Chapter 1999 - Settlement

Chapter 1999 - Settlement

“In that case, Chu Feng really succeeded? He is now capable of setting up a spirit formation that not even peak Martial Emperors can break through?” Baili Xuankong asked with excitement.

After Baili Xuankong asked that, everyone present grew silent. At this moment, the palace hall became so quiet that the crowd’s heartbeats could be heard.

“Yes, we are capable of that now,” The Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the other Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists nodded in unison.


Hearing those words, explosive cheering sounds burst forth from the quiet palace hall. Everyone was endlessly moved. In fact, some people even started to brim with tears of excitement.

Through the various events that had happened, they already realized how frightening the Dark Hall was. Originally, they felt that they would definitely meet a tragic death should the Dark Hall attack them.

However, now that they possessed that grand spirit formation, they were safe. As such, how could they not be excited?

Overwhelmed with excitement, Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang began to lift Chu Feng up high. Compared to the experts from the older generation, the two of them were even more excited. As Chu Feng was their brother, they felt even more proud of Chu Feng.

“Hey, what are you all doing? Chu Feng’s body is still very weak. Quickly, put him back down.”

However, upon seeing that scene, the Snow-haired Immortal shouted at them angrily. In fact, she even directly snatched Chu Feng away from Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi.

Even though she had already snatched Chu Feng away from them, she still stared ferociously at Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi, “Have you all gone crazy? Chu Feng has finally woken up. If he becomes unconscious again because of you, I’ll slaughter you all.”

The Snow-haired Immortal’s eyes were deep red. She appeared extremely ferocious and murderous-looking. Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang were so stunned with fear that they didn’t know what to do.

At that moment, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the others started to snicker up their sleeves. When Chu Feng was in his closed-door training, the Snow-haired Immortal had spoken in doubt of Chu Feng. Yet, after she saw his injured health, she was more worried for him than anyone else. She was truly a sharp-tongued but soft-hearted person.

No, she was a genuine stone-hearted, vicious, and merciless demon.

However, when it came to Chu Feng, she became very tenderhearted.

“Senior Snow-hair, I am fine,” Chu Feng smiled in an embarrassed manner.

“You’re really fine?” The Snow-haired Immortal was skeptical.

“Really,” As Chu Feng spoke, he took out a healing medicinal herb and swallowed it. Then, with a thought, his Supreme Secret Skill, the Vermilion Bird Resurrection Technique, was activated.

Once the Vermilion Bird Resurrection Technique was activated, Chu Feng’s complexion began to become much better. In merely an instant, his appearance and complexion returned to normal.

“Chu Feng, what is that technique? It’s truly magical,” The Snow-haired Immortal’s eyes were wide open. She had an expression of amazement on her face.

At that moment, the others were also astonished by Chu Feng’s technique that he had revealed. However, they all had joyous expressions on their faces. They were overjoyed by Chu Feng being able to completely recover from his injuries.

“Lord Assembly Master, this is bad!” Right at that moment, a Cyanwood Sacred Assembly’s elder rushed into the palace hall in panic.

“For you to panic and shout like this, what has happened?” Originally, Baili Xuankong had been in a superb mood. However, the sudden shouting from this person caused him to become extremely displeased.

“The Heavenly Law Palace’s army has entered the Cyanwood Domain. They are currently coming to attack our Cyanwood Mountain,” That elder said.

“Humph, so they’ve actually come. They truly have the nerve,” After hearing those words, Lord Lianghua started to narrow his sword-like eyebrows, and a burst of chilly air began to pervade his surroundings.

The Weaponry Refinement Immortal, the Immeasurable Immortal, the Snow-haired Immortal, Nangong Longjian and the many other grand characters were also reacting in the same manner.

They did not feel surprised by that news. Instead, they appeared to be ready to face the incoming enemies.

Unable to contain himself, Chu Feng asked, “Heavenly Law Palace’s army? Could it be that something happened during the time I was in closed-door training?”

Even though Chu Feng had publicly killed Kuang Kui outside of the Moonlight Maze in a burst of rage, and already knew that the Heavenly Law Palace would come to retaliate against him, it remained unnatural for the people here to react as if they already knew of the Heavenly Law Palace’s arrival.

For them to be this prepared, Chu Feng knew that something must’ve happened during the time he was in closed-door training.

“Chu Feng, the Heavenly Law Palace is truly shameless. Since they dared to come, we must teach them a lesson.”

“Else, they’ll think that their Heavenly Law Palace is the ruler of the Holy Land of Martialism,” Lord Lianghua said.

After that, Chu Feng came to know about what had happened during his closed-door training...

It turned out that news of Chu Feng’s killing of Kuang Kui spread like wildfire throughout the Holy Land of Martialism. As the Heavenly Law Palace cared deeply about their face, they would naturally not leave the matter at that.

Thus, the Heavenly Law Palace declared to the world that Chu Feng had a time limit of a month to proceed to their Heavenly Law Palace and give an account of his actions.

If Chu Feng were to fail to show up, their Heavenly Law Palace’s army would flatten the Cyanwood Mountain.

When that news was spread, the entire Holy Land of Martialism burst into an outrage.

However, the Cyanwood Mountain was very calm to the whole threat, and simply did not even bother to respond to the Heavenly Law Palace.

The reason for that was because the current Cyanwood Mountain was completely different from before. Countless experts were now gathered in the Cyanwood Mountain.

Furthermore, Lord Lianghua, this rank eight Martial Emperor, was overseeing the Cyanwood Mountain. Thus, even though the Cyanwood Mountain remained one of the Nine Powers, their strength already surpassed that of the Four Great Imperial Clans. Furthermore, they possessed the backing of the Ancient Era’s Elves. As such, how could they possibly fear the Heavenly Law Palace?

In fact, for the current Cyanwood Mountain, not only were they not afraid of the Heavenly Law Palace, they instead wished for the Heavenly Law Palace to attack them. They wanted to show the people of the world what sort of strength their Cyanwood Mountain possessed right now.

That battle would not only be for their Cyanwood Mountain’s honor, most importantly, it was a battle to defend Chu Feng’s dignity.

“Lord Lianghua, your intention is to face the Heavenly Law Palace?” Chu Feng asked.

“What else? We’re not scared of them. Thus… it’s only natural that we must face them in battle,” Lord Lianghua said with a smile.

“I understand,” Chu Feng also smiled. With those words from Lord Lianghua, Chu Feng became confident.

Thus, Chu Feng’s body shifted and turned into a ray of light. He flew out from the palace hall and soared high into the sky. He was flying toward the main entrance of the Cyanwood Mountain.

Following Chu Feng, the many experts also soared into the sky. Like reverse meteors, they followed after Chu Feng.

“Little friend Chu Feng!!!”

When Chu Feng flew out from the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly and reached the main entrance of the Cyanwood Mountain, several powerful figures flew towards him and began to greet him.

These people were all Martial Emperors. They were people that Chu Feng had saved in the Moonlight Maze. They abided by their promise and had become nominal elders of the Cyanwood Mountain. Currently, all the experts from the Cyanwood Mountain were gathered here to face the incoming Heavenly Law Palace.

“Senior Snow Blade, you’ve also come?” Chu Feng was delighted by the appearance of an old man among the crowd. That old man was none other than the Snow Blade Mad Demon.

Snow Blade Mad Demon did not join the Cyanwood Mountain. Evidently, he had rushed to the Cyanwood Mountain after finding out that the Heavenly Law Palace planned to attack the Cyanwood Mountain.

“I’ve said it before. Your business is my business. The Heavenly Law Palace waging war against you is equivalent to them waging war against me. I will definitely not leave this matter be,” said the Snow Blade Mad Demon as he patted his chest.

There was not the slightest trace of fear in this old man. Contained within him was a dense amount of excitement. He was prepared to fight against the Heavenly Law Palace.

“Very well, today, together with everyone here, we shall face that so-called righteous and upright sect,” Chu Feng spoke with a loud voice.

“Hahahaha!!!” Hearing those words, the crowd burst into loud laughter. Chu Feng’s ‘righteous and upright sect’ was spoken with such mockery.

As Chu Feng spoke, he reached the front of the crowd.

After carefully inspecting the scene before him, Chu Feng discovered that the current Cyanwood Mountain was truly bustling with noise and excitement.

In the distance, regardless of whether it was the sky, the ground or even the void of space itself, countless silhouettes were gathered. None of those people were from the Cyanwood Mountain, nor were they people from the Cyanwood Domain. Rather, they were from all over the Holy Land of Martialism.

Evidently, after the news of the Heavenly Law Palace planning to attack the Cyanwood Mountain spread, these people had come to watch the excitement.

However, having people come to watch the battle was precisely what Chu Feng wanted.

He wanted to let everyone know that he, Chu Feng, was no longer that weak boy from back then, that he was not someone who could be easily bullied.

Not even the renowned Heavenly Law Palace that had existed for tens of thousands of years would be able to bully him.

Today, he would reach a settlement with the Heavenly Law Palace before all these people.

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