Chapter 2000 - Duanmu Feiyu

Chapter 2000 - Duanmu Feiyu

Chu Feng and the others were prepared to face the Heavenly Law Palace head-on.

However, the bystanders that came from all over the Holy Land of Martialism were unable to see Chu Feng and the others at all.

The reason for that was because the Cyanwood Mountain was currently a place with countless experts. These experts had already set up a spirit formation that covered the entire Cyanwood Mountain.

Although the people from the Cyanwood Mountain were able to see everything outside through the spirit formation, the people outside of the spirit formation were simply unable to see the battle formation of the Cyanwood Mountain.


Suddenly, roars were heard from the distant sky. Those were the sounds of ferocious beasts. Like rolling thunder, they echoed from afar.

As the crowd turned their gazes toward the direction of the sound, their eyes all started to shine. A vast amount of white clouds were arriving from far away. It was like a white wave moving about in the clear sky.

After the vast white clouds approached, banners could be seen within the surging white clouds. Those banners were fluttering with the wind. They were the banners of the Heavenly Law Palace.

Soon, the troops of the Heavenly Law Palace appeared. It was an orderly army. Each and every one of them was holding a weapon. Not only were they equipped for battle, they gave off a soaring air of arrogance. It was as if celestial troops and generals had descended upon the mortal realm.

However, along with the appearance of the Heavenly Law Palace’s troops was an innumerable amount of powerful monstrous beasts. Those monstrous beasts had also arrived on the clouds.

Those monstrous beasts were not only ferocious in appearance; their bodies were also several tens of meters long. The largest ones were several hundred meters long. As they galloped in the sky and above the clouds, they truly appeared to be earth-shattering beings. The roars from those monstrous beasts were capable of shaking heaven and earth, and bringing fear to the hearts of countless individuals.

However, those ferocious and enormous monstrous beasts were nothing more than mounts. Not only were they ridden by the Heavenly Law Palace’s experts, they were also pulling enormous war chariots.

On those war chariots was the army of the Heavenly Law Palace.

“Sure enough, the Heavenly Law Palace has come. Everyone, quickly, look. The person leading the Heavenly Law Palace, his aura is truly frightening. It’s as if he can kill me with merely a glance.”

“I-I-Isn’t that the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master?”

The Heavenly Law Palace’s troops were emitting a majestic and imposing vigor. As for the person leading them, he caused the crowd to become extremely excited. At the same time they felt their blood boiling with excitement, the crowd’s hair was also standing on end.

He was an old man wearing snow-white clothes. His long white hair looked like a snow white waterfall that sprinkled gracefully down from the sky.

Apart from his tidy outfit, that old man also possessed an extremely handsome appearance. Although he was clearly an old man, there were no wrinkles to be seen on his face. His skin was akin to that of an infant.

With that sort of infant-like skin being matched with his thick, snow-white brows, he looked like a handsome old man that could cause one’s hackles to rise.

As for that old man, he was greatly renowned in the Holy Land of Martialism. He was the Palace Master of the Heavenly Law Palace. His name was Duanmu Feiyu.

Standing to either side of Duanmu Feiyu were two old men wearing headdresses. Their headdresses had the characters ‘heaven’ and ‘law’ on them. They were the two most powerful individuals in the Heavenly Law Palace apart from Duanmu Feiyu.

They were, respectively, the Heaven Palace Master and the Law Palace Master. They were the Heavenly Law Palace’s two Deputy Palace Masters.

“Heavens, it’s one thing for those powerful Heavenly Law Palace’s management elders to be present.”

“That the Heaven Palace Master and the Law Palace Master, the two Deputy Palace Masters, have also come is truly unexpected..”

“Even the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master, Duanmu Feiyu himself, has come. Practically all of the strongest Heavenly Law Palace’s experts have arrived.”

“Isn’t this simply mustering up an enormous force? Will the Cyanwood Mountain be able to withstand them?” Seeing the battle formation of the Heavenly Law Palace, the crowd became worried for the Cyanwood Mountain.

Even though the Cyanwood Mountain had been increasing in strength in recent days, the crowd felt that it had not been long enough since the Cyanwood Mountain had started to emerge in strength. Thus, no matter what, they would not be able to contend against the Heavenly Law Palace, a power that had continued for tens of thousands of years and was deemed to be one of the strongest human powers.

It would be one thing if the Heavenly Law Palace had only dispatched their management elders and the two Deputy Palace Masters. Yet, even their Palace Master, Duanmu Feiyu, had come. It was evident that they planned to completely eradicate the Cyanwood Mountain. As such, the crowd all felt that the Cyanwood Mountain would not be able to withstand them.

After all, the Heavenly Law Palace’s two Deputy Palace Masters were already rank six Martial Emperors. As for their Palace Master, Duanmu Feiyu, he was a rank eight Martial Emperor, someone incredibly close to becoming a peak Martial Emperor.

Against such powerful existences, even if the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, Nangong Longjian, the Snow Blade Mad Demon and all the other experts were all in the Cyanwood Mountain now, they would still be no match for them.

After all, Duanmu Feiyu was one of the utmost experts of the Holy Land of Martialism. He was a true peak expert.

In an era without an overlord, who could possibly contend against Duanmu Feiyu? Likely, it would only be the Mortal Prince Palace’s Palace Master, the Underworld Palace’s Palace Master, and the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Elf King.

“Chu Feng, I know that you’re in the Cyanwood Mountain. If you don’t wish for the Cyanwood Mountain to be exterminated alongside you, get out here and receive your death.”

“Else… today, I shall flatten the Cyanwood Mountain,” Duanmu Feiyu spoke with a cold voice.

“Flatten the Cyanwood Mountain? What arrogance.”

At that moment, Chu Feng’s voice suddenly sounded. Following closely behind him, countless silhouettes began to fly out from the Cyanwood Mountain’s spirit formation.

“Look, the Cyanwood Mountain’s army is coming out. Sure enough, they are prepared for battle.”

Seeing the Cyanwood Mountain’s elders and disciples flying out from the Cyanwood Mountain in an orderly manner holding the banners of the Cyanwood Mountain, the excited crowd became even more fired up.

The reason for that was because the Cyanwood Mountain’s strength surpassed their imagination. Merely their Martial Emperors numbered more than a thousand. Furthermore, it seemed that they were all renowned experts. However, at that moment, those Martial Emperors all possessed one distinctive feature. That was, they were all wearing the outfits of the Cyanwood Mountain.

The person leading this group of experts was Chu Feng. At that moment, Chu Feng had already unleashed his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings. Furthermore, he was holding the Coiling Dragon Furious Beheader in his hand. His majestic aura was spread far and wide. As such, everyone was able to sense how powerful this member of the younger generation was.

Furthermore, standing to either side of Chu Feng were the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, the Immeasurable Immortal, Nangong Longjian, the Snow Blade Mad Demon, the Snow-haired Immortal and many other renowned experts. As such, Chu Feng appeared to be even more imposing, even more domineering.

“Never would I have expected that so many people would join the Cyanwood Mountain. We have underestimated the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“Could it be that the rumors are all true? That those people have all joined the Cyanwood Mountain because they were saved by Chu Feng? Chu Feng’s rallying power is truly too frightening, no? One must know that those people are all extremely stubborn old fellows that were unphased by any power’s invitation before.”

After seeing the experts that were standing to either side of Chu Feng, the crowd was unable to contain themselves, and gasped in admiration. Chu Feng’s battle formation was truly too frightening.

To the crowd, they felt that there were only four powers that could contend against this battle formation. They were the Heavenly Law Palace, the Mortal King Palace, the Underworld Palace and the Ancient Era’s Elves.

Not even the many monstrous beast races and the Four Great Imperial Clans would be a match for Chu Feng.

Even though the strength revealed by the Cyanwood Mountain had caused the crowd to become speechless, and many of the Heavenly Law Palace’s elders to frown, the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master, Duanmu Feiyu, still possessed an expression of disdain on his face.

He snorted coldly, then looked to Chu Feng, “You are that Chu Feng?”

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