Chapter 2002 - Battle Begin

Chapter 2002 - Battle Begin

“Xun Fengyang, are you planning to join hands with Duanmu Feiyu?” Lord Lianghua started to frown.

If it were only a single Heavenly Law Palace, he, with his strength, would not be afraid of them. However, there was now the addition of the Mortal King Palace. As such, even he felt enormous pressure.

“I’ll borrow what little friend Chu Feng said. Since you can already tell, why bother asking?” Xun Fengyang said with a beaming smile.

“What sort of grudge do you have against Chu Feng? Why have you also come to attack Chu Feng?” Lord Lianghua asked.

“Neither I nor our Mortal King Palace possess any grudges with Chu Feng. But, Lord Lianghua, don’t you also have no grudges with the Heavenly Law Palace? In that case, why are you helping little friend Chu Feng? Why are you helping the Cyanwood Mountain?” Xun Fengyang said with a smile on his face.

“In that case, your Mortal King Palace and Heavenly Law Palace are determined to battle our Cyanwood Mountain today?” Chu Feng asked.

“Little friend Chu Feng, what you said is correct. However, it is not all correct,” Xun Fengyang said with a smile. Then, he added, “I have come here with the same intention as the Heavenly Law Palace. It is not to battle the Cyanwood Mountain. Rather, I have come just so that I can take your life.”


After saying those words, Xun Fengyang suddenly attacked. He extended his hand and pointed at Chu Feng. Immediately, a strand of martial power turned into a golden ray and shot forth like a golden arrow.

It was not aimed at Lord Lianghua. Rather, it was aimed at Chu Feng.

If that attack was to land, Chu Feng would undoubtedly be killed. After all, regardless of how powerful Chu Feng might be, he was absolutely no match for a rank eight Martial Emperor.

However, before Xun Fengyang’s attack could even reach Chu Feng, it was blocked. With Lord Lianghua present, Xun Fengyang’s attack would naturally not be able to injure Chu Feng.

“Courting death!”

At that moment, Lord Lianghua did not bother with superfluous words. He revealed his Imperial Armament and charged to attack Xun Fengyang.

Had it been before, neither Xun Fengyang nor Duanmu Feiyu would have dared to act in this sort of manner.

However now, not only were they daring to do such a thing, they actually did it. It was all because they, the Ancient Era’s Elves, were curbed by the Dark Hall. That had led to Xun Fengyang and Duanmu Feiyu finding the opportunity to attack them, the Ancient Era’s Elves.

As such, Lord Lianghua had seen through the characters of Xun Fengyang and Duanmu Feiyu. Even though they had not yet joined hands with the Dark Hall, they would sooner or later join hands with the Dark Hall. The reason for that was because they had always wanted to eliminate the Ancient Era’s Elves.

Upon thinking of how they acted so timid towards the Ancient Era’s Elves before, yet dared to act in this manner now, Lord Lianghua became extremely furious.

“Come, allow me to experience exactly what abilities the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Grand Elder, Lord Lianghua, possesses,” Xun Fengyang was not afraid. With a flip of his palm, he also took out an Imperial Armament. Then, he collided with Lord Lianghua.

As the two men were both rank eight Martial Emperors, they both possessed overwhelming power. As such, the energy ripples created by their battle were extremely ferocious.

Upon seeing the battle between the two of them, many of the bystanders hurriedly ran far away. They were deeply afraid that they might be hit by the energy ripples and be turned into dust.

After all, that was a battle between two of the most powerful experts in the Holy Land of Martialism.

“Lianghua, I am determined to kill Chu Feng today. Those who dare to block my path shall be killed. Even you, an Ancient Era’s Elf, will not be spared.”

Right at that moment, the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master Duanmu Feiyu also revealed his Imperial Armament. Then, he joined the battle.


After the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master joined the battle, a rallying shout sounded from the Heavenly Law Palace’s army. They started their attack. Even though they appeared to be righteous and just individuals, they were acting like a pack of wolves and tigers. They planned to kill everyone related to the Cyanwood Mountain.

“Kill!!!!!” At that moment, Chu Feng also shouted and rushed to face the incoming Heavenly Law Palace’s army.

In response, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, the Immeasurable Immortal, Nangong Longjian, the Snow-haired Immortal, and the numerous other experts all set off to battle against the Heavenly Law Palace’s army.

Even though the Heavenly Law Palace possessed overwhelming fame for their fighting prowess, the current Cyanwood Mountain was no longer the same as before. The thousand-plus Martial Emperors of the Cyanwood Mountain were not something that could easily be taken care of by the Heavenly Law Palace’s ten million-plus fighters.

Although they possessed fewer numbers, the Cyanwood Mountain was faintly holding the upper hand in the battle.


Right at that moment, the Mortal King Palace’s army also joined the battle.

Once the Mortal King Palace’s army joined the battle, the Cyanwood Mountain that was originally winning against the Heavenly Law palace immediately entered a state of being suppressed.

“Sure enough, this won’t do. No matter how powerful the Cyanwood Mountain might be, they are no match for the combined forces of the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace.”

“That’s not all there is. That Ancient Era’s Elves’ Lord Lianghua is fighting one against two. He is also at a disadvantage. After all, his opponents are no ordinary Martial Emperors. Instead, they are the two Palace Masters of the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace.”

The battle had just begun. Yet, one side already held an overwhelming advantage in the battle. This caused the crowd to become worried for the Cyanwood Mountain.

Even though they had originally come here to watch the show, they had all heard about the grudges between Chu Feng and the Heavenly Law Palace.

Deep in their hearts, they all felt that Chu Feng did nothing wrong. Instead, it was the Heavenly Law Palace that had deliberately made things difficult for Chu Feng.

Thus, they did not wish for Chu Feng’s defeat. After all, he was the person, the young sapling, with the greatest possibility of becoming this era’s overlord.

Furthermore, there were even people that felt that the Heavenly Law Palace’s deliberate provocation of Chu Feng had only been made because they wished to eliminate Chu Feng.

They were afraid that Chu Feng would become the next Qing Xuantian and threaten their position as one of humanity’s strongest powers.

In fact, before Chu Feng even became an overlord, his rallying power was already exceptionally astonishing. At the very least, he had caused the current Cyanwood Mountain to not be inferior to the Heavenly Law Palace by much.

Suddenly, a shout sounded from afar, “To bully few with many is simply no ability at all. If you’re truly men, then you should fight an equal battle.” Then, a black blaze surged forth. Like a shooting star, it entered the battlefield.

Anywhere it passed, the people from the Cyanwood Mountain would be fine. However, the experts from the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace would end up in a complete mess. Those with light injuries would end up vomiting blood. Those with serious injuries would explode and die on the spot.

Finally, that lump of black blaze shot toward the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace master, Duanmu Feiyu.


Duanmu Feiyu hurriedly used his Imperial Armament to slash down at the incoming black blaze. He wanted to use his Imperial Armament’s power to hack that black blaze in two.


Sure enough, his slash was extremely ferocious. It caused the black blaze to flutter about everywhere.

“Heavens, that is?!!!”

However, when the black blaze scattered and dispersed, those who were able to see what was contained within the black blaze all revealed a huge change in expression.

The reason for that was because a figure had appeared in the location where the black blaze had dissipated. It was a middle-aged man.

However, that middle-aged man not only emitted maturity, he was also emitting a dense amount of nefarious nature. He wore black clothes, had red phoenix eyes that were searing with killing intent, and black lips that were curved into a mischievous smile. He was simply and purely nefarious in appearance.

Many people in the Holy Land of Martialism recognized that man. He was the Underworld Palace’s Palace Master, Hun Jingtian.

“Senior Lianghua, junior Hun Jintian shall provide senior with a helping hand,” After the Underworld Palace’s Palace Master appeared, he first smiled at Lord Lianghua with a benevolent smile. Then, he took out a long, black sword and unleashed ferocious attacks at the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master.

“Haha, Hun Jintian, you’ve arrived at the perfect time,” Lord Lianghua had originally been feeling extremely gloomy. However, after seeing Hun Jintian, he started to laugh heartily.

By himself, he was indeed no match for both the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master and the Mortal King Palace’s Palace Master. However, after the Underworld Palace’s Palace Master appeared, it was now a two-on-two. If it was a two-on-two, the pressure on him would be reduced enormously.

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