Chapter 2046 - Overflowing Killing Intent

Chapter 2046 - Overflowing Killing Intent

Chu Feng began to set up a spirit formation to remove Tantai Xue’s poison on the spot.

Merely, the poison was very remarkable and well-hidden. It was actually hidden in her dantian.

Fortunately, it was Chu Feng. If it were any other Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, they would have likely not been able to discover the poison at all.

Due to the poison being so well-hidden, it was very hard to remove. Thus, even for Chu Feng, it took him an entire day to remove the poison.

“This is the poison.”

Chu Feng showed a dust-sized substance to the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief.

The Clan Chief possessed superb eyesight. Even though that substance was extremely small, he was able to tell with a single glance that it was indeed a sort of poison.

“Dark Hall, oh Dark Hall, you are truly wretched!” After personally seeing the poison, Chu Feng was able to see overwhelming killing intent in the eyes of the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief.

Chu Feng understood his killing intent completely. It would be one thing if they had only been deceived. However, at the same time they had been deceived, harm had actually been wrought to their most important person. This was something that they would not be able to tolerate.

“Wuu~~” Right at that moment, a female’s voice was suddenly heard.

After that female’s voice was heard, Chu Feng and the Clan Chief immediately trembled. It was as if they had been struck by lightning.

After all, other than the two of them, both men, the only other person here, a woman, was the sleeping Tantai Xue.

Awakened. Tantai Xue who had been asleep for a very long time had awakened.

The two of them looked to Tantai Xue. Sure enough, she had awakened. Not only that, she had also propped her body up, and was now sitting up in the bed and rubbing her eyes.

When she opened her eyes and saw Chu Feng, she immediately revealed a disappointed expression.

Chu Feng was startled and confused by her expression.

The Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief was the same. Neither of them understood why Tantai Xue would have a disappointed expression on her face. She should be pleasantly surprised to see Chu Feng.

At the moment when Chu Feng and the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief were confused, Tantai Xue lowered her head and muttered, “Another dream.”

Dream. It turned out that Tantai Xue had considered the scene before her to be a dream. That was why she was disappointed.

“It seems you’ve had a lot of dreams,” Seeing that, Chu Feng walked over to the bed and looked to Tantai Xue in a heartfelt manner. He said, “However, this is not a dream. Tantai Xue, it’s me, Chu Feng. I have come to find you.”

“Chu Feng?” Hearing those words, Tantai Xue immediately raised her head and grabbed Chu Feng tightly. She began to carefully inspect Chu Feng with her eyes.

After inspecting Chu Feng, she became certain that the person before her was indeed Chu Feng, and that she was not dreaming, for the Chu Feng in her dreams would not be this realistic.

“Chu Feng!!!”

After verifying that Chu Feng was before her, Tantai Xue’s eyes started to grow moist. This girl who was always strong actually started to cry.

Seeing Tantai Xue crying, Chu Feng’s heart started to ache. He realized that the poison that she had been given might have had a hallucinatory effect. Thus, even though Tantai Xue had been sleeping the whole time, her days had most likely not been very well either.

While she had been asleep, Tantai Xue had been dreaming the entire time. Tantai Xue was a very smart individual. She knew clearly that she was dreaming. However, she had been unable to break free from those dreams. Likely… that would be an extremely painful experience for her.

Thinking about that, Chu Feng held Tantai Xue in his bosom. He knew that what she needed right now was a warm hug.

Chu Feng, as Tantai Xue’s closest friend, should give Tantai Xue that warm hug so that she could entrust herself to him.

Sure enough, Tantai Xue did not refuse Chu Feng’s hug. Instead, she lay herself on Chu Feng’s bosom. It was as if a lost child had finally returned home.

Furthermore, she was tightly grabbing onto Chu Feng’s clothes, seemingly afraid that Chu Feng would leave.

“I’m sorry. I’ve come late. If I had come sooner, you might not have had to sleep for so long,” Chu Feng said in a very apologetic manner.

Seeing that scene, the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief showed a beaming smile across his face. He was extremely happy because of Tantai Xue’s awakening, and wanted to say a lot of things to her. However, he did not say anything at that moment. Instead, he quietly walked out of the room and closed the door.

He first wiped the corners of his eyes dry. There were two droplets of tears. They were tears of joy. He felt joy from the bottom of his heart to see Tantai Xue waking up.

However, after he wiped the tears from his eyes, the Clan Chief’s eyes shone with light. Overwhelming killing intent once again appeared in his eyes.

With a low voice, he muttered, “Dark Hall, I am definitely going to make you all pay.”


An entire day had passed since Chu Feng had left, yet there was still no news from Chu Feng.

This caused the Ancient Era’s Elves to become worried for Chu Feng’s safety.

Even though Chu Feng had left smiling, they were distrusting of the Icesnow Phoenixes. After all, the Icesnow Phoenixes were allied with the Dark Hall.

“Step aside, or hand little friend Chu Feng over right now. Choose one!”

“Else, you all shall suffer the consequences!”

Right at that moment, an angry shout was heard. That shout caused the earth to tremble and the snowflakes in the sky to freeze in place.

It was the Elf King. He had been attempting to negotiate with the Icesnow Phoenixes the entire time. However, the Icesnow Phoenixes had refused to give him a clear-cut answer. Being extremely worried for Chu Feng, he finally spoke threatening words.

“Elf King, I think you are mistaken here. Did you really think that we Icesnow Phoenixes would be afraid of you just because you brought such a huge mob with you?”

“I’ll tell you the same thing as before. If you wish to fight, go ahead and attack us. However, it’ll be as you say, you shall suffer the consequences,” The Icesnow Phoenix with the cultivation of rank eight Martial Emperor spoke confidently.

Compared to the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief, that Icesnow Phoenix was was even more unafraid of the Ancient Era’s Elves. Thus, when he spoke, he took a deliberate glance at the enormous rank nine Martial Emperor-level Icesnow Phoenix in the sky.


Seemingly under his control, that enormous Icesnow Phoenix suddenly let out an ear-piercing bird’s roar. Following that, its two enormous wings started to flutter, bringing forth a strong wind.

Blown by that strong wind, overflowing snowflakes and bone-chilling coldness immediately swept the Ancient Era’s Elves’ army left and right.

Fortunately, the Elf King used his own strength to block the wind. Else, merely the wind itself was capable of utterly defeating their army.

“Are you planning to start a war here?” The Elf King asked with a heavy tone. With how much the Icesnow Phoenixes did not place them in their eyes, he would’ve already attacked them had Chu Feng not been in their hands. After all, they had already been prepared to fight against the Icesnow Phoenixes before they came here.

“Think what you wish,” That Icesnow Phoenix with the ring in his hand was still smiling with a disdainful expression on his face.


“We had thought that the Ancient Era’s Elves were bold. Turns out, they’re only this much. Hahaha,” Seeing that the Icesnow Phoenixes were looking down on the Ancient Era’s Elves this much, but the Ancient Era’s Elves still didn’t attack, the people from the Dark Hall started to loudly mock the Ancient Era’s Elves.

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