.

At the moment the crowd was most puzzled, Chu Feng shouted, “Du Wanwu, are you still not going to wake up?”

“What?” When Chu Feng’s words were heard, everyone was startled. They did not understand what Chu Feng meant by those words.

“Chu Feng, is it you?” However, to the crowd’s surprise, after Chu Feng’s voice sounded, another voice sounded in response.

Most shockingly, that voice sounded from the poisonous liquid. That’s right… all of the poisonous liquid was emitting the same voice at the same time.

Hearing that voice, the minds of the crowd tightened, and their bodies trembled.

At that moment, at that time...

… it seemed that they had all realized something!!!

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