Chapter 2026 - Confidence

Chapter 2026 - Confidence

After hearing what Chu Feng said, the Immeasurable Immortal started to tremble, and his gaze began to flicker nonstop. It was as if he was seeing the sight of his son being killed by Chu Feng. The more he imagined that scene, the more furious he felt.

Nearly driven insane by anger, he shouted, “You little bastard! You truly deserve to die!!!”

After he said those words, the enormous black axe that was raised high up in the air hacked down toward Chu Feng with overwhelming destructive power.


In an instant, a black crescent slash landed on Chu Feng’s body, splitting him into pieces.

However, Chu Feng’s split body did not shed blood. Instead, it turned into bodies of energy that shot toward the Immeasurable Immortal.

Everything happened too suddenly. By the time the Immeasurable Immortal, who had thought that he had grasped victory, managed to react, the five elemental energies had gathered in one place and fused together into a body that stood behind him. It was none other than Chu Feng.

“Heaven Taboo: Void Splitting Blade.”

Chu Feng suddenly brandished the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader in his hand and unleashed a slash.

Although that slash appeared to only be an ordinary slash, the region of space around it immediately turned pitch black the moment that slash was unleashed.

Suddenly, from the pitch black sky, a dazzling silver body of light streaked across that pitch black sky like a meteor.

However… it was not a meteor. Rather, it was an incomparably ferocious strike.

Its might was even stronger than Chu Feng’s Profound Firmament Annihilation.

Finally, the pitch black sky returned to normal. Chu Feng was still standing in the sky, However he was not injured in the slightest. The location where he was injured by the Immeasurable Immortal earlier had already completely recovered. Not only was his body healed, even his clothes were restored.

At that moment, Chu Feng was looking down at a boulder below expressionlessly.

On top of that boulder was a person. To be exact, it was a spirit body. That spirit body was the Immeasurable Immortal.

The Immeasurable Immortal had not died. At the crucial moment, he had used special methods to escape Chu Feng’s fatal attack.

However, not only was his physical body destroyed, he was also incomparably weak. Not to mention Chu Feng, any random rank one Martial Emperor would be able to easily kill him.

“You’re quite devoted,” Seeing the state of the Immeasurable Immortal, who had abandoned his physical body, his Cosmos Sack and his Imperial Armament Black Axe, but was still holding onto the scroll that recorded the location of the treasures, Chu Feng felt that he was very loyal and devoted to the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

“Why would this happen? Why would I be defeated by you?” The Immeasurable Immortal looked to Chu Feng in disbelief. Even now, he did not believe what had happened earlier. He could not accept that he was defeated by Chu Feng.

As he already knew how powerful Chu Feng was, he had not underestimated Chu Feng at all. He had used his Imperial Armament and his strongest offensive attacks from the very start. He had even used his strongest fatal attack to kill Chu Feng.

Victory should have been completely within his grasp. How was it that he was defeated by Chu Feng? After all, there was such an enormous gap between their true cultivation levels.

“If I did not have certainty in being able to defeat you, did you think I would have lured you out to reveal your true self by myself?” Chu Feng smiled coldly.

That’s right, Chu Feng had dared to come alone because he possessed absolute certainty in being able to defeat the Immeasurable Immortal.

Although the assimilation of the Five Elements Secret Skills had not increased Chu Feng’s cultivation, they had bestowed Chu Feng with an unkillable body.

Unless Chu Feng’s opponent possessed a strength capable of suppressing him completely, unless his opponent was so powerful that it was simply impossible for Chu Feng to contend against them, no one could kill Chu Feng.

Chu Feng… was undying and indestructible.

Evidently… the Immeasurable Immortal belonged to the ranks of people that were unable to kill Chu Feng.

“But… earlier, I…”

“You’re trying to say that you injured me earlier, isn’t that right?”

“I deliberately allowed you to injure me. Otherwise, how would you lower your guard? How would I be able to defeat you with one strike?” Chu Feng sneered.

“You’ve deceived me! So all of this was a disguise! You despicable little bastard!” After hearing the truth, the Immeasurable Immortal was extremely furious.

“No, the killing intent that I displayed earlier was not a disguise,” After saying those words, killing intent emerged in Chu Feng’s eyes once again. Then, he unleashed a slash with his Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader, and a silvery light descended from the sky. It targeted the Immeasurable Immortal.

Facing that slash, the Immeasurable Immortal closed his eyes. He knew that Chu Feng’s slash was only an ordinary slash, that he had not used any martial skills with it.

However, the current Immeasurable Immortal was simply too weak and unable to withstand that flash. Chu Feng’s ordinary slash was more than sufficient to take his life.

Even though he knew that he would definitely be killed, and that he would not be able to resist, the Immeasurable Immortal still clenched his fists tightly. He was unreconciled, unwilling to die by Chu Feng’s hands like this.


Right at that moment, a figure suddenly appeared before the Immeasurable Immortal. That person waved his sleeve and unleashed a stream of ordinary Emperor-level martial power.

“Boom!” Following a loud explosion, that ordinary Emperor-level martial power forcibly blocked Chu Feng’s slash.

It was the World Devastator Immortal. He was standing before the Immeasurable Immortal.

“Chu Feng, you’d never expect for us to meet one another this soon, no?”

After the World Devastator Immortal appeared, he fixed his gaze onto Chu Feng. His expression was extremely malevolent. It was completely different from his usual handsome appearance. He currently looked like a demon.

The World Devastator Immortal wanted to kill Chu Feng even in his dreams. He possessed extreme hatred for Chu Feng.

And now… Chu Feng was before him. Finally, he was able to achieve what he had dreamed of doing. Finally, his hatred and killing intent that he had held back for a very long time was able to be unleashed.

“World Devastator Immortal?” Chu Feng started to frown upon seeing the World Devastator Immortal.

“Hahaha, Chu Feng, so what if you’ve destroyed my physical body?”

“Before I came here, I had already reported this matter to Lord Hall Master. With the World Devastator Immortal here, how are you able to kill me now?”

“Today, the one that’ll die in the end is you,” The Immeasurable Immortal laughed loudly and viciously.

“Oh, you’re talking about the first night after we set off?” Chu Feng said.

“You!!!” Hearing those words, the Immeasurable Immortal’s expression stiffened. Then, he said, “You know that I let out news at that time?”

“Although Golden Flash Birds are extremely fast, they are not so fast that I cannot see them,” Chu Feng said.

“Since you already knew, why did you still dare to come here alone? Could it be that you’ve already notified the Ancient Era’s Elves?!” At that moment, not only was the Immeasurable Immortal panicky, even the World Devastator Immortal started to panic. The two of them started to look all around.

For Chu Feng to be this confident, it was clear that he had come prepared. However, he, the World Devastator Immortal… had come here by himself.

It would be one thing if others came as reinforcements. However, if the Elf King were to come, he would undoubtedly be killed.

After all, the Elf King was so powerful that even the Dark Hall’s Hall Master would have to be wary of him for now.

“Don’t look anymore. I have not notified the Cyanwood Mountain or the Ancient Era’s Elves.”

“They are all fighting against the people from your Dark Hall right now,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

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