Chapter 1982 - Sending Charcoal In Snowy Weather

Chapter 1982 - Sending Charcoal In Snowy Weather [1. Providing help in times of need.]

Even though Yue Ling had committed suicide, the Snow Blade Mad Demon was still very angry. Thus, he shouted, “Trash from the Heavenly Law Palace, get out of my sight immediately. I am disgusted just by looking at you all!”

At that moment, how could the people from the Heavenly Law Palace possibly dare to continue staying here? Like rats, they immediately fled with their tails between their legs.

No one felt any sympathy for the people from the arrogant and proud Heavenly Law Palace acting in such a manner. Instead, they felt very emotionally unrestrained, they all felt that the Heavenly Law Palace’s crowd deserved it.


After the crowd from the Heavenly Law Palace left, the Snow Blade Mad Demon suddenly turned around and kneeled to Chu Feng. He said, “Little friend Chu Feng, even though it is Yue Ling who instigated the false accusation against you, I still wrongly accused you. As such, this old man must apologize to you.”

“Chu Feng, please forgive us,” After the Snow Blade Mad Demon knelt, the crowd of twelve million all half kneeled to Chu Feng and requested his forgiveness.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt warmth in his heart. Even though these people had indeed doubted him, Chu Feng only saw it as a pardonable misunderstanding. The fact that they were thankful towards him right now meant that their nature wasn’t bad.

“Everyone, quickly rise. Even though we’re currently safe, the same cannot necessarily be said for the Ancient Era’s Elves,” Chu Feng said.

“The Ancient Era’s Elves? What is going on with them?” Elder Huang Guan and the others asked.

“The activation of the killing formation means that the people from the Dark Hall are in the Moonlight Maze. The Ancient Era’s Elves have actually also entered the Moonlight Maze. Merely, they did not enter through the same entrance as us.”

“Right now, the Ancient Era’s Elves are likely fighting against the people from the Dark Hall. They are doing so to protect our safety.”

“Thus, at this place, I wish to ask all the seniors who are Martial Emperors whether or not you all might be willing to accompany me to fight against the people of the Dark Hall?” Chu Feng asked.

“Most definitely!!!” The Snow Blade Mad Demon and several other old monsters were the first to respond.

Following closely behind them, Elder Huang Guan and the Underworld Palace’s experts that he led also responded to Chu Feng’s call. Even the Monstrous Beasts responded to Chu Feng’s call.

Chu Feng’s request had been accepted en masse. In the end, practically all of the Martial Emperors present decided to accompany Chu Feng to fight against the people of the Dark Hall.

Seeing the raised arms and the thunder-like voices from the Martial Emperors that responded to his call, Chu Feng felt very gratified. Looking at it now, his decision to put his life on the line earlier had not been in vain.

“Very well, let’s go.”

Thus, Chu Feng led a total of a thousand two hundred and thirty-nine Martial Emperors, an army of Martial Emperors, to provide assistance to the Ancient Era’s Elves.


The Moonlight Maze possessed many entrances. Chu Feng and the others had all entered by the same entrance. The reason for that was because that was the entrance on the map provided by the Dark Hall.

As for the Ancient Era’s Elves and the people from the Dark Hall, they had entered the Moonlight Maze through another entrance. Chu Feng led the army of Martial Emperors into that entrance.

Like all the other entrances, this entrance was also filled with layer upon layer of traps and mechanisms. However, with Chu Feng and Wang Qiang, two Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists, among them, the crowd was confident, and continued to proceed onwards without being stopped by anything.

Even though nothing had stopped them so far, Chu Feng was feeling more and more uneasy. He felt that the Ancient Era’s Elves were most definitely fighting against the Dark Hall.

Finally, a world spirit gate appeared before Chu Feng and the others. After Chu Feng and the others entered that world spirit gate, they arrived in a very vast space.

This place was boundlessly vast. Chu Feng knew that this should be a separate, isolated space. Like the Blood Devouring Killing Formation, this place was enormous.

Furthermore, there was a special sort of power in this place that could interfere with Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes and perception. As such, Chu Feng could only see the things present in his line of sight.

However, after entering this place, Chu Feng immediately started to frown. The reason for that was because a very intense reek of blood immediately assaulted his nostrils upon entering.

As they continued onward towards the source of the bloody smell, Chu Feng soon discovered bloodstains. There were a lot of bloodstains. They practically covered the entire surrounding area. Even though no corpses were found, those bloodstains were sufficient to show that an intense battle had occurred here.

“Crap!” After seeing those bloodstains personally, Chu Feng grew even more anxious.

They were clearly only at the entrance still. Yet, a battle had already happened here. This meant that the people from the Dark Hall had been prepared. It was very possible that they had been lying in wait for the Ancient Era’s Elves to ambush them.

Furthermore, after the first sign of bloodstains was discovered, the following bloodstains became more and more numerous. Later on, corpses that were met with a violent death began to be found. Not only were there corpses of Ancient Era’s Elves, there were also corpses from the people of the Dark Hall.

After seeing those corpses, Chu Feng’s restless heart grew even more restless. The reason for that was because the corpses of the Ancient Era’s Elves greatly surpassed the number of corpses from the people of the Dark Hall.

In other words, more Ancient Era’s Elves had been killed compared to people from the Dark Hall.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

Finally, Chu Feng heard rumbling in the distance. After approaching the source of the rumbling, they discovered Ancient Era’s Elves fighting against the people from the Dark Hall.

Merely, although the number of people from the Dark Hall were not as numerous as the Ancient Era’s Elves, they possessed a very frightening helper.

The Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts.

More than a dozen Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts were with the people from the Dark Hall. They all possessed cultivations of Martial Emperors, and ranged from rank three to rank four Martial Emperor.

Those dozen-plus frightening Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts were currently being used by the people of the Dark Hall, and were attacking the Ancient Era’s Elves.

Originally, the Ancient Era’s Elves had possessed a greater overall strength than that of the Dark Hall, as they had possessed greater numbers.

However, due to the assistance of the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts, the Ancient Era’s Elves were at an absolute disadvantage, and had suffered disastrous casualties.

“All of you, die!”

Upon seeing the people from the Dark Hall, Chu Feng flared with rage. He brandished his Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader and attacked. At the same time, Elder Huang Guan, Snow Blade Mad Demon and the other experts also unleashed their attacks.

Even though the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts were very strong, the strongest of them were only rank four Martial Emperors. As such, how could they possibly be a match for Chu Feng and the others? In merely a short instant, all of the people from the Dark Hall had been killed.

Everything had happened too quickly. Before the Ancient Era’s Elves could respond, they discovered that the people from the Dark Hall and the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts were all killed.

When they noticed what had happened, they were immediately struck dumb. They discovered that Chu Feng had saved them. Furthermore, there were actually so many human and monstrous beast experts in addition to Chu Feng. They were all Martial Emperors; there were over a thousand Martial Emperors.

These thousand plus Martial Emperors all followed behind Chu Feng like his subordinates. Among them were renowned individuals like the Snow Blade Mad Demon.

This scene truly came as an enormous shock to the Ancient Era’s Elves. For a moment, they were completely stunned and confused as to what was happening.

“Seniors, where are Lord Luokong and the others?” Chu Feng asked two old men. These two old men both possessed a cultivation of rank four Martial Emperor. They were the two strongest individuals among this group of Ancient Era’s Elves.

Chu Feng had met them when he met with Lord Luokong earlier. Thus, he felt that they should know the whereabouts of Lord Luokong and the others.

“Little friend Chu Feng, if you are to continue onwards toward this direction, you will be able to find Lord Luokong and the others,” An old man with a scar on the left side of his face said.

“Thank you,” Chu Feng clasped his fist to express his thanks. He did not bother with superfluous words, and immediately turned to leave. The thousand-plus Martial Emperors followed after Chu Feng and left too.

As they looked to Chu Feng leading all those Martial Emperors away, the two old rank four Martial Emperor stood there stunned. At that moment, their hearts were feeling extremely complicated.

The names of these two old men were Mo Xu and Mo Wen. They had been tasked with guarding Xian Yuyin before. They had accompanied Xian Yuyin and seen Chu Feng at the Gong Ba Plains.

Actually, when they heard that Chu Feng had killed Xian Yuyin, the two of them had possessed some resentment towards Chu Feng. Regardless of how much of a scoundrel Xian Yuyin was, it remained that he was an Ancient Era’s Elf. Furthermore, the two of them had protected Xian Yuyin the entire time before. Thus, they possessed at least some special sentiment toward him.

However, at that moment, the resentment they felt for Chu Feng was being uncontrollably erased from their hearts.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had saved them earlier. Furthermore, they could tell that Chu Feng had most likely also saved the crowd that had been tricked into the Moonlight Maze by the Dark Hall in addition to them. In fact, he had even managed to convince those people to help them fight against the Dark Hall.

All of those accomplishments surpassed their imaginations. If Xian Yuyin were to be compared with Chu Feng, he would end up being worth nothing before Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because every aspect of Chu Feng surpassed Xian Yuyin.

Even though they possessed special sentiments toward Xian Yuyin, they both knew that they must let go of their prejudice against Chu Feng in the current situation. They, the Ancient Era’s Elves, needed Chu Feng.

In fact, the battle today would very likely be reversed because of Chu Feng. Even though Chu Feng had only brought a thousand-plus individuals with him, those thousand-plus individuals were all Martial Emperors. With that many Martial Emperors, what Chu Feng was doing was most definitely akin to sending charcoal in snowy weather to the Ancient Era’s Elves here.

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