Chapter 2001 - Two Armies Joining Hands

Chapter 2001 - Two Armies Joining Hands

“Since you know, why bother asking?” Chu Feng said.

“Did you truly think that you’d be able to stop this Palace Master with only those people?” As Duanmu Feiyu said those words, he took another look at the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the others. Then, he shouted, “Did you all truly think that you can stop me?”

His shout brought forth a strong wind. Not only did his ferocious power sweep through the region, he had also created an upheaval in the hearts of the crowd.

Their opponent was a rank eight Martial Emperor, the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master, Duanmu Feiyu. He was a super expert whose fame had been renowned in the Holy Land of Martialism for many years.

Although a lot of experts were gathered in the Cyanwood Mountain now, in terms of their reputation and strength, none of them were comparable to Duanmu Feiyu.

Would the Cyanwood Mountain really be able to withstand the Heavenly Law Palace?

In fact, it was not only the bystanders who were thinking that way. Even the people from the Cyanwood Mountain had that question in their minds.

With the Cyanwood Mountain’s strength, they would not be able to withstand the Heavenly Law Palace.

“What if you add this old man? What do you think then?” Suddenly, a figure flew out from the spirit formation that covered the Cyanwood Mountain.

It was one of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Four Grand Elders, Lord Lianghua.

“That person is?!”

Once Lord Lianghua appeared, the crowd’s expressions all changed. The reason for that was because they were all able to tell from Lord Lianghua’s appearance that he was an Ancient Era’s Elf.

Furthermore, most importantly, Lord Lianghua did not conceal his aura, and instead revealed his strength. Thus, everyone was able to sense that Lord Lianghua’s aura was not inferior to Duanmu Feiyu’s.

“Rank eight Martial Emperor. His aura is identical to Duanmu Feiyu’s. He’s a rank eight Martial Emperor!”

“Who is that person? How could he be that powerful? Could he be the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Elf King?”

Many people did not know Lord Lianghua, nor did they know the Ancient Era’s Elves’ true strength. Seeing how powerful Lord Lianghua was, the crowd all felt that he should be the strongest amongst the Ancient Era’s Elves, their Majesty, the Elf King.

In fact, even Duanmu Feiyu started to frown upon seeing Lord Lianghua.

While others might not recognize Lord Lianghua, he knew who Lord Lianghua was. Thus, he knew that Lord Lianghua was not inferior to him.

“Duanmu Feiyu, what’s wrong? Could it be that you don’t recognize this old man?” Lord Lianghua asked with a loud voice. The gaze with which he looked to Duanmu Feiyu contained a trace of disdain.


“How could I possibly forget one of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Four Grand Elders, Lianghua?” Duanmu Feiyu said with a smile.

“One of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Four Grand Elders, Lianghua?”

“I’ve heard of that person before. However, I’ve never seen him before.”

“Could that Ancient Era’s Elf there really be Lord Lianghua? But, if Lord Lianghua, one of the Four Grand Elders, already possesses this level of strength, how powerful would the Elf King be?”

The crowd all heard what Duanmu Feiyu said. At that moment, they were extremely shocked and terrified. They suddenly realized that the Ancient Era’s Elves seemed to be more powerful than the Heavenly Law Palace.

“Since you know who I am, why are you not retreating? Could it be that your Heavenly Law Palace wishes to make an enemy of our Ancient Era’s Elves?” Lord Lianghua spoke coldly.

“Lianghua, it seems that your Ancient Era’s Elves are truly planning to shield that Chu Feng?” Duanmu Feiyu asked.

“Little friend Chu Feng has already entered into an alliance with our Ancient Era’s Elves. If you dare to touch little friend Chu Feng, you will be making an enemy of our Ancient Era’s Elves.”

“I believe you know very well the strength that we Ancient Era’s Elves possess. Not to mention your Heavenly Law Palace, even if the Mortal King Palace and the Underworld Palace were to join hands with you, you all would still not be a match for us Ancient Era’s Elves,” Lord Lianghua said.

Once those words were spoken, the crowd that did not know about how powerful the Ancient Era’s Elves truly were began to have a whole new level of respect for the Ancient Era’s Elves.

The reason for that was because someone of Lord Lianghua’s status would absolutely not be one to boast. Furthermore, Duanmu Feiyu did not refute Lord Lianghua. Thus, this led the crowd to feel that what Lord Lianghua had said was the truth.

The Ancient Era’s Elves possessed a frightening power that not even the Three Palaces could take on even if they were to join hands.

They suddenly realized that their former beliefs that the Three Palaces could compare to the Ancient Era’s Elves was simply a foolish thought.

It turned out that the Ancient Era’s Elves were the true strongest power in the Holy Land of Martialism.

“Hahahaha…” However, after hearing what Lord Lianghua said, not only did Duanmu Feiyu not show signs of fear, he instead burst into loud laughter.

His laughter could be said to be filled with provocation. This came as a surprise to Lord Lianghua. Had it been before, Duanmu Feiyu was someone that would have acted reserved upon seeing him. Yet, what had happened to him today?

Thus, Lord Lianghua asked with a cold voice, “Duanmu Feiyu, are you trying to court death?”

“Lianghua, truth be told, if it was before, I would definitely have given you face should you have wished to protect that Chu Feng.”

“However, the current situation is different. Your Ancient Era’s Elves are powerless to defend yourselves. And yet, you still dare to come and involve yourself in the grudges between our Heavenly Law Palace and Chu Feng. The way I see it… the ones courting death are not our Heavenly Law Palace. Instead, it is you Ancient Era’s Elves,” Duanmu Feiyu said.

Hearing those words, Lord Lianghua was immediately enraged. He began to tightly clench his fists. He finally knew why Duanmu Feiyu dared to act this arrogant toward him. It turned out that he already knew that their Ancient Era’s Elves were fighting against the Dark Hall. That was why he dared to act this arrogant.

“In that case, you all are working together with the Dark Hall then?” Lord Lianghua asked.

“No no no, it is beneath our Heavenly Law Palace’s dignity to work together with that sort of power. However, I must admit that the Dark Hall has helped me enormously. At the very least, our Heavenly Law Palace no longer has to fear your Ancient Era’s Elves.”

“Duanmu Feiyu, even if our Ancient Era’s Elves are fighting against the Dark Hall, it would still be an easy task for us to eradicate your Heavenly Law Palace,” Lord Lianghua was angered. He refused to let anyone look down on them, the Ancient Era’s Elves.

As he spoke, he stepped in front of the Cyanwood Mountain’s army. His earth-shattering and boundlessly powerful oppressive might swept forth to engulf the Heavenly Law Palace’s army.


However, before his oppressive might could reach the Heavenly Law Palace, it suddenly exploded in midair. The energy ripples from the explosion only wreaked havoc through the Cyanwood Mountain’s region, and were simply unable to approach the Heavenly Law Palace’s army.

It was as if there was an invisible wall that had blocked everything.

At that moment, Lord Lianghua shouted angrily, “Who is it that is hiding sneakily? Get out here!” He knew that the person that had blocked his attack was not the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master. Instead, it was someone else.

“Hehe, Lord Lianghua, I had always thought you to be amazing before. It is only today that I have discovered… that you are only of this level,” Sure enough, after Lord Lianghua’s angry shout, a figure appeared before that invisible wall.

This man possessed a head of black hair that trailed over his shoulders, and the clothes he wore were fluttering in the wind.

Although he had the appearance of a middle-aged man, everyone felt enormous shock upon seeing him.

The reason for that was because he was the Palace Master of the Mortal King Palace, Xuan Fengyang.

Furthermore, that was not all. After the Mortal King Palace’s Palace Master appeared, white clouds began to surge around the Heavenly Law Palace’s army. Banners became visible in the vast white clouds.

It was the Mortal King Palace’s army. Not only did the Mortal King Palace’s Palace Master show up, they had actually, like the Heavenly Law Palace, dispatched all of their experts here.

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