Chapter 2024 - Two Identities

Chapter 2024 - Two Identities

“Success?” The Immeasurable Immortal exclaimed in astonishment as he looked at the scroll in Chu Feng’s hand.

“Success,” Chu Feng handed the scroll to the Immeasurable Immortal.

The Immeasurable Immortal did not open the scroll. Instead, he asked Chu Feng, “The location of the treasure is recorded on this scroll?”

“Mn, the scroll recorded the location of the treasure,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Is there still a need for the Five Elements Secret Skills?” The Immeasurable Immortal asked.

“No. With that map, anyone can search for the treasure,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Hahaha, great, this is great,” At that moment, the Immeasurable Immortal burst into loud laughter. This was the first time Chu Feng had heard him laugh so happily. He had already forgotten himself in joy, and revealed an image that was different from how he always conducted himself.


Suddenly, the Immeasurable Immortal shot out a palm strike at Chu Feng’s dantian.


However, Chu Feng seemed to have already expected the Immeasurable Immortal to attack him. His Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings both appeared. He had managed to dodge the Immeasurable Immortal’s palm strike.

“You’re actually on guard against me?” Upon seeing this, the Immeasurable Immortal’s eyes narrowed. Deep surprise emerged in his eyes.

“Heh… I’ve doubted you since long ago,” Chu Feng smiled. His smile was filled with contempt.

“Long ago… since when?” The Immeasurable Immortal asked in a very surprised manner.

“Your reactions earlier were all very normal. However, you were especially concerned about the treasure of the Five Elements Secret Skills. This let me realize that you deeply longed for that treasure.”

“Normally, it would be fine if you longed for the treasure. However, it was precisely because of the fact that you’ve conducted yourself so righteously that it seemed strange.”

“Truth be told, I was unable to ascertain whether or not you wanted to obtain the treasure. Thus, I decided to test it out.”

“In other words, I deliberately told the others to not follow me. The reason for that was because you would only reveal your true identity should you follow after me alone,” Chu Feng said.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, the Immeasurable Immortal stood there in a startled manner. He did not dare to believe all that he had heard.

After some time had passed, the Immeasurable Immortal finally managed to alleviate his heart. With a wry smile, he said, “I must admit, you are truly intelligent. You are the first person to see through me.”

“That’s true. No one would have expected that the renowned Immeasurable Immortal would be nothing more than a fake, a hypocrite. Truth be told, someone like you is even more vile and repulsive than your junior brother, the Avaricious Immortal.”

“Although the Avaricious Immortal is bad, he is at the very least openly bad. As for you… you display yourself as righteous while doing all sorts of despicable things behind people’s backs,” Chu Feng said.

“Despicable things? How do you know that I’ve done despicable things?” The Immeasurable Immortal asked with a beaming smile on his face.

“All crows are equally black. Furthermore, with how good of a disguise you’ve given yourself, it means that you are not just ordinarily evil. Thus, when even ordinary evildoers have done tons of evils, someone like you would have naturally done a whole lot more,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s right. You’ve guessed correctly. I have indeed done a whole lot of evil. I could be said to have done every sort of evil known to man.”

“I might as well tell you the truth. In the Holy Land of Martialism, I have another identity,” The Immeasurable Immortal said in a rather proud manner. When he spoke those words, he stuck up his chest. It was as if he was immensely proud of his other identity.

At this moment, Chu Feng started to frown. He asked, “Who are you?”




The Immeasurable Immortal spoke out his name one word at a time.


“You are Zhan Cangtian?!”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression changed to one of shock.

Even though Chu Feng’s impression of the Immeasurable Immortal had decreased enormously ever since the moment he suspected the Immeasurable Immortal, and he had determined that the Immeasurable Immortal was not a righteous person, but instead a vile and repulsive one the moment he determined that the Immeasurable Immortal wanted to seize the treasures of the Five Elements Secret Skills...

... Chu Feng had never suspected that the Immeasurable Immortal was actually Zhan Cangtian.

Who was Zhan Cangtian? He was the leader of the Holy Land of Martialism’s Five Great Evildoers, the most notorious existence in the Holy Land of Martialism.

Countless innocent lives had died tragically at his hand. The Snow Blade Mad Demon’s family were all killed by him.

“You said you are Zhan Cangtian? Then, do you know how senior Snow Blade’s family died?” Chu Feng asked.

Chu Feng felt a bit of disbelief at the Immeasurable Immortal’s words. Thus, he wanted to verify that the Immeasurable Immortal was Zhan Cangtian. If he was, then this Immeasurable Immortal’s significance in Chu Feng’s eyes would be completely different.

“Snow Blade Mad Demon, was it? That nosy fellow, yeah? That’s right, I killed his family. I left not a single person alive.”

“As for him, he is truly a fool. He has searched for me in the Holy Land of Martialism for so long and still hasn’t managed to find me.”

“Furthermore, the funniest aspect of all this is that he has seen me many times over the years. Yet, he did not attempt to do anything to me, and was instead very respectful toward me.”

“Hahahaha…” The Immeasurable Immortal laughed crazily. His laughter was truly repulsive.

Then, he added, “However, this is not his fault. After all, my disguise is too perfect. No one would have expected that the benevolent Immeasurable Immortal would be the malicious evildoer Zhan Cangtian.”

“You damned animal! I will kill you to avenge senior Snow Blade’s family!” At that moment, dense killing intent appeared in Chu Feng’s eyes.

Affected by the killing intent, the region of space around him suddenly grew colder explosively. Black clouds rolled about, and thunder boomed in the sky. Even the weather was affected.

After verifying that the Immeasurable Immortal was Zhan Cangtian, Chu Feng was unable to control his state of mind. Originally, he had wanted to spare the Immeasurable Immortal’s life and hand him over to the Elf King to take care of.

However, he now decided that there was no need for that. Zhan Cangtian’s crimes were countless. He truly could not be pardoned. Chu Feng would absolutely not let such an animal get away.


As Chu Feng spoke, his Furious Coiling Dragon beheader appeared. It turned into a silvery light as it slashed at the Immeasurable Immortal.


However, the Immeasurable Immortal was also prepared. After Chu Feng unleashed his attack, he flipped his palm and took out an enormous black axe.

Even though the axe was clearly black in color, it was emitting an intense reek of blood. This meant that countless people had died by that axe. Furthermore, those that had died by that axe were mostly people with low levels of cultivation, or people who were not even martial cultivators.

As for that axe, it was not the Imperial Armament that the Immeasurable Immortal normally used. Rather, it was Zhan Cangtian’s Imperial Armament.

“It is you! Today, I shall dismember your body into ten thousand pieces so as to appease the hatred in my heart!”

Upon seeing the enormous black axe, overflowing killing intent filled Chu Feng’s eyes. The Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader in his hand began to move about in rapid succession as it unleashed continuous fatal attacks at the Immeasurable Immortal.

As for the Immeasurable Immortal, he brandished his enormous black axe domineeringly. Furthermore, the killing intent which his black axe emitted was not at all weaker or inferior to Chu Feng’s. In fact, it even surpassed Chu Feng.

Faced with Chu Feng’s ferocious attacks, he was completely composed and calm.

With confidence, he said, “My my my, quite imposing eh? No wonder you’re daring enough to lure me out to reveal my true identity by yourself.”

“However, Chu Feng, who did you take me, Zhan Cangtian, to be? Countless people in the Holy Land of Martialism want to kill me, but are unable to do so. Did you really think that you could kill me?”

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