Chapter 1984 - The Reversal Of The Battle

Chapter 1984 - The Reversal Of The Battle

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at the moment when Lord Luokong was about to despair, the sound of a strong wind sounded from afar. Black clouds surged forth. Contained within the black clouds was a majestic and boundless oppressive might. Furthermore, that oppressive might was rapidly approaching them.

Practically everyone fighting sensed that oppressive might. Upon turning their gazes towards the direction of the oppressive might, the expressions of everyone present changed enormously. They were all stunned.

That black cloud was composed of Martial Emperors, over a thousand Martial Emperors. They were Martial Emperors of all different levels of cultivation.

Not to mention rank one, rank two, rank three and rank four Martial Emperors, there were even many rarely-seen rank five and rank six Martial Emperors.

In fact, some among them were people that even Lord Luokong knew. They were grand characters whose names were already renowned in the Holy Land of Martialism, they were old monsters who had long distanced themselves from matters of the Holy Land of Martialism.

Most shockingly, at that moment, the person that stood at the forefront of that group of Martial Emperors was a young man. His appearance was one that everyone recognized. He was Chu Feng.

Upon seeing Chu Feng and those Martial Emperors, regardless of whether it was the Ancient Era’s Elves or the people from the Dark Hall, they were all incomparably shocked.

‘Chu Feng? Why would he be here? Furthermore, he has brought so many Martial Emperors with him? Weren’t those old monsters the ones that entered the Moonlight Maze earlier? How did they all get into this place? Exactly what is going on?’

‘Could it be that we failed to successfully activate the killing formation? No, that shouldn’t be the case. We clearly activated the killing formation.’

After a moment of shock, the World Devastator Immortal turned his gaze towards the distance. Upon seeing what was approaching, his expression immediately changed. He started to gnash his teeth in anger. Then, he shouted, “The killing formation has been broken through?! Who did that?!”

Hearing those words, everyone turned their gaze to the formation’s core. It was only then that they discovered that there were changes to that formation’s core. It currently looked like nothing more than a pile of stagnant water. This phenomenon could only mean one thing -- that the killing formation had been destroyed, and that the formation’s core had already lost its effectiveness.

“Hahahaha, Da, Da, Da, Dark Hall’s tra, trash, shi, shiver in fear. Your kill, kill, killing formation has been broken thr, through by I, your da, da, daddy,” At that moment, Wang Qiang who stood beside Chu Feng stepped forward.

“What? That young man was the one who did that? Who is that young man? Why am I unable to see through his cultivation?” Everyone turned to Wang Qiang.

“Cough, cough…” At that moment, both the Snow Blade Mad Demon and Elder Huang Guan coughed and took fierce glances at Wang Qiang.

Suddenly, someone among the crowd said with a loud voice, “It is little friend Chu Feng who broke through the killing formation and saved our lives. Dark Hall, you all are truly ruthless. You actually wanted to massacre us. If it wasn’t for little friend Chu Feng, we would all be at the Yellow Springs now.”

[1. The Yellow Springs is the Chinese equivalent of the underworld.]

“That’s right. Dark Hall, you all are simply devoid of conscience, worse than pigs and dogs!” Following that, practically everyone started to rain curses upon the Dark Hall.

The words spoken by these Martial Emperors caused Lord Luokong, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the others to be wild with joy. Sure enough, they had not misjudged Chu Feng. Chu Feng had actually accomplished it.

Furthermore, what Chu Feng had accomplished was even better than they had anticipated. Not only did he rescue the crowd, he had also managed to bring those experts here to provide assistance to them. This was truly too amazing. Even Lord Luokong would not necessarily be able to rally this many supporters.

“Brat, it’s actually you who meddled in my matter?” The World Devastator Immortal’s mouth was raised into an ice-cold smile.

“I have come here precisely to take revenge for last time,” Chu Feng said in a very calm manner.

“Revenge?” The World Devastator Immortal smiled disdainfully. Then, he looked to the Snow Blade Mad Demon and the others, “Since you all managed to escape, I will give you all a chance. As long as you choose to join our Dark Hall, I will guarantee you all glory and splen…”

“Pah! You damned sissy. You tried to kill us earlier. Yet now, you want to win us over with bribes? Do you take us for fools?” However, before the World Devastator Immortal could finish his words, the Snow Blade Mad Demon interrupted him with an insult.

As the Snow Blade Mad Demon held great seniority in the Holy Land of Martialism, he naturally knew the World Devastator Immortal. However, at the same time, he was not afraid of the World Devastator Immortal.

“World Devastator Immortal, so you were also someone from the Dark Hall. Your title of Immortal is truly in vain. You have truly disappointed us.”

“That’s right. After leaving this place, I will definitely spread this matter about, and have your reputation become completely ruined. I will make you go down in history for your infamy,” Following that, more and more people began to insult the World Devastator Immortal.

“You bunch of trash! You all are simply courting death!”

“Did you really think that you mob of trash would be able to contend against me?”

“I am able to completely destroy all of you using only one hand,” Being insulted by the crowd, the World Devastator Immortal’s complexion turned green. Then, he raised his hand, and the Imperial Armament that he held immediately started to overflow with golden light. He swept his Immortal Armament and unleashed a slash toward Chu Feng and the others.

At the moment when the World Devastator Immortal unleashed his attack, everyone started to frown. Their expressions all changed. Even Chu Feng reacted in such a manner.

The World Devastator Immortal was a rank eight Martial Emperor, and truly powerful. Indeed, he possessed the strength to massacre all of them in an instant.

Although Chu Feng was capable of easily killing a rank six Martial Emperor, he could not contend against a rank seven Martial Emperor, much less a rank eight Martial Emperor.



However, another slash appeared the moment right after the World Devastator Immortal’s slash shot forth. That slash actually managed to block the World Devastator Immortal’s slash.

It was Lord Luokong. He had intercepted the World Devastator Immortal’s slash.

“World Devastator, now is not the time for you to be distracted.”

Lord Luokong smiled coldly. Not only did he manage to intercept the slash that the World Devastator Immortal had sent towards the crowd, he had also seized the opportunity to unleash several ferocious attacks at the World Devastator Immortal. Each and every one of his attacks were fatal.

In this sort of situation, the World Devastator Immortal started to frown. He did not dare to act carelessly. He hurriedly wielded his Imperial Armament and confronted Lord Luokong’s attacks with all his strength. He simply did not have the peace of mind to bother with Chu Feng and the others.

At that moment, the World Devastator Immortal wanted to break free from Lord Luokong as quickly as possible. As such, he was going all out. The reason for that was because he knew that the appearance of Chu Feng and the others was not a good sign for them.

After all, Chu Feng’s side possessed several rank six Martial Emperors. As for those below rank six Martial Emperor, they were numerous. All of those fellows were old monsters. They were people who would not bother with the affairs of the Holy Land of Martialism, and had only been attracted to the Moonlight Maze by the Immortality Peaches. However, without a doubt, all of them possessed strength that one could not look down upon.

With the assistance of those old monsters, the Dark Hall also ended up feeling enormous pressure. Even though they possessed the assistance of several hundred Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts, they would not necessarily be able to hold a superior position against the reinforcements Chu Feng had brought with him.

However, when Lord Luokong and the others saw the appearance of Chu Feng’s thousand-plus Martial Emperors, their morale increased enormously. In this sort of situation, Lord Luokong’s strength actually increased. As such, it had become impossible for the World Devastator Immortal to defeat Lord Luokong in a short amount of time.

Right at that moment, Chu Feng shouted, “Everyone, there should be no need for me to say this. Spare no one from the Dark Hall!”


Once Chu Feng shouted those words, the thousand-plus Martial Emperors behind him unleashed their killing intent explosively and charged towards the people from the Dark Hall and those Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts.

These thousand-plus Martial Emperors were all very clever. Not only did they possess strong power, they were also very experienced in battle. As such, they knew how to fight in a melee.

Even though they were fighting together, they did not attack blindly. Instead, they went to search for those with strength equal to their own to attack, for only by doing so would they be able to reduce the pressure on the Ancient Era’s Elves and their own casualties in the most efficient manner.

In fact, they accomplished that feat flawlessly.

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