Chapter 1998 - Completing The Spirit Formation

Chapter 1998 - Completing The Spirit Formation

This time around, Chu Feng was in closed-door training for a very long time. Since he started his closed-door training, two months had already passed. Yet, Chu Feng had yet to come out of his closed-door training.

With Chu Feng not coming out of his closed-door training, this caused an increase instead of a decrease of the people standing guard outside the gates to his closed-door training location. Some among them had even let go of their work to stand outside the gate.

Even though the crowd all knew that Chu Feng possessed outstanding talent, they were still very worried for Chu Feng. After all, Chu Feng’s goal this time around was truly too difficult.

To create a spirit formation that not even peak Martial Emperors could break through was something that none of the World Spiritists in the Holy Land of Martialism dared to think about. Yet, Chu Feng was actually attempting it.

It was not that the crowd wished for Chu Feng’s failure. Rather, they were worried that Chu Feng would make things difficult for himself and hurt himself in the process.

“Rumble, rumble~~~”

Two months and three days since the day Chu Feng entered closed-door training, rumbles slowly sounded.

Then, the tightly shut gate was finally opened.

“Chu Feng.”

Upon seeing Chu Feng, the crowd were all extremely emotional. Immediately, they swarmed around Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, are you alright?” After seeing Chu Feng, the crowd became extremely nervous.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s complexion was deathly pale. He appeared to have become much weaker. Compared to when he had entered closed door training, he was three sizes skinnier. At that moment, he looked like skin on bones without any flesh. Even his appearance had changed.

However, although the crowd were all extremely worried for Chu Feng, Chu Feng had a smile on his face. He looked to them and said, “Seniors, I-I succeeded.”

After Chu Feng said those words with a weak voice, his eyes closed, and his body shifted. He had fainted before the crowd.

“Chu Feng!!!” Seeing Chu Feng fainting before them, the crowd were extremely worried.

The Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the other world spiritists immediately caught Chu Feng to prevent him from falling. Then they began to inspect Chu Feng for injuries.

Furthermore, as they began to inspect Chu Feng for injuries, they took out countless rare treasures and medicinal herbs that could heal injuries. For the sake of saving Chu Feng, not to mention those treasures, they would even be willing to use their own cultivations without the slightest hesitation.

To them, Chu Feng was simply too important.

Unable to contain themselves, Nangong Longjian and the others asked, “Exactly what’s going on with Chu Feng?”

“There’s no fatal danger.”

“Merely…” The Weaponry Refinement Immortal started to frown. A pained expression appeared on his aged face.

“Merely?” The crowd asked. They were so worried that their hearts were about to jump out from their bodies. They truly feared that something had happened to Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng’s body is too weak. It is as if he has exhausted himself completely. He has injured his core. As such, he will likely not be able to recover within a short period of time,” The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said.

“Why would Chu Feng be like this?” The crowd were both confused and worried.

“Most likely, for the sake of researching that spirit formation, Chu Feng disregarded his own health, and overloaded himself in using his spirit energy to communicate with world spirit power. This child, he has truly disregarded consequences,” Zhang Tianyi’s father Zhang Ming said.

Although Zhang Ming was not one of the Ten Immortals, he was also a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. His world spirit techniques were very powerful. Thus, he was able to tell what had caused Chu Feng’s current state.

Hearing those words, Baili Xuankong and the others from the Cyanwood Mountain, as well as Chu Feng’s good brothers Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi all lowered their heads.

They knew that Chu Feng had done that for their sake, he had done it all in order to protect them. Chu Feng had decided to study that spirit formation precisely so that he could protect the Cyanwood Mountain’s elders and disciples, as well as his brothers.

Currently, the several strongest Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists in the Holy Land of Martialism were gathered in the Cyanwood Mountain. Their healing abilities were very exceptional.

However, even with this being the case, the several Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists unanimously believed that it would take at least a month for Chu Feng to regain consciousness and half a year to recover. If things were bad, this might even end up affecting Chu Feng’s future prospects.

However, Chu Feng had caused them to feel disbelief once again. In merely a short two days, Chu Feng regained consciousness.

After waking up, although Chu Feng was still weak in health, his health was much better than the crowd had anticipated. His core that was injured earlier had completely recovered. As such, there would be no effects to his world spirit techniques or martial cultivation in the future.

Furthermore, judging from Chu Feng’s appearance, there was simply no need for half a year to recover. With the assistance of the various medicines, Chu Feng would be able to completely recover in only several days’ worth of time.

Most importantly, after Chu Feng woke up, even though his health was still weak, he was extremely excited.

“Seniors, I’ve succeeded. I’ve truly succeeded. As long as seniors are willing to help me, I will definitely be able to set up a grand spirit formation that is capable of protect everyone in the Cyanwood Mountain. That spirit formation will be sufficient to accommodate everyone in the Cyanwood Mountain,” Chu Feng said excitedly.

“Chu Feng, did you really?” Hearing those words, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the others did not dare to believe their ears.

Even though they were confident in Chu Feng, it remained too inconceivable for Chu Feng to be able to successfully research a grand formation that could withstand peak Martial Emperors within a period of only two months.

“Seniors, please look,” Chu Feng did not bother with superfluous words. Instead, he got up from his bed and arrived at the palace hall.

“Chu Feng,” At that moment, a lot of people were gathered in the vast hall. These were all Chu Feng’s acquaintances and friends. Due to being worried for Chu Feng, they had all rushed over.

Merely, the current Chu Feng did not greet the crowd. Instead, he rolled up his sleeves and then began to use his hand as the writing brush and his world spirit power as the ink to draw the formation diagram for his spirit formation.

His golden-bright and dazzling Royal level spirit power soon filled the entire palace hall. It was like a golden, dazzling starry sky.

Not to mention the world spiritists present, even those who didn’t understand any world spirit techniques and those with low levels of accomplishment in world spirit techniques were fascinated by the scene before them.

Merely by looking, they were able to tell how miraculous and exceptional the formation diagram that Chu Feng was outlining was.

“Amazing, truly amazing. Chu Feng, he really succeeded.”

“If it wasn’t for him outlining it, I truly would not dare to believe that world spirit power could be used in this sort of manner. This sort of method of setting up world spirit formations is simply something that I had never before imagined,” The Snow-haired Immortal was exceptionally emotional upon seeing Chu Feng’s outline.

She was the world spiritist that had doubted Chu Feng the most earlier. However, the world spiritist that was most emotionally moved right now was also her. She who was always cold and ruthless when facing others was actually brimming with tears of excitement right now.

However, her reaction could not be blamed on her. Merely, the formation diagram that Chu Feng had outlined was truly too amazing.

At that moment, the Snow-haired Immortal felt as if she had obtained something that she had formerly only yearned for in her dreams, something that she should not have been able to obtain.

Even though Chu Feng was merely outlining a formation diagram, it was simply akin to a piece of art to the Snow-haired Immortal, a piece of art which she could not create herself.

“This spirit formation’s complexity greatly surpasses my imagination. For Chu Feng to be able to create it is truly unimaginable.”

“Yet, Chu Feng was actually able to demonstrate it for us in such a concise manner so that we can understand it just by looking at it. Chu Feng, you are truly a genius, a genius that surpasses my imagination.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, you have truly made me feel ashamed of being inferior,” At that moment, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal was also praising Chu Feng nonstop. Not only did Chu Feng manage to create an impossible spirit formation through research and study, the formation diagram which he had outlined was equally exceptional. It was something that they were unable of outlining themselves.

“Indeed, I also feel ashamed of being inferior,” The Immeasurable Immortal and Zhang Ming also expressed their views while exclaiming with admiration and excitement.

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