Chapter 2025 - Lamentable

Chapter 2025 - Lamentable

“Enough rubbish. Today, I shall avenge the innocent!” Chu Feng possessed enormous hatred for Zhan Cangtian to begin with. Regardless of how notorious Zhan Cangtian might be, regardless of how much he deserved to die, it remained that none of the crimes that Zhan Cangtian had committed affected Chu Feng.

Thus, if it was before, Chu Feng would kill Zhan Cangtian upon his encounter, but would not feel this enormous amount of bitter hatred for him.

However, after hearing the tragic story of the family of Snow Blade Mad Demon, after finding out that Zhan Cangtian killed even a child that was just born, how he would tarnish even a little girl, Chu Feng felt enormous hatred for that animal Zhan Cangtian.

He was unable to tolerate such an animal. Being a person of this world, he must eliminate evil for the people of this world.

“Hahaha, good, good courage. Come.”

“Today, I shall end the Holy Land of Martialism’s strongest genius.”

The Immeasurable Immortal laughed loudly. To him, fighting against Chu Feng wasn’t anything dangerous at all. Instead, it was a very happy matter.

That said… while the Immeasurable Immortal was laughing, he did not show any leniency with his enormous axe.

He would unleash a martial skill with each and every slash of his axe. Furthermore, they were not ordinary Martial Skills. Instead, they were Taboo Martial Skills.

Furthermore, he was able to unleash thousands of swings in an instant. In other words, in a split second, he unleashed thousands of Taboo Martial Skills to attack Chu Feng.

Faced with such a ferocious barrage of attacks, Chu Feng was forced to retreat little by little. Even though he had unleashed the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise, the Four Great Supreme Secret Skills, to assist him, he had still ended up at an absolute disadvantage.

At that moment, Chu Feng was frowning deeply. Unable to contain himself, he cursed, “Damn it!”

Chu Feng’s actual cultivation was that of a rank two Martial Emperor. With his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, his cultivation had increased to that of a rank four Martial Emperor.

Adding on Chu Feng’s heaven-defying battle power, ordinary rank six Martial Emperors would simply be no match for him. Even against rank seven Martial Emperors, Chu Feng could fight against them after utilizing his various techniques.

This was also the reason why Chu Feng had dared to lure out the true Immeasurable Immortal by himself when he was already skeptical of him.

However, it was obvious that the Immeasurable Immortal was no ordinary rank seven Martial Emperor. Before him, Chu Feng felt the same sort of pressure he had felt when he had fought against the YinYang Immortal.

“Not bad, not bad. You’re clearly only a rank two Martial Emperor, but are actually able to fight against me, a grand rank seven Martial Emperor, for so long. I must admit, Chu Feng, you’re very powerful. Other than Lord Hall Master, I have truly never met someone as powerful as you. Sure enough, those from the Outer World are different from us,” Although the Immeasurable Immortal’s words seemed to be praising Chu Feng, they were actually filled with mockery.

“Lord Hall Master? You actually serve the Dark Hall’s Hall Master?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression changed again.

“Hahaha, Chu Feng, did you really think that the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace would come to present their secret skills to you of their own initiative?”

“I might as well tell you the truth. All of this was planned by Lord Hall Master. Lord Hall Master was using you to solve the treasure of the Five Elements Secret Skills.”

“Do you know how small and weak you are now? Although you are indeed a genius blessed by the heavens when compared to the others in the Holy Land of Martialism, you are nothing more than a minor character when compared to Lord Hall Master. You were clearly being toyed with by Lord Hall Master, yet you still thought yourself to be amazing. Truly lamentable, truly lamentable.”

“The most lamentable thing is not the fact that you are mediocre and useless.”

“Rather, it is that you possess extraordinary strength that ordinary people cannot compare with. Yet, you are still being suppressed wholly by another, and are completely in the grasp of their palm.”

“Chu Feng, do you know how pitiful you are now?”

As the Immeasurable Immortal suppressed Chu Feng with his ferocious attacks, he began to humiliate Chu Feng with words.

“No wonder he didn’t kill me. So he had planned to use me to begin with,” Chu Feng gnashed his teeth in anger. His complexion turned deep red. He was simply about to go mad with anger.



Right at that moment, one of the Immeasurable Immortal’s slashes swiped by Chu Feng’s left shoulder. The enormous black axe hacked out a large piece of Chu Feng’s flesh, and left him drenched with blood.


That axe was too ferocious. Even Chu Feng shouted in pain. He moved back explosively and turned to escape.


However, at that moment, light flashed underneath the Immeasurable Immortal’s feet. Like a phantom, he arrived before Chu Feng and blocked his path.

“Heaven Taboo: Black Axe Soulbinder.”

The Immeasurable Immortal raised the enormous black axe he held in his hand, and a formless power immediately enveloped Chu Feng, restricting his movements.

“Bastard, what did you do to me?” Chu Feng started to panic and shout.

“What did I do? Humph, this here is my Imperial Armament, the Black Axe’s special Heaven Taboo Martial Skill. Its name is Heaven Taboo: Soulbinder. However, I’ve named it the Black Axe Soulbinder instead.”

“Within a certain distance, as long as you are hit with my Black Axe Soulbinder, you will not be able to escape and move. You can only allow yourself to be trampled upon by me.”

“Thinking about it, it is truly a pity. If the people of the world were to know that the exceptional genius Chu Feng died by my hands, oh how pleasant that would feel.”

“Unfortunately, I cannot mention this matter, since I will have to return to the Ancient Era’s Elves after killing you. I will stand beside the Elf King and watch personally as the Ancient Era’s Elves slowly walk toward their destruction.”

“Hahahahaha!!!!!!!” The Immeasurable Immortal laughed crazily.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression grew even uglier. He finally knew why the Ancient Era’s Elves were also a move behind the Dark Hall, why they were also pinned down by the Dark Hall.

It turned out that the Immeasurable Immortal, this fellow who possessed a deep relationship with the Ancient Era’s Elves, was actually a spy from the Dark Hall.

If he were truly allowed to return to the Ancient Era’s Elves, it would be extremely detrimental to the Ancient Era’s Elves.

Seeing that Chu Feng had no response to his mocking laughter, the Immeasurable Immortal asked, “Chu Feng, do you have anything that you wish to say?”

“The victor is the king and loser is the thief. I have nothing to say,” Chu Feng said.

“Although you have nothing to say, I have things to say. Did you know… that the person you killed on the Gong Ba Plains was not only my disciple, he was also the only son I’ve ever had?” Suddenly, the Immeasurable Immortal stopped laughing. Dense killing intent emerged in his aged eyes.

“Hahahahahaha!!!!!!” In response, not only was Chu Feng not afraid, Chu Feng who had had an ugly expression earlier actually burst into loud laughter. He was truly laughing in joy. It was as if he was the one who was holding absolute superiority in this battle.

“What are you laughing about?” The Immeasurable Immortal asked with a frown. He did not know what Chu Feng was doing.

“I had originally thought that I’d only killed your disciple, But it turns out that I’ve actually killed your son. This is truly satisfying.”

“Oh, that’s right. Before your son died, he tried to use your name to threaten me. Unfortunately, he was still killed by me. Furthermore… he met a miserable death,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

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