Chapter 1983 - Complete Annihilation?

Chapter 1983 - Complete Annihilation?

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

Flames reached the skies and rumbling echoed out from all directions in the Moonlight Maze. From time to time, screams would be heard. Then, someone would fall to the ground.

The main army of the Ancient Era’s Elves was gathered in this place.

They were fighting against the Dark Hall here. However, just like the small squadron that was separated from the main army, their main army was also suffering disastrous casualties.

It was not that the Ancient Era’s Elves were weaker than the Dark Hall. Rather, it was that the people of the Dark Hall possessed the assistance of several hundred Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts. These several hundred ferocious beasts ranged from rank three Martial Emperor to rank six Martial Emperor. Existences as powerful as them were truly too frightening.

However, even with that being the case, the Ancient Era’s Elves were still fighting with their all. The reason for that was because they would only be able to survive should they fight. If they didn’t fight, their casualties would be even more disastrous.

“Hahahaha, Luokong, you’re not up to much either.”

At that moment, the person who was fighting against Lord Luokong was an eccentric-sounding yet charming-looking man. This person… was none other than the World Devastator Immortal.

The two men both held Imperial Armaments and were fighting each other intensely. The two of them were fighting far away from the rest of the people.

The reason for that was because their strength was truly too strong, and surpassed everyone by far. The aftermath of their battle, those energy ripples, would bring fatal harm to anyone from either side that got too close.

Thus, they distanced themselves from the others. Only by doing so would they be able to guarantee the safety of the others.

“World Devastator, don’t you act arrogant. Today, it is either your death or mine,” Lord Luokong had an angry expression on his face. He was filled with the will to battle.

The reason for that was because the Ancient Era’s Elves had been ambushed by the people of the Dark Hall right after entering this place. Furthermore, the people from the Dark Hall possessed the assistance of the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts. Even though the number of Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts was not numerous, only several hundred, they were all extremely powerful.

Thus, from the very beginning, the Ancient Era’s Elves were in a disadvantaged situation, thus causing the formation’s core which they had wanted to protect to be seized by the people of the Dark Hall from the very beginning. As such, they had failed to prevent the people from the Dark Hall from activating the killing formation.

Not only had they failed to keep the people from the Dark Hall from activating the killing formation, there were also indications that they’d end up being completely annihilated by the Dark Hall.

“No, no, no, you’re wrong. There is only a single possible outcome today. Other than the people from our Dark Hall, everyone else will die. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk…”

The World Devastator Immortal was extremely arrogant. He felt that since he had successfully activated the killing formation, all those people who were lured into the Moonlight Maze would have already died.

And now, as long as the Ancient Era’s Elves were eliminated, they would have successfully accomplished their goal.

As for eliminating the Ancient Era’s Elves, the World Devastator Immortal was absolutely confident in being able to do so.

“You’re boasting shamelessly,” Lord Luokong shouted angrily. Then, he increased the intensity of his attacks towards the World Devastator Immortal.

“Boasting shamelessly? Look at your surroundings. How long can your Ancient Era’s Elves continue to last?” The World Devastator Immortal mocked.

Hearing those words, Lord Luokong rapidly distanced himself from the World Devastator Immortal. Then, he cast his gaze to the surrounding battlefield. Upon seeing the condition his people were in, his aged face started to twitch. Even his heart began to tremble.

Devastation. Disastrous devastation. Even though he had not led the most elite of the Ancient Era’s Elves with him here, he had brought a very powerful army with him.

Yet, over ninety-five percent of that army of Ancient Era’s Elves had been killed. Practically all those below the Martial Emperor level of cultivation had been killed.

As for the Dark Hall and the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts, their casualties numbered less than half. Currently, the disparity between the two forces was growing wider and wider. There was truly no way for them to emerge from this victorious.

“Bastard, this old man will definitely destroy you today!” Lord Luokong shouted furiously. His surging killing intent shattered space itself.

Then, Lord Luokong’s clothes fluttered in the air as layers of deep green light began to emit from him. The Imperial Armament that he held in his hand grew even more powerful. Layer upon layer of visible martial power swept forth toward the World Devastator Immortal.

He knew that he was the only person capable of reversing the situation on the battlefield right now. As long as he could defeat the World Devastator Immortal, he would be able to bring victory to the Ancient Era’s Elves.

Thinking these thoughts, Lord Luokong’s attacks grew increasingly ferocious.

He hacked downward at the World Devastator Immortal repeatedly, and caused the sky to darken. The might of his attacks was truly heaven-defying.

However, even with that being the case, Lord Luokong was simply unable to injure the World Devastator Immortal.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, even if you tire yourself to death, you will not be able to defeat me,” A mocking smile appeared on the World Devastator Immortal’s face.

His appearance seemed as if he was toying with Lord Luokong. It was as if he could defeat Lord Luokong whenever he wanted.

The reason why he hadn’t done so was precisely because he wanted to torment Lord Luokong. He wanted Lord Luokong to watch as each and every one of his clansmen were killed before him; he wanted him to feel so much pain that he wished that he was dead instead.

“Father, this is fun, so fun, so very fun! Hahahaha!” Right at that moment, a shout sounded from afar.

Hearing that shout, the World Devastator Immortal cast his gaze toward its source. Then, a satisfied smile appeared on his face. The reason for that was because another battle was being waged in the direction of that voice.

Although that battle was nowhere on par with his battle against Lord Luokong, it was definitely the most intense battle apart from his own.

There were three figures in that battle.

One of them was an Ancient Era’s Elves’ Protector. That Elf Protector was very strong, and most definitely one of the strongest Elf Protectors. He possessed a cultivation of rank seven Martial Emperor.

As for the other person, he was the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. As for the third person, he was wearing clothes from the Dark Hall while not wearing a mask.

That fellow was two meters tall, and possessed a body covered in muscles. He was more robust than an ox, more robust than a tiger.

However, on that terrifyingly robust body was a soft, tender and fair-skinned youth’s face. His disproportionate body was extremely uncomfortable to look at. At a glance, he looked like a monster transformed into a monstrous beast.

As for this monster-like fellow, he was the World Devastator Immortal’s son. His name was Luan Jie. [1. Luan Jie --> Chaotic World.]

Although this Luan Jie was not as old as his father, he was also an old monster who had already lived for several thousand years.

He was extremely strong. Even though he was clearly also just a rank seven Martial Emperor, he was able to contend against that Elf Protector and the Weaponry Refinement Immortal by himself. Furthermore, he held an absolute superiority over them.

“Hahahaha, the Ancient Era’s Elves are all trash. They’re simply unable to withstand a single blow.”

“The Weaponry Refinement Immortal is also trash. Two trash Martial Emperors are no match against me even when fighting two on one. You are all trash. Hahaha!”

The World Devastator Immortal’s son was mocking and ridiculing the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and that Elf Protector as he fought against them. His absolute superiority against his opponents was vividly evident.

“Luan Jie, play slowly. It’ll be too boring if you are play them to death too quickly,” The World Devastator Immortal said.

“Bastard!” Hearing those words, Lord Luokong started to gnash his teeth in anger. His veins were bulging all over his aged body. His berserk-like killing intent had shattered the surrounding space.

However, even with that being the case, he was still unable to do anything to the World Devastator Immortal. He was shocked to discover that as he increased his strength, the World Devastator Immortal would subsequently increase his strength too. Forever, the two men were at a standstill. Lord Luokong was simply unable to defeat the World Devastator Immortal.

This caused Luo Luokong to become extremely furious and uneasy. The reason for that was because this was sufficient to prove that the World Devastator Immortal was not fighting against him with his actual strength. Like his son, he was merely toying with him.

This sort of conclusion caused Lord Luokong to become discouraged. He thought to himself, ‘Could it be that all of our Ancient Era’s Elves are going to die in this place today? Are we to die at the hands of the people from the Dark Hall again?’

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